11 Nov 2010


there's an ache in the heart.
it feels like a heart burn, but rather than burning.. it just ache.
like something that you wish you can remove, but it just wont go away.

they said, if you feel that way, that means you are keeping a secret.
one that you know another one should know,
but you just dont know how to tell.
.. or you think it is better off, not known.

it is still an ache none-the-less.

so, is it safe, if you know?

9 Nov 2010

i am a tv-holic

latest one on the list.


it has all elements (that i like) -- action, comedy, sexy

this is actually a remake from a show (of the same name) back in the 60s.
so note the classic soundtrack.

7 Nov 2010

we made it to the finals!

Nottingham Malaysian Games (aka Notts Games) was yesterday (06.11.10)
and the Newcastle Footie Team made it to
the finals!!

and sadly.. i wasnt there.

thanks to our beloved lil' reporter, Miss Mabel, and in conjunction with Twitter-LiveUpdates,
i DID feel like i was there.

the team (hadi and faiz rusli missing)

in the finals, the boys were up against the Southampton team. with a tie 0-0 throughout the game (including extra time), and then, came to a penalty at the end, where unfortunately, they missed one shot; Newcastle Football Team came second!

eventhough its not a 1st place win, but i AM super happy (!!! =D <-- this means im very happy ok!) and proud of them -- especially of dearly beloved.
i am sooo proud of you!

and heres another heartiest congratulations to you boys.
the boys with the medals (minus hadi)

*photos and reports, kudos to Miss Mabel and abg Saiful :)
ps: this has kept me up ALL night, and made my heart raced and adrenaline pumped throughout. with Man U last minute winning goal yesterday, and THIS add up to it at the end.. phewh, i could have gone into a cardiac arrest. hahaha.

6 Nov 2010

i wanna be a billionaire, so f***ing bad.. (part II)

i think, after further consideration and evaluation, i changed my mind. i think i want this:

Blackberry(TM) Curve 3G 9300

.. instead of Torchy.

im not really into this sliding thing anyway. hehe :P
and plus, this is RED. (lets hope Celcom have a red one. :P)

5 Nov 2010

i wanna be a billionaire, so f***ing bad..

this is my WISHLIST for 2nd January 2011
(i know it is still 2 months away, but heck, i know i want these babies!)

iMac (21.5-inch:3.2GHz or 27-inch:3.2GHz)

iPod touch 32Gb

Blackberry Torch (wink!)

Toshiba Satellite T215D (Gemini Red)

Happy Birthday to me!

ps: tak start kerja lagi dah berangan mcm billionaire. sigh~

4 Nov 2010


if you're too stressed at work.
just had a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
got rejected by the girl/boy of your dream.
fired from a 10 years job.
or if you think, your family is disfunctional...

i have a remedy for you.

(now on their season 2)

3 Nov 2010



a compressed feeling is like a pressurised cooker.
once you push the button,
the hot air will be released like zuum!

secret recipe

(not the cake shop, defo.)

"in life, there must ALWAYS a portion left for RESPECT.
if not, you'll definitely die in this 'doggy-dog' world."


people tend to forget this. even i did.

RESPECT. all you need is RESPECT.

respect the authority. respect the law. respect your and other people's religion. respect the elders. respect your family. and also, not forgetting your peers. your colleagues. your friends. especially your best friends -- because they are the ones that you tend to overlook, when it comes to showing them respect. too many hearts have been broken because of this, so its important for us to remind each other of this.

may all the hearts be mend.
and all the troubles be solved.
harmony is not only dreamt,
if respect be restored

ps: those who dont watch modern family wont find the 'doggy-dog' thing that funny. hehe :P

this topic was also mentioned here

1 Nov 2010

mood to write

i find it funny when i am packed with tonnes of work to get done, thats when i have the endless amount of desire and rush to write. and now, when im absolutely free - with nothing to do; i am inspired the least. hurm.

anyway, catching up with life.

10.10.10 went on perfectly. whats 10.10.10 all about, you ask? well, to those who didnt know, it was THE wedding reception for BOTH my bro n sis, and i (yours truly) was the planner. yes yes. my dream to FINALLY plan and organize a huge event, finally, came true.

the brides and grooms

and to hear all the great responses from those who were involved and attended (well, of course there are glitches here and there.. but overall comments were good, none-the-less) is just like the cherry on top of the cake! so here, i would like to thank EVERYONE who was involved in this, especially my assistants -- Michelle, Hadi, Bibi and Jessie; and not forgetting Arangimong Crew, for all the hard work and time invested in this outstanding event.

*a round of applause to all*

next, i am now, as some may already know, back in KL.

had a 3 days course at dayabumi for new shipbuilding by NK Shipbuilding. then, followed by FYP presentation to the bosses/managers from all the related units in MISC. alhamdulillah, my slot went by smoothly -- albeit the fact that i was the only girl, and was arranged to be the last one.. hurm. (well, 5 years of experience, dont think that will affect me anymore. LOL!)

now life gets real. report duty was scheduled for 16th november. pre-employment medical check up is done. and weight has went up almost 2 kilos since i got here (which was just 2 weeks ago.. GASP!)

best of luck to me. and lets hope everything will go according to plan. insyaAllah.

heres to a new chapter!

31 Oct 2010

sweet. :)


by Jejupingu Unni

Bila aku teringat balik cerita nih..aku mesti tergelak sorang-sorang…

Alkisahnya…aku nih ditakdirkanlah kawin dengan sorang mamat nih..ntah dari mana la datangnya…mak aku yang suruh..dia kata budak nih baik la alim la pandai la..lepas tu terus kami kawin.

Masa first time kawin tu, memang kucar kacir gak arr rumah tangga kami..dan yang aku paling tak tahan tu dia memang selalu saja buat aku sakit hati…

Eiiiii…geramnya aku!!!

Mana taknya,aku basuh baju dia sekali la ngan baju aku..then lepas basuh..nak jadi cerita..ada lah plak baju dia yang turun warna melekat kat baju aku….haihhh..memang sakit hati…baju baru kot…mahal lagi!!! Then bila aku tanya dia..kenapalah tak bagitau aku yang baju dia ada yang turun warna..dengan slumber dia kata..

”Lah..awat tak tanya…”

Eiii..geramnya aku!!!

Selang beberapa hari, dia ada ajak aku pi shopping.Ok,fine..aku ikut jer la…weekend la katakan. Lepas tu nak jadi cerita, dia punyalah excited nak pi shopping..sampai aku kalih kalih belakang..HILANG!!..

Aku cari gak dekat dekat area situ kot kot ada tapi memang hampeh…Aku try call, tak angkat..call lagi pon tak angkat..huhh..tension betul!! Then, aku amik keputusan tunggu kat kereta jer..seminit,..lepas tu dua minit,… lepas tu….SEJAM KOT!! Huhh..memang sakit hati betul!! Then bila dia mai dekat kereta, aku tanya, pegi mana? kenapa call tak angkat??!! Yang aku tak tahan, dia dengan slumber jawab..

“Lah..gi shopping la sayang…owh..ada call ekk?? Alah..lupa nak bagi tau…terlupa bawa hanset..hehe..”

Eiiii..geramnya aku!!!!

Seminggu lepas tuh..dia kata teringin nak makan masak ayam berempah dengan masak lemak cili api.. ok..fine…aku masak jer…Tapi memang la aku nih tak la pandai masak sangat…tapi bolehlah klu setakat nak makan kan..aku hidang bagi dia makan…Masa first time dia suap kat mulut tuh…Aku bajet dia nak kata apa-apa..Tapi dia diam..Memang tak kata apa-apa pon sampai dia habis makan..Habis makan pon tak kata apa..

Aku pon confius…dia ni no respond..sedap ka tak?? Hmm..klu ikut aku la..orang yang masak ni la kan…aku rasa ok jah lah..tapi tak tau la orang yang makan nak kata apa..huhhh…..

Esok plak, time aku on the way nak balik dari tempat keje, kereta aku plak wat hal..tak boleh start..panik gak arr aku time tuh..malam dah nih..nak masuk Isyak dah…haihh..time aku balik keje lewat2 lah keta nak wat hal..then, aku call dia…

Yang aku tak boleh tahan tu..dia dengan slumber kata..

“Lah awat la call saya…call la mekanik…ingat call saya keta awak bleh jalan??….”

Eiii…geramnya aku!!!

Tapi…dia mai jugak lepas tuh…ada lah dia check apa ntah kt depan bonet tuh…dan lepas start…terus boleh…hmmm..dalam hati…aku kata,

“bleh la jugak mamat nih nak diharap…mekanik kecil-kecilan, janji free”…

Satu hari, dia ada bagitau yang dia kena pi outstation kat overseas. Dia kata pi kejap jah…2 MINGGU!!..hmm..aku memang no komen lah…dia nak pi buat keja dia…takkan nak kata tak boleh kot…keja arkitek…biasalah…busy la kot…

Tapi..memang agak sakit hati jugak lah..bleh dia lesap macam tu jah..lepas2 naik flight....kot2 la nak call bagitau dah sampai ka..ada kat mana ka…tapi memang hampeh!!..langsung dia tak call!! Kot2 la nak bagi emel ka..tapi memang tak dak…kosong inbox!!

Eiii…geramnya aku!!!

Pagi tuh..aku basuh baju…ok..sekarang aku dah taw dah baju mana yang turun warna…aku ambik satu persatu dalam bakul nak basuh..sampai la aku jumpa bungkusan misteri dekat bahagian bawah baju-baju tuh…jeng3..huishh..siap dengan surat lagi..

Suratnya berbunyi begini:

Kehadapan isteriku (cewahhh..),

Semoga berada dalam keadaan yang sihat sentiasa…jangan marah-marah ek..hehe..Saya bukannya apa…saja tulih surat nih..bosan…tak tau nak buat apa…hihi

Pertama sekali…saya nak bagi tau lah..mungkin awak tak kenal saya..tapi saya kenal jer awak…sejak awak darjah 6 lagi kot!! Haha..eh..awak tak ingat ka anak Pak Mail kawan ayah awak yang mai beraya kat umah awak time tuh??!! …Masa tuh..saya nampak awak dok main masak-masak kat belakang umah…hahaha…memang sangat lucu…saya nampak awak macam 'anak patung'..comel sangat…

Ishkk..awak ni..tak berasan ker??

Keduanya, sori la pasal hal shopping tuh..memang saja jer saya tak mau bawa hanset time tuh…hihi..takot terkantoi…yer la…saya pi cari baju awak kot!! Ingat baju yang awak kata terkena warna tuh?? Huh…memang tension..susah btul nak cari..memang patut la mahal dan memang patot la awak bengang satu hari…hihi…

Ketiganya, pasal ayam berempah dengan masak cili api yang awak masak…hmm…mesti awak bengang kan sebab saya no respond…huhu…sebab SEDAPPPP SAAANGAT sampai saya jadi tak terkata…Eh,saya makan dalam masa 5 minit ja kot..ikut jam dinding kat umah kita…

Ishkk..awak ni..tak berasan ker??

Keempatnya…time keta awak rosak…hmm..awak tau tak saya CANCELLLL appointment saya dengan klien penting dari overseas sebab nak pi kat awak??!! Lepas2 tuh..jenuh saya nak pujuk diorang balik…Tau tak saya langgar smua traffic light merah!! Baju saya basah dengan peluh masa saya sampai kat awak??

Ishkk..awak ni..tak berasan ker??

Tapi lepas saya tahu saya kena pi outstation kt overseas..saya lagi seronok…happy glerr..sebab saya tau awak mesti rinduuu kat saya kan..kan2?? Saya memang saja jer tak call awak…hihi…tapi saya ok jah…saya rasa saya dah sampai dah kot lepas awak baca surat nih…

“Wow,look at the Eiffel Tower!! Fuyoo!!! Cantik kot!! “

Hahahahahaaaaaaaa..jangan jeles..(^-^)

Last but not least…awak..awak jangan nakal-nakal ekk…sebab saya saaaaayang awak…

P/S: Try tengok sama x dengan baju awak yang rosak ari tu “bungkusan” nih…hihi



19 Oct 2010


all i can say is .. oh dear.

*name was blackened in order to save the person who invited me from shame.

thank you

a girl in general is like a bottomless container -- nothing can really satisfy them.
if you feed her a scoop of ice cream, she might want a tub.
if you give her a cup of cappuccino, she might want another cup of ice blended mocha.
if you gave her a great evening, she might want ALL of her evening to be great.

yep. we could never be satisfied, and never knew what is enough.

because realistic never hits us.
we live in a fantasy land.
we are mere human -- who just want everything, and syukur, always slips our mind.
(admit it girls. even the strongest of girls have this, too. trust me. i know.)

so with that, i thank you, for knocking some sense into me..
and making me realize why i am trying to be as strong as i can now.

and thank you, for convincing me when i really need to be convinced. and for accepting my flaws. and for putting up with me :)

4 Oct 2010

helluva week

*ting ting ting*
(hitting spoon on glass)

(glass clattering)

1 Oct 2010

post #280

humans are like snakes. they are very sleek and sneaky. when you least expect, thats when they attack.

no one is an exception.

30 Sep 2010


to make someone feel acknowledge, doesn't take the world.

just a simple HELLO

27 Sep 2010

mr H

26 Sep 2010

pesan jessie

"kak go crazy angai over your boo.. mun sien merajuk, marah, nda jwb mizkol, or nda reply sms.. just stay calm. dont do anything tapak SIEN pinyeng Dya. at that moment, Dya do the same thing. adak sien merasa."
"do not go too crazy over your boo.. if he pull a face, got mad, not answering your calls, or not replying your sms.. just stay calm. do not do anything until he come and find you. at that moment, you do the same thing. let him know how it feels."

i just love this. and holding on to it up until now.

thanks cuz. :)

25 Sep 2010

i have a question

would it be better if;

we are socially retarded


we are mere anti-social


23 Sep 2010

mr. D

have u ever felt that everything around you moved too fast that you just want to remain where you are, or just sit with your arms wrapped around your knee at one dark corner by yourself..
and then, probably..

just cry.

21 Sep 2010


as a continuation of the previous post:

Student C
"One day, Abu was crying when he asked me to visit him. Then he told me the truth. His bullies like to tease and pick on him about his parents. I was angry about this, so I asked Mega Zone from the Power Rangers to beat them up. Since then, his bullies was so scared of Abu, and especially, of me.

I too have a power. My second identity is the Ultraman and I save the world from the damned alien that threatened the safety of this world. Anyway, back to Abu's story, he was weak in the past, because he always think about his parents, and now, not anymore."
*this was already editted for language and grammar

this particular script has injected me the mood to mark all the papers.
and yes, they are all done. =)

19 Sep 2010


thats how i describe my students. here are some reasons why:

Student A:
we need to employ more cleaners to clean the toilets to make the toilets is very clean. before that, we can make a cake at the toilet very comportablt.

(mind you, there are no typo in this sentence)

Student B:
Tourist can also help to puts more plants tree and flowers to add to the landscaping.

(Cikgu M : thank god the students didnt write this: "tourist should plant paddy so that they have rice to eat")

ohh. there are many more. but i just cant be bothered to type them out one by one. LOL.

i try to tell myself

and it goes out to you as well.

13 Sep 2010


she is my sister.
we used to fight a lot -- though i must say we still do
and we laugh a lot too.
she shared with me many stories -- especially of her love life.
her heart is very sturdy. it had been broken, mended, then broken again.
till one day, a guy in a muscular armor came to the rescue..
and mend her heart like no one ever would.

then they found that they are made for each other -- and realize no love as true as theirs.

and today, theyve promised,
in front of us and everyone else
they'll be true to each other
take care of each other
love each other
till death due them apart.

*photo is yet to follow*

congratulations Mrs Salfarina Nomie MSS
and thank you abang Saperee.
may Allah shower your life with happiness, laughter, and all the goodness in the world.

i love you kakak
do not forget your little sister.

lots of love,
Nadya Summer

8 Sep 2010

eid mubarak

eid mubarak everyone!

syawal should fall on Friday.
but rumours has it, its going to fall on Thursday.
hurm. which day it may fall, i still would like to ask for forgiveness from everyone that ive done wrong, those i offended -- realised or not, and those who ive not been in contact for ages, or actually forgotten.


to those in newcastle,
i really wish i was coming back this year, and celebrate raya with yous..
and i am missing yous uber lot.
Eid Mubarak hunnies

the newcastle family
*picture: credit to Khairul and Suriana

26 Aug 2010

duckface korean style

*definition cilok from here

duckface korean style however, it is where u tried to make ur lips small and squished together, and sometimes, might accompanied by peace hand-sign.

yes. koreans are cute. charming. pretty. gorgeous. why? because they are, naturally.

but to be honest, i dont really like korean actors. because the girls act in a way, i think they are being too fake. and the guys, they are.. well, they are not bad actually.

but what's alarming is that when WE, normal being, mere mortal, simple people - tried to be these awesome, gorgeous people - by doing the duckface-korean-style. and its not enough that u do it in one photo, you just have to do it many MANY photos. its ok if you want to do it, and keep it to yourself, or maybe just hang it in your room. but, if among 100 photos you posted online, and 98 of them are of you doing such poses - and i must add, its all at the same angle (ie camera at 45 degree above your head), with the same style -- seriously babe, get a real face and stick with that. that would be my best advice for you.

thank you for reading my rants.

23 Aug 2010


thanks hadi for this.

22 Aug 2010


i found it on a friend's blog. and i think its nice to share, since the theme of my previous posts are of the same.

Doa yang kupanjatkan ketika aku masih gadis:
“Ya Allah berikanlah aku calon suami yang baik,
yang sholeh, yang beriman.
Berikanlah aku suamiyang dapat
kujadikan imam utk keluargaku. amin."

credit to: http://www.isdaryanto.com/doa-imajiner

goodluck to me, and goodluck to you.

to those who is, or going to, practice this, insyaAllah, with the baraqah that comes with Ramadhan, may your prayers be answered, your eyes be opened. amiin.

16 Aug 2010


the saying always goes,

a teacher is like a candle.
they burn so bright for others, while they suffer, as the wax melt, and they got shorter..
and eventually.. gone.

what a teacher did to you and for you, until you've become who you are, and where you are now (given that you work as hard as they work on you); is just priceless. their selfless act in educating you, guiding you, wanting only for you to become a better person in the future - a treasure for the nation, your society, your family - there's nothing you can do to repay.

but i say,

teachers are like scented candle. they don't just brighten up your life when its dark, but also enhanced it with the sweet scent that can give you tranquility and a serene atmosphere - and make you feel good about yourself.

but in 'summer pudding's case, it gives this sweet candy-like smell, that will make you just want to cuddle up, listen to cute songs, and play dress up. or maybe read a book. lol. but i do have to admit, looking at this photo does make me miss Miss H. im so gonna miss giving you this as a present for your birthday, babe.. :'(

as an ending,
selamat berpuasa everyone~!
(tho its already the 5th day today. LOL!)
marhaban ya ramadhan!

15 Aug 2010


yep. hangen as in furiously mad. or just mad. or anything within that perimeter.

this is just something random that moza shared with me.

Perbuatan lelaki yang membuatkan GF naik angin:

1. Lupa perkara penting

2. Komen tabiat makan

3. Tak pedulikan GF sebab buat hal sendiri

4. Tolak ajakan GF sebab ade agenda sendiri yang tak melibatkan GF.

haha. i hate to admit it, but it is so true. and yes, we love the attention, and we demand it. so deal with it.

12 Aug 2010

to all lovebirds..

.. who are going serious in your relationship, planning to get married, getting married, or even married, here's my gift for yous (and myself ;) )

"Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami,
seandainya telah Kau catatkan dia milikku,
tercipta untukku,
dekatkanlah dia padaku,
satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku,
titipkanlah kemesraan diantara kami agar kebahagiaan itu abadi,
dan ya Tuhanku yang Maha Pengasih,
seiringkanlah kami dalam melayari ketepian yang sejahtera
seperti mana yang Engkau kehendakkan

Amin ya Rabbal Alamin

to those who are getting married, congratulations!
straighten your niat; Lillahi Ta'ala - insyaAllah, His blessing will be with yous.

lots of love,

1 Aug 2010

happy birthday mama!!

you're 5! :P

sibu, sarawak

home never felt so near now.

and i am going back on monday.

and seriously, i cant wait to be home.

almost felt like a prisoner here. not been able to go anywhere. huhu :P

but car keys, ure almost in grasp! :P

29 Jul 2010


aku bosan giler!

and its 3.10am in the morning.
n orang kt sana taknak layan aku. :(

should i just eat?
smart people will suggest qiyam.

28 Jul 2010

to whom it may concern

to whoever that ordered some stuff, or ask me to buy some stuff for yous, without sending any money; expect me not coming back with them, because obviously, i was skint and cant buy them for you. i cant even buy my own stuff. so deal with it.


26 Jul 2010


and thats where i am now. well, not sibu yet, but very close. and i am back.. for good.

leaving newcastle wasnt that easy. 3 years of memories. 3 years of friendships. some i saw built, some i saw strengthen.. even some i saw broken. worse part is leaving the love one(s) behind.

like what i told mr H, i left my heart in NCL, and indeed it is true. now and again tears keep strolling down my cheeks, everytime a memory pop into my mind.. :'(

but for those who are here, i now am here for you. especially for the 2 who are going to build a merry merry life after this.. im going to work my ass off to make those days, the happiest day in your life - ever. me love you two so much!

to those in newcastle, what we had is super special. yous have been a great family to me, and all our memories - ups and downs, sickness and health, sorrows and laughters - will be cherished trough out my life. and i hope the same from yous.

to those who are here, lets start this new chapter - of working life, of familyhood, born-again long-lost friendships - and make it better for our future.


*damn u 'h' key.

17 Jul 2010

specially to and from mr H

leaving is not really that easy. only 3 more days left.. :'(

12 Jul 2010

world cup winner 2010 is..

...and for the first time ever!

congrats boys on your glorious victory! though i must admit, SPAIN wasnt my favourite team from the beginning.. but it has been since argentina's lost to germany. (tho for a bit, i did support germany :P) but, anyhu, CONGRATS BOYS! U DID IT!

though its a very rough game - and i meant very brutal. 9 yellow card, and 1 red card for the dutch themselves. and another 5 yellow cards for the spaniards.. one tough - or should i say stupid - referee. this reminds me of warwick games all over again. just by 1 goal, in extra time. phewh. wont be too happy if im on the dutch's side.

but all over, i still love villa though he didnt scored. casillas is the nation hero. and iniesta, i dont care u scored the goal, uve been such a baby. but again, congrats espana! a deserved winner.

i love u boy! :P

12 Jun 2010


i will be away from the 13th of june till the 2nd of July.

mama will be here on 19th of june.



so, till then fellas!

11 Jun 2010

to all newcastle folks

.. with love

7 Jun 2010

tak best

rasa sangat tak best bila dah sedar everything is going to be over soon.
rasa sangat tak best bila timing selalu tak betul.
rasa sangat tak best bila nak buat benda tu, tak boleh nak dibuat. bukan sebab dilarang atau tak nak. tapi tak mengizinkan.
rasa sangat tak best bila tahu dah lepas ni mesti tak sama-sama dah.
rasa sangat tak best bila say goodbye kat orang.
seriously, rasa tak best tu sangat tak best.
rasa macam perut berkocak-kocak.
rasa macam ada lump kt tekak.
rasa macam nak nangis je.
serious do.. tak best.

3 Jun 2010

my holiday

... finally starts.

and it definitely starts with a bang.

bbq party tomorrow.. one last shot for farewells and exams celebration.

i know i have been saying i was done like a week ago. but i have not been doing anything since, until yesterday. and tomorrow.. the big bang. ;)

called home today, and papa actually gave me this advice:
" don't be a naughty girl ok! "
how cute is that?? :P

31 May 2010

special post

goes out to one and only..
(babe. seriously, im having teary eye while im typing this because i cant believe it, its going to be our last 2 months together from now on. :'( anyhu, lets pull the focus away from my eyes, but to this glorious day that is your birthday.) so..


i pray that you will go through your exams will confidence and colours flying all around.
i hope you will have an ubersome time with.. ehem. and awesome people.. like me. :P
and glorious year ahead of you.. being 88 and all :P

and i am definitely.. DEFINITELY, going to miss you loads.
it feels like it was just yesterday when we first met during our first years.. and then departures.. then we became housemates.. and then the 'medic fellows' left us alone at home.. the revision sessions.. chatting all night sessions..~ sigh

but i guess, i should leave the farewell speech to the very end.
and for now, have an awesome year being 88..
eh silap. 22. hehe.
thanks so much for always being there for me..
n i love you so much babe.


yours truly,
Nadya Summer

29 May 2010

after all that

all i have to do now is wait for the result.

28 May 2010

check this hands..

..cause i am MARVELOUS!

an awesome cover by the glees!

in just less than 12 hours,
its going to be over.
(not GLEE, obviously)

25 May 2010


when a small thing change, they said it would really change many future events.
like dominos effect. u push just 1 tiny domino. then everything just collapse.
so can i cause such effect too?
probably, if you're looking in a wider, universal sense..
but to those that matter.. probably not so much.
so.. why bother?


satu sahaja lagi..
S A T U saja..
then, boleh bakar semua benda.
ok. bukan semua. at least nota-nota catitan.
to those yang habis lagi lambat, i just have one thing to say to you..
"sorry lah korang. i habis dulu."

23 May 2010



22 May 2010

a simple man

simple message from a great song.

"be a simple kind of man,
and dont forget that there's someone up above

which then lead my thoughts back to my old days (when i was just 6 years old)..

a great man once said to me,

"kalau hidup ni, kita mesti ikut resmi padi.
semakin berisi semakin tunduk."

-Cikgu Abet

and i try to keep to it.. up until now.

21 May 2010

i wish..

.. you'll dream a little dream of me

20 May 2010

blackhole in random

today, just had my ship design exam, and alhamdulillah, all praises and gratitudes are just for Him - all the questions asked are the ones that i attempted the night before.

and now (when i am supposed to be finish my readings for FMP), i was thinking to myself, there are few thoughts that i always wanted to put up here, but just couldn't find the time to do so. so, i think im going to do it now (i bet mummy yu would come down and yell at me to start revising, if she knows im doing this :P)

first, is racism. EVERYONE is a racist. yes, and you too. despite whatever you say, or whatever you believe in, you are racist. if not entirely, maybe just a little bit. if u still think that you are not, then you're living in denial. i know i can be too sometimes. but few things that has been happening around me made me feel uncomfortable and disgusted to those who are. seriously. and then there's this thing with al-jazeera, and the malaysian politician who commented on this racism issue, and cursed while at it. hurm. i shall not comment further. but i do stand by my belief. we are ALL racist, so stop living in denial. but dont let that provoke you. but maybe let it inspire you.

second, letting the blind leading you, a person with healthy sight, crossing the road. one of the thing that strike me lately, how foolishly one can act, when given power, money and freedom of speech. im not talking about anyone in particular, nor does this apply to everyone. but generally, if you open your eyes a little wider, and take an 'eagle eye view' to this matter, you will see what i mean. and then, one of the small sign of qiamah comes to mind: "when the fools are chosen to be the leader". hurm. points to ponder. time to reflect.

third, i love my country. i was born with this instinct. but somehow lately, ive been reading and watching those who claim that the sparks is no longer there, and attractions now became annoyance. there are many things are yet to be improved in our country, because obviously no country is perfect. im sure this does not occur to me only. but fortunately, i am coming back to the country and willing to do anything in my power, to right the wrong - bring improvement anywhere possible - out spite of my love for the country. but for those who just lost interest? hurm.. its like this. when you are in a relationship with someone, it started off with you being in love with them. and then, obviously, you would want to always try to keep that love alive right? i mean, keep the relationship exciting, maintain yourself attractive to the other person. right? that also applies in the case of our love to our country. but dont you dare just put this responsibility to those who are in the rankings, because you too need to do something about this. they say, it needs 2 to tango. "hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negara sendiri. lebih baik negara sendiri".

hurm. ive been rambling enough. its time to go back to my revision. ya Allah, i really need to score the rest of the papers. R&P had sucked my energy and enthusiasm like a blackhole.

which then reminds me. i love this quote from Glee this week:

"You know what happen when a star dies, Bryan? It doesnt just disappear. It turns into this black hole, this giant energy sucking mass that doesn't just collapse in on itself - it takes away any lights that comes close down with it."

-Will Schuster

dont let them take away your dreams. cause baby, you are a star in your own dream.

ps: i guess this is a random post. :P i hope i wont get into any trouble by posting this.

19 May 2010

no no. he's mine!

ive always adored and salute girls with attitude.

and these girls.. damn. mercedes and santana have always been my favourite character in GLEE. and this song, well, it has been ages since the last time i heard it, but it was one of my favourites back then.

and having these girls they it pull off, god damn its hawt! salut ladies!

inspirational (and fiesty!), full stop.

16 May 2010

bring me to life. seriously.

updates on what have been dominating my life lately:
Resistance and Propulsion - 17th May 2010
at 9.30 am, Bedson Teaching Centre G34

Ship Design - 19th May 2010
at 9.30 am, Bedson Teaching Centre G37

Future Marine Project - 21st May 2010
at 9.30 am, Bedson Teaching Centre LG38

Marine and Offshore Mechanics - 24th May 2010
at 9.30 am, Bedson Teaching Centre G35

and last but i hope the least,
Numerical Methods - 28th May 2010
at 2.00 pm, Kings Hall
(ok. finally they put us someplace else!)

ok seriously, these things, made me live no life.

but no worries. in just approximately 2 weeks from now..
weeeeeho! :D

baju tradisional

aku maok banyak gik baju kebaya.
sik lalek lah.
kebaya nyonya ka.
kebaya cheongsam ka.
kebarung kali sik mok juak.
tp, aku sik duli.
aku tauk aku sik maok baju kurung dah.
mun mok polah baju kurung, aku mok kurung pesen.
aku dah makin gemok.
so baju nok boleh berik aku shape, that is preferable.
sapa2 boleh tolong panjangkan perkara tok ngn me mama, sila berbuat demikian.

sekian terima kasih.

9 May 2010

specially for my mama

(not your mama. LOL!)

dear mama,

when i was still in the womb,
you endured so much pain giving birth to me..
i gave u so much trouble,
so much till papa decided you shouldn't have anymore baby..
and you then decided to stay home and take care of me.

when i was a kid,

you were there to wash me up and comfort me when i fell into the drain.
when i fell on the stairs, you were there to rush me to the hospital, waited for the doctor to stitch me up, but then fainted because you are actually hematophobia.
you were there, putting pressure on my lips and waited with me in the hospital, after i had an accident with my bike, when i went out despite your warning :P

as i get older,

you were there when i needed money.
you were there to motivate me when i think all else has failed.
you were there to knock some sense into my head with your way of practical thinking..
i may be a bit mad over it at first, but your words have its way in going into my head, and made me agree with you..

but when i was a teenager.
i showed tantrums over silly things;
when you told me to go sleep when im still watching gilmore girls.
when you told me not to go sleepover at jc's.
when you told me that i can't go out with my friends.
boy, was i mad at you..

and then,
when im away from home,
my eyes started to open.
i started to realise these things are stupid and petty.
petty little things, if compared to what youve done to me.. and FOR me..
nothing i can do can repay that.
and i mean NOTHING.
but i do promise you mama
i will always try to make you proud.

i love you so much mama, these words arent enough to show that
and on this day,
i take this opportunity to convey my appreciation to you
and express my love for you

you're the awesomest person in my life
and forever you will be
and second will be ME.

the morning of raya sketch :)



the one thing i have been rambling about
the one thing that i.. well, almost always work on
the one thing that made my head spins
the one thing that made me cry
the one thing that drives me crazy


and suddenly, the end felt so near.
the end of uni days

but not so fast
because there are still my exams.
5 papers..
and only then i'll be done.

home feels so near now..

6 May 2010

oh FYP, oh FYP

kamu mahu dengar satu cerita tidak?

di satu ketika, suasananya amat genting. kesejukan mula menyelimuti kulit, tubuh mula menggigil. mungkin disebabkan kerana terlalu banyak minum minuman yang berkafeina, atau, kesejukan itu tadi. jam di dinding menunjukkan pukul 4.15 pagi. tapi, jam tersebut sudah tentulah sukar untuk dipercayai, kerana pemilik bilik sudah menetapkan jam tersebut menjadi 10 minit lagi laju dari masa sebenar. pada saat itu, masa tutup untuk menghantar FYP yang telah menjadi topik utama hidup si pemilik bilik, tinggal 36 jam sahaja lagi.

tiba-tiba.. (jeng jeng jeng) si pemilik bilik mula menyedari seperkara. nilai yang telah beliau gunakan untuk menghasilkan data untuk dianalisa selama ini adalah salah! darah-darah panik mula mengalir dari jemari yang sedang menaip di papan kekunci komputer riba. degupan jantung semakin kencang... mata mula berpinar.

dan si pemilik bilik pun mula berfikir,

hang tuah

saya memerlukan segala tuah yang ada di dunia ini untuk menghabiskan kertas kerja akhir tahun ini.


hang tuah


tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah orang siapa tahu.

dr HM Tuah Iskandar

Monorail Hang Tuah

eTuah.com - saluran motivasi anda

dan rakan sekerja kak nomie, yang juga bernama Abang Tuah

semua ini adalah hasil daripada meng'google' perkataan tuah.
oh tuah. kembalilah kepada ku. selamilah jiwa ini nan terluka..

Firman Allah:
"La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'a ha.."
- Al-Baqarah, 257

Allah tidak membebani seseorang selain daripada kesanggupannya..

help me get through tomorrow and the day after with ease, and all faith and patience intact, ya Rabb.

5 May 2010

a reminder to those who forget

..including myself.

Dan firman Allah.

"Artinya : Dan apabila manusia ditimpa bahaya dia berdoa kepada Kami dalam keadaan berbaring, duduk atau berdiri, tetapi setelah Kami hilangkan bahaya itu daripadanya, dia (kembali) melalui(jalannya yang sesat) seolah-olah dia tidak pernah berdoa kepada Kami untuk (menghilangkan) bahaya yang telah menimpanya".
(Yunus : 12)

4 May 2010

love knows no... creation

... even for a cat

2 May 2010


5 days till my personal dateline for my dissertation report

6 days till submission date

15 days till first paper

27 days till last paper

42 days till Greece trip

48 days till Mama arrive in the UK

64 days till my graduation day

79 days till i leave Newcastle and the people.. for good
(at least for now)

82 days till i leave the UK for good
(this too, at least for now)


1 May 2010

a historical day

today marked as one of the important day to note among all the days i've lived in newcastle



i finished my results and data analysis for my final year project

i went to the bruneian girls study circle

and i ate embuyat (linut) with sambal mangga, ikan goreng, terung sambal ikan tahai, ketam masak kari, and sambal pusuk


ps: mama would be really proud of me! :P

26 Apr 2010

the last one

.. and it was awesome, sad and sentimental.

i cant express how proud i was and still am of my dancers and dikir barat-ers. allt hose hard work, and yelling for the past 2 months has all paid off. though i did mess up for a few bits of the performance, but overall.. i am so proud guys! we did grrreat! :D

overall, Malaysian Night 2010 was a success. though im not so keen over some of the other performance, but, overall it was an awesome night,and obviously with the awesome food! and here i would like to extend my congratulations and gratitude to those who are involved in the whole thing:

  1. trumendous gratitude to the MALSOC committee for organising the event, who, i know, went through hell to put all this together.

  2. extreme thanks to all my dikir barat-ers and malay dancers, especially Hanis and Iylia (i know yous did this as a favour to me, which i deeply very much appreciate). you guys have been trumendously supportive and awesome throughout the whole thing - the practice, the choreographing, the performance. thanks for your time and commitment, and willingness to adapt to my garang-ness in conducting yous lot. we had an awesome time didnt we? :)

  3. and to surein, qin and jeffri: yous are my man! yous rock dudes! :D

after 3 years being here, ive been involved in all 3 m-nights:

Departures: The Musical (first year, 2008)

10th Anniversary Malaysian Night (second year, 2009)

the last one, Malaysian Night 2010 (third year, 2010)

and after this one, it is a retirement. back to final year project. back to exams. then graduation. dayymmm.

i am so going to miss this place..
and the people too.

dearly beloved

my girls: lya, mimie, nisz

and housemates: fariza, fieha, mabez and moza