17 Apr 2013

You are my random awesome

And I smile a lot now, 
A lot happier somehow, 
No I don't know what is up with me
I laugh too much recently
No, They don't know much about us
When we're exchanging glances
They'll figure out one day, 
What happened on your 24th birthday

Let's watch something random

Turned into something awesome 

17 Sep 2012

bucket list #1

Lets get things re-started.

its true what i have always been saying: the best time to write is when you have TONNNEESS of things to do. as of now, i have my project work that needs to be done by Tuesday. a charity program - PROJECT MATA HATI (link here) thats going on on the 22nd September. and obviously, preparation for that has taken up 70% of my mind. though my capability has not reached that 70% yet. YIKES! but nontheless, it has also happened to be the time when i am super inspired to do new things. thanks to a certain someone for triggering that thought back into my head.

here's the list:

1. learn how to play guitar
2. try rock climbing. as a frequent basis. not just once.
3. learn how to make exquisite desserts. (im a sweet tooth)
4. learn how to swim (though i think i need to get the water-confident first. fear of drowning everytime you just managed to float cant really help you to swim i think)
5. learn how to ride a motorbike. perhaps a superbike type. that is... if God (and also mama. and also my leg length) permits me to ride one.

ok. i may need to work on that list again. thats what i have as of now. perhaps it might get longer. but i am trying to achieve Numero Uno by my birthday next year. wish me luck!

and my ultimate dream on my wishlist is.. to own an Event/Party Planning Agency. and people actually would LOVE to pay me professionally for that service. and that also includes concert planning. ESPECIALLY concert planning. first step.. get to know the right kind of people. hehe.

ps: cant wait to have MUSE back into my life. excited for the release of their new album. and tour. (!!!) <-- trying to suppress the excitement by acting all macho and cool.

ok. peace out. back to work. 

12 Dec 2011

i will survive!

these girls defo R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T! way to go to boost my mood on a Monday. brrrrring it on!

at first i was afraid, i was petrified,
kept thinkin’ i could never live without you by my side,
but then i spent so many nights thinkin’ how you did me wrong,
and i grew strong, and i learned how to get along

and so you’re back, from outer space,
i just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face,
i should’ve changed that stupid lock, i should’ve made you leave your key,
if i had known for just one second you’d be back to bother me

oh now go, walk out the door,
just turn around now, cause you’re not welcome anymore,
weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye, you think i’d crumble, you think i’d lay down and die

the troubletones:
i’m a survivor (what), i’m not gonna give up (what)
i’m not gon’ stop (what),i’m gonna work harder (what)
i’m a survivor (what), i’m gonna make it (what)
i will survive (what), keep on survivin’ (what)

thought i couldn’t breath without ya,
i’m inhalin’
you thought i couldn’t see without ya,
perfect vision
you thought i couldn’t last without ya,
but i’m lastin’
you thought that i would die without ya,
but i’m livin’


thought that i would fail without ya,
but i’m on top
thought that it would be over by now,
but it won’t stop
thought that i would self destruct,
but i’m still here
even in my years to come,
i’m still gonna be here

santana and mercedes with the troubletones:
i’m a survivor (what), i’m not gonna give up (what)
i’m not gon’ stop (what), i’m gonna work harder (what)
i’m a survivor (what), i’m gonna make it (what)
i will survive (what), keep on survivin’

mercedes with the troubletones:
oh no not i, i will survive
oh no, not i
i will survive
as long as i know how to love
i know i’ll stay alive (i’m a survivor)
i’ve got all my life to live (survivor)
i’ve got all my love to give (i’m a survivor)
and i’ll survive (i’m a survivor)
i will survive (i’m a survivor)

the troubletones:
i’m a survivor (what?)
i’m not goin’ give up (what?)
i’m not goin’ stop (what?)
i’m goin’ work harder (what?)
i’m a survivor (what?)
i’m gonna make it (what?)
i will survive (what?)
keep on survivin’
i will survive!

7 Dec 2011

End Of Year Report

Goodmorning everyone.

the year is coming to an end. in less than a month's time, we are going to say bye-bye to 2011. and hello to 2012. about this time, if not earlier last year, i made a wishlist, on what i want. click here.

happy to say, ive achieved 3 out of 4 items on my wish list! yeayy!!

1, i havent got my iMac yet. geographically inconvenient for me to own one of such yet. perhaps postpone it to 2012? we'll see.. :D

2, for blackberry, refer to the post after that. i switched torchy to curve. just that i didnt get the red one. hehs.

well, i also said that i want to be a billionaire.. but no. thats not happening yet. or anytime soon, i think.

so, note to all: set a wishlist that is actually do-able. dont go on and set a target that's waaaaay out of ur capacity. well, people say, thats the whole point of dreaming and wishing. fair enuff if you ARE putting an effort into it. my advice, make a certain timeline for u achieve the major ones, cause that will inspire u more. but, simply by dreaming and wishing? it'll definitely lead you nowhere near WANTING TO ACCOMPLISH IT, cause you know you already have this mindset that its impossible. so end up, you didnt achieve anything. then u get frustrated. and u gave up. and made another impossible dream... and the cycle continues.

now, wont that just be silly? and a waste of time?

nigel green of Radio 4 (now known as Traxx FM) used to say,
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you missed, you'll land among the stars.."
you know what i say? i say, calculate then shoot. if you missed, calculate again. but if u did ur calculation correctly the first time, you'll get it straight and u won't miss it. wont that be nicer, confidence booster, and provides u more momentum to keep on dreaming and pursuing.. and actually ACHIEVE?

a malay saying goes: Ukur Baju di Badan Sendiri. so do that. im not asking u not to dream. but the joy of accomplishing something is way better than dreaming something that u are sure u wont be getting. worse, if ure not even going to work for it.

so 2012 is coming. make the list of things that you want to achieve/own/disown/remove/change. and by end of year, evaluate yourself. lets see if you did better than this year.

as for me, alhamdulillah. ive achieved almost all that ive targeted. now is time to set for new ones.

im a cynic. i know. but all im trying to say is, keep dreaming - pursue - and achieve!

6 Dec 2011

puasa sunat

pada suatu tengah hari di hari asyura...

KSW: "nadya, there's no sun!"

aku still blur2. oh. i guess dia tgh cakap pasal opis yg super gelap (sbb lights out during lunch time) and its really gloomy out. so, ok...

me: "yea. its really dark. its soo gloomy~~"

SWK:"yea! so u can eat now!"


aku mampu ketawa sahaja. hahahaha!

Selamat Berpuasa Sunat Hari Asyura semua!

1 Dec 2011

in another life...

its kinda hard to erase you, ya kna.

its annoying.

29 Nov 2011

who to trust?

the blurry line between the actual truth with propaganda.

what has the world turn into? a friggin' stage show for everyone to enjoy every bit of drama that they can milk out of a situation? blerkh!

is the world too bored with their own mundane life that they have to create such an issue out of a small matter? or the matter really is deserving of the highlights and propaganda and exposure? if it so, then fine. but who's to control bout what one think of the matter. and their actions to it. then that lead to another whole plot of drama. which then lead to another propaganda. and voila. we have another hot, number 1 'broadway' for the whole world to enjoy.



i can be a bit paranoid and skeptical when it comes to trusting all these sources for news. hence why i used to become ignorant and couldnt care less about the news. (note: used to. because now ive started reading them believe it or not) even now, i still get very emotional reading whats going on around the globe.

so i prefer reading informational material rather than live updates on worldly matter. (note: PREFER. but doesnt mean i dont read them at all, dont it?)

heh. ignorant u say? then let me be. i would like to live in my own peace of mind thankyouverymuch.