15 Dec 2005

ProGraM LaWaTan BerSAMA anAK yAtim RumAh PenYaYaNG


it's been a while since the last time i wrote anything here..

life has been TOTALLY HECTIC lately.. so, no time to update anything in here..heehee..well, before i start talking crapz, wanna share my first experience jadik faci...

laz three days (monday 12/12 until wednesday 14/12), abg tengku, abg rizal, abg azrul, kak riana n i had been the fixed faci for the programme. there are 61 kids.. i don remember how many boys n how many gals.. but there are more gals than boys. huhu..

okay, first day, they came late.. around 7 sumthing, therefore, dinner malam tu pun lambat..

the next day, we all pegi tour ke GALERIA SERI PERDANA, MEMORIAL TUN RAZAK, n PUTRAJAYA... it was a GREAT FUN! at galeria, i couldnt get my eyes of DAIHATSU FTO, owned by our very own TUN DR MAHATHIR... lawa giler beb!! saper tak giler ngan sport car.. huhu...

at memorial, sempat gi borak2 ngan atok.. heehee.. and there, met kak aidora.. one of the seniors.. heehee.. sempat gax naik dier nyer merce.. huhu..

at putrajaya, our first stop was KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI MALAYSIA.. there we had lunch n the MoHL gave a few words about politechnics and bla..bla..bla.. there, kak sya gi join kitorang... heheh.. missd her n she looks so sweet that day...heehee..

after that, we went sight seeing at putrajaya.. we went cruising down the lake... viewing all the magnificent buildings that had been built and still under progress there... FUIH~! lawa giler d0wh!! hahaha...my favourite building is the PALACE of JUSTICE! giler lawa... we took LOTs ANd LOts of pHoTos... haha.. it WUz gReAt FuN DoWh!!

malam... wat activity wif the kids.. bg azrul is REALLY great wif the kids.. haha.. once again, denga lagi lagu tema PKTR~ WARISAN.. miss PKTR SO MUCH!!!!! waaa......

the 3rd day, we went to KLCC mozly.. first to skybridge (skybridge??).. then to petrosains... then to zoo negara... it was a disasterous day actually.. everything messed up quite bad... haih... kalo nak type sini, macam tak elok jer.. bia lah.. watever it is, the kids was having LOTz OF FUN, and they went back to PEKAN safely.... watever happened to us behind the scene.... biarlah... it was a very worthy experience.. heehee..


p/s: bg sumi, if u're reading this, kalo balik sini, dont forget to bring ole2 for me k! i want a present from austri for my burfday!! hahaha.. belated pon tak kesah... huhu..

21 Sep 2005

i"m AddIcTed!!

o my gawd! right now.. i'm TOTALLY addictED to THE OC.. i know.. it might seem VERY lame.. and mesti ader yang akan cakap.. "leh.. baru skarang nak addict.." watevs.. criter tu MEMANG BeZ GIler BABAS! tanyer kat housemate aku.. memang practically tiap kali balik dr kolej, or nak tido malam, mesti gi tengok.. well, thanx to my brother.. i'm now OFFICIALLY addicted to THE OC.. haha..

so, for all u people yang tak pernah tahu menahu pasal OC.. gi la tengok.. starting this saturday, 10.30pm only on 8TV.... ngah..ngah..ngah..

here's some pictures of the cast..

Cast_of_oc these are the cast of THE OC..

(from left to right): Adam Brody/Seth Cohen, Kelly Rowan/Kirsten Cohen, Peter Gallagher/Sandy Cohen, Tate Donovan/Jimmy Cooper, Ben McKenzie/Ryan Atwood, Mischa Barton/Marissa Cooper


this is RACHEL BILSON as SUMMER in THE OC.. ni girlfriend SETH.. hehe.. comey kan?

Ryan_coop and this is my FAVOURITE couple.. eventhough, sometimes i think SETH and SUMMER is A LOT MORE cute than them.. but watevs.. they're so BEAUTIFUL together.. haha..

5 Sep 2005

I'm HoMe!!!!!

Fuih!!! It FeEL SooOoOOOOoooOOooOOO GooD to be HOMe SWeet HomE... simply where i BELonG!! waahh..... terlepas rindu aku ngan katil ku yang besar gedabak.. that occupies 1/2 of my room.... terlepas rindu aku kat radio aku yang boleh wat satu rumah gempaq... and most of all to my beloved TV.. where i can flicking thru channels (again....) and watch clear 8TV instead of double-image.. hahha...
but sure.. i miss the web... since the cc here SUX! haha.. no offence to all CC owners in sibu..
what the hack.. now doin research for the islamic studies thing.. and this computer cant even read my thumbdrive!! see!! how SUX are the CCs in sibu?haihhh.... guess i have to pursuade mama to buy mew a computer VERY SOON!!
wat ever.. i donno wat to rite nymore... i miss PE9.. hehe...
ok la... i'm signing off... chow!

..::i'M tHe MeaN gAL::..

2 Sep 2005

HomE...HeRe i ComE!!

WoWee!!! Ari ni Aku BALik!!!! SyOk GiLer!!!! yesterday was so TIRING... doing laundry... attending bg razak's farewell dinner...came home so late at nite.. PENAT DOH!

making things worse, physics test that we had the other day... GOSH!! i nearly flunk it man!! damn..... really have to start new revolution... have to be more hardworking.. been too lazy lately... for the sake of my OWN future....

wargh!!!!! cant wait to get on the plane and fly back to my home sweet home SIBU!!! waaaa!!!!!!! cant wait to be HOME!! it has been 3 months i havent been home.. so, this is AMAZING! but i have to get to living cabin first.. to get souvenirs for my dearest frens in siBU... miss them man.....

haihh.. i better stop writing now.. before i start babbling nonsense... I'M GOING HOME~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love and affection.....

(how is that suppose to related with everything??haha..)

25 Aug 2005

Nilai kasih ibu...

Ini adalah mengenai Nilai kasih Ibu

       Seorang anak mendapatkan ibunya yang sedang sibuk menyediakan makan malam di dapur lalu menghulurkan sekeping kertas yang bertulis sesuatu. Si ibu segera mengesatkan tangan di apron menyambut kertas yang dihulurkan oleh si anak lalu membacanya.


upah membantu ibu:

Tolong pergi kedai $4.00

Tolong jaga adik $4.00

Tolong buang sampah $1.00

Tolong kemas bilik $2.00

Tolong siram bunga     $3.00

Tolong sapu sampah   $3.00

Jumlah     :      S$17.00

Selesai membaca, si ibu tersenyum memandang si anak sambil sesuatu berlegar-legar si mindanya.  Si ibu mencapai sebatang pen dan menulis sesuatu di belakang kertas yang sama.  


mengandungkanmu selama 9 bulan - PERCUMA


berjaga malam kerana menjagamu - PERCUMA


air mata yang menitis keranamu - PERCUMA


kerunsingan kerana bimbangkanmu - PERCUMA


menyediakan makan minum, pakaian, dan keperluanmu - PERCUMA

Jumlah Keseluruhan Nilai Kasihku - PERCUMA

Air mata si anak berlinang setelah membaca apa yang dituliskan oleh si ibu.  Si anak menatap wajah ibu,memeluknya dan berkata,"Saya Sayangkan Ibu".  Kemudian si anak mengambil pen dan menulis'Telah Dibayar malah terhutang ' pada mukasurat yang ditulisnya.

Diriwayatkan seorang telah bertemu Rasulullah SAW dan bertanya,"Wahai Rasulullah, siapakah yang paling berhak mendapat layanan baik dariku?"  Rasulullah menjawab,"Ibumu(dan diulang sebanyak tiga kali), kemudian ayahmu, kemudian saudara-saudara terdekatmu."

18 Aug 2005

my colour is RED!

If your birthday is on......

December 23rd~ January 1st = Red

January 2nd ~ January 11th = Orange

January 12th ~ January 24th = Yellow

January 25th ~ February 3rd = Pink

February 4th ~ February 8th = Blue

February 9th ~ February 18th = Green

February 19th ~ February 28th = Brown

March 1st ~ March 10th = Aqua

March 11th ~ March 20th = Lime

March 21st = Black

March 22nd ~March 31st = Purple

April 1st ~ April 10th = Navy

April 11th ~ April 20th = Silver

April 21st ~ April 30th = White

May 1st ~ May 14th = Blue

May 15th ~ May 24th = Gold

May 25th ~ June 3rd= Cream

June 4th ~ June 13th = Grey

June 14th ~ June 23rd = Maroon

June 24th = Grey

June 25th ~ July 4th = Red

July 5th ~ July 14th = Orange

July 15th ~ July 25th = Yellow

July 26th ~ August 4th = Pink

August 5th ~ August 13th = Blue

August 14th ~ August 23rd = Green

August 24th ~ September 2nd = Brown

September 3rd ~ September 12th = Aqua

September 13th ~ September 22nd = Lime

September 23rd = Olive

September 24th ~October 3rd = Purple

October 4th ~ October 13th = Navy

October 14th ~ October 23rd = Silver

October 24th ~ November 11th = White

November 12th ~ November 21st = Gold

November 22nd ~ December 1st = Cream

December 2nd ~ December 11th = Grey

December 12th ~ December 21st = Maroon

December 22nd = Teal



Cute and lovable type,

You are picky but always in love...and liked to be loved.

Fresh and cheerful, but can be "moody" at times.

Capable with people nice, soft, and that can love you for the way you are.

Likes people that are easy to talk to and can make you feel comfortable.


Competitive and sportive.

Don't like losing and always cheerful!

You are trustworthy, and very out going.

You choose love carefully, and don't fall in love easily.

But once you find the right one, you don't let go for a long time.


You are mostly interested in your looks.

And have high standards in picking love.

You think and make a solution precisely, and hardly make stupid mistakes.

You like to lead and it is easy for you to make new friends.


You are attractive and active.

You never hide your feelings and express everything that's inside.

But can be selfish at times.

You want to be noticed, and don't like to be treated unequally.

You can brighten up peoples day.

You know what to say at the right time and you have good sense of humor.


You get along well with new people.

You are not really a shy person, but sometimes you can hurt people's feelings by your words...

You like to be loved and noticed by your lover, but mostly you are single, waiting for the right person.


You know what's right and what's wrong.

You are cheerful and out going.

It's hard for you to find the one you want, but once you find the right person, you won't be able to fall in love again for a long time.


You are always trying your best in everything, and like to help and care for other people.

But you are not easily satisfied.

You have negative thoughts about , and you look for man love because your a fairy.


You are sweet and trusted by many people and have a strong leadership towards relationships.

You make good decision and make the right choice at the right time.

And always dreaming of romantic relationship.


You are intelligent and know what's right.

You like to make things go your way, which can sometimes cause trouble for not thinking about other people's feelings.

But you're patient when it comes to love.

Once you get a hold of the right person, it's hard for you to find a better love.


You are responsible for your own actions, and you know how to treat people.

You always have goals to reach and you really work hard to get there, you are competitive.

Your friends are really important to you and you appreciate what you have, you sometimes over react that's because you are sensitive.


You are mysterious, never selfish and get interested in things easily.

Your day can be sad or happy depending on your mood.

You are popular between friends but you can act stupid at times, and forget things easily.

You go for a person that's trustworthy.


You are calm, but easily stressed out.

You get jealous easily, and complain over little things.

You can't get stuck into one thing, but you have a capable personality for everyone to trust you and like you.


You are imaginative and fun, you love trying new things.

You like to challenge yourself and you learn things easily, you're easy to talk to and you give good advice.

When it comes to friendship, you find it hard to trust someone, but once you find the right friend, you trust them forever.


You are challenging, and have the "guts".

But you don't like changes in your life.

And once you make a decision, you keep it that way for a long time.

Your love life is also challenging, and different.


You are warm and light hearted.

You seem to flow well with friends and family.

You don't like and know what's right.

You are kind and cheerful, people that are easy to talk but don't envy other people easily.


You are active and sportive.

It's hard for other people to become close with you, but you fall in love easily.

But once you find out you can't get something, you give up and let go easily as well.


You may have low self-esteem, and can be very picky.

You are artistic and like to fall in love, but you let your love pass by, by loving with your mind, not your heart.


You are attractive, and love your life.

You have a strong feeling towards everything.

And very easily distracted.

Once you get angry at someone, its hard for you to forgive them.


You dream and have goals in your life.

You get jealous easily and you don't react to thingseasily.

You are different and sometimes weird, but everyone loves that in you.


Your feelings change suddenly and easily.

You are always lonely, and like traveling.

You are truthful, but listen and believe other people too easily.

It's hard to find love for you, and you get lost in love easily,

Sometimes get hurt by love

10 Aug 2005


O MY GAWD!! the haze is getting worse and worst!!! u noe wat, seberang INTI College, i cant see the houses anymore.. even the fly over!! it's like the worst haze ever since 1998.. goodness!! i was like suffocating and choking every now and then.. plus, my eyes are itchy and burning.. goodness! aku dah sart pakai mask dah.. melucukan tapi terpakse.. kalo tak memang aku dah batok dah skang.. to make things worst, semalam hujan batu deh!!nasib baik bukan aku yang kene... sak ati na idup rah sitok.. aku nenga sarawak sek da jerebu nak? best la tak orang.. boo-hoo-hoo....

semalam gak, depan condo ade fire.. kat kawasan rumah setinggan tuh.. tapi aku tak tau pape pon.. tu pun salman yang bagi tau.. siap bomba lak datang tu.. aku tak tau pa pe pon! hahaha....

jerebu satu hal, test plak satu hal.. this friday we're goin to have our economics test.. dah la aku tak belajar satu hapa pon! deh.. teruk tol la aku ni... cam ner bangsa malaysai nak maju?!?!?!?!

bengang giler.. o ya.. my parenz are coming this weekend!! my brother's going to graduate!! bez giler... huhu...

k lah, tak tau ape lagi yang nak diberitahu.. that's all.. ADIOS~!!

..::PhArOaH eVadYA::..

..::pAxI sEgALa KeJahAtaN::..

4 Aug 2005

Most Frequent Asked Question

FAQ ( Soalan Yang Kerap di Tanya )

* Anda berader di stesen bas dan rakan anda ternampak sambil bertanya:
"Tunggu bas ke?"
Anda harus menjawab: "Taklah aku tengah tunggu helikopter, lambat plak ari nie ye"

* Anda hendak pergi ke bilik mandi untuk mandi dan rakan sebilik anda bertanya:
"Ko nak mandi ke?"
Jawab : "Taklah aku nak pi main lelayang kejap, ko nak join?"

* Anda sedang menulis surat dan rakan anda menegur:
"Aik? tulis surat nampak?"
Jawab : "Oh ye ke? aku tak prasan ah...tangan aku bergerak sendiri"

* Anda sedang makan nasik dan orang tegur:
"Makan nasik?"
Jawab : " Mata ko buta ke per? Kan aku tengah minum teh ais nie?"

* Anda baru pulang dari kerja dan jiran anda bertanyer:
"Baru balik dari keje?"
Jawab : "Taklah, saya dari rumah, nak pi keje lah nie...opis saya dah pindah kat rumah..dan rumah saya dah pindah kat opis"

* Anda sedang sibuk buat kerja dan rakan sepejabat menegur:
"Eh kau sibuk ke?"
Jawab : Takyah jawab, peratikan muker dia pastu kompang siket pipi dia.

* Anda sedang menonton tv ceriter melayu, rakan anda datang lalu bertanyer:
"Eh citer melayu ke?"
Jawab : "Bukanlah, nie kan citer Otromen Taro menentang Raksaser dari Planet X...ko tunggu jap nanti otromen kuar".

30 Jul 2005

Continuation from 'Song For Playaz'

"I will forgive but i wont forget.."
This express everything that i am feeling now..i'm not trying to say that i'm experiencing what happens in the song but it's just that i can feel what the girl felt once lied and cheated by the only person that she cares so much..that she loves so much..
man.. if this happens to me, I WILL NEVER TRUST GUYS or maybe.. I'LL NEVER fall in love again.. goodness..

This hurt that i feel inside

Seems like a never ending pain

To those who hurt me

to those who deceived

To those who thinks that I am just a STUPID JOKE

Think again..

coz once u mess with me..



so don't do things you might regret!

~~aNGeL wiTTH brOKen DReAMs~~


Uwaaaa!!! Rindu bangat PKTR.. esok.. which means today, they are all goin to meet up at KLCC to watch UNGU VIOLET!! besh giler!! aku nak jugak!! uwaaa!!! but, i have a 'date' wif my brother, as we are goin to PERAK for kak SHREK's wedding... (dont blame me for calling her kak SHREK.. blame my bro.. ahax!!) nyway, hpe u guys enjoy urself tomoro.. wat really sux is that, I CANT JOIN THE TRIP TO PENANG!! how DOPE is that?!?!?!?!?! all because of... u noe who and what.. haihh... wuTeVa!!

by the way, at least rindu aku ngan MUS, SOFIA and especially -->LI-V dah terlepas ari tuh when we all meet up at MIDVALLEY wif bg sumi.. and guess wat, LI-V brought along her darling so-called "boyfriend-to-be"..it was SO, EXTREMELY COOL.. gosh.. juz realise how much i MISS PKTR!! uwaaaa!!!!

nyway, the trip to PENANG will be organised by MUS-MUKHLIS where they will be leaving on the 5th of August at nite and come back on sunday the 7th..they are goin to visit the lil kids that they had handled during the PDDS program.. so for those who is interested to join the trip, call MUS a.s.a.p.. the 012 number please.. hehe..

ok lah.. i donno wat to say nymore.. nyway, aku dah damai ngan din.. haha..

~~CrAzY ShIn ChAn~~

25 Jul 2005

song for playaz

Akon_bodo this song goes out to all playaz out there..who never get tired of breaking other people's heart..serve u rite to lose the only girl that REALLY loves u back..


Im Mr. Lonely,

I have nobody,

For my owwnnn

Im so Lonely, im Mr. Lonely

I have nobody,

for my owwnnn

Im so Lonely

Yo, this one here goes out to all my playas out there man.

ya kno that got that one good girl dog thats always been there man

like took all the bullshit then one day she cant take it no more

and decides to leave yeah,

I woke up in the middle of the night,

And I noticed my girl wasn't by my side,

Coulda sworn I was dreamin,

For her I was feinin,

So I had ta take a little ride,

Back tracking on these few years,

Tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad,

Cuz ever since my girl left me,

My whole life came crashin and I'm so....

(Repeat chorus)

Cant belive I had a girl like you,

and I just let you walk right outta my life,

after all ILana_nangis put u thru u still stuck around and stayed by my side (by my side)

what really hurt me is I broke ur heart,

baby you a good girl and I had no right,

I really wanna make things right,

cuz without u in my life girl im so..

(Repeat chorus)

Been all about the world ain't,

neva met a girl that can take the things that you been through.

Never thought the day would come,

where you would get up and run, and I would be out chasing u

Cuz aint nowhere in the globe id rather be,

aint no one in the globe id rather see

then the girl of my dreams that made me Be

so happy but now so lonely

(Repeat chorus)

Never thought that id be alone (be alone)

I didnt hope you'd be gone this long (gone this long)

I jus want u to call my phone,

Sad_haleyso stop playing girl and Come on home (come on home),

baby girl I didn't mean to shout, (no)

I want me and you to work it out, (work it out baby)

I never wished that Id ever Hurt my baby,

and its drivin me crazy cuz I'm so...

(Repeat chorus)

6 Jul 2005

BoRInG SiOt!!!

Uwaaaa!!!!! giler boring skang... aku tengah tunggu kelas stat kek tok.. kol 12 lak stat.. lah dalam lab.. sejok gila lab ya... fuihh... saba jak la.. sik tauk aku mok madah apa sebenarnya.. kedong ada masa... tok tek sebenarnya mok bukak blackboard.. tapi sik reti... saba jak la.. huahuahua... err.. apa gik k padah... pada kawan2 yang aku kenali dan rindui... GUE RINDU PADA LO SEMUA!!!!! mmuaxx!!!

k lah.. apa jak kah dirapu ku tok... see y'all!! tata!!

4 Jul 2005


Uwaaa.... Lamer siot tak tulis kat sini.. begitu banyak perkara yang berlaku sepanjang2 aku tak tulih kat sini.. 1stly.. application aku SUmer dapat weyh! mara, pnb.. laz2 dapat MISC wat naval... dah lah time tuh tengah study kat KML.. uwaa... sedey tol nak tinggal kan labuan... sedey sangat.. my roomates:Mei Ling, Ka Li, Winniee... wawawawa!!! rindu diorang... FIT8 sumer.. KAMEK RINDU TAK ORANG SUMA....i got new frenz la kat KML.. bez clicks: SYI-kENT, uMee keTaM, lyN BunTAL... ARUL-nyet... elfy.... dino.... uwa... rindu sumer!!!!tauk sik aku stat rapat ngan atiq sinun... sekali nangga aku terpaksa pergi dari sia... SEDEY GILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... PAUSE JAP.. TENGAH NANGIS..

well, now, i'm pursuing my studies at TAYLOR'S COLLEGE Subang Jaya... jauhkan?? haihh.. demi naval... chey... nyway, the BIGGEST suprise was...........

FARISA ZAFFA jadik HOUSEMATE aku balik!!!!! hahaha... mengejutkan dan kejutan!! wawawawa..... at least a familiar face la kat sini... sitok sek da gilak miak sarawak.. ada2 pun sorang jak, termasuk aku 2 la... miak kuching.. dari kolej... sapa2 mok tauk sapa nya, message aku, k!!

apa gik owh.. kinek tok tinggal di Ridzuan Condo.. saper2 nak address aku pun, message jak!! huhu...nyways, my housemates are: FARAH YASMIN, MARYAM "SYUHADA NABILA", NIK SARAH HEIDAR, FARISA ZAFFA, AINIL IZZYAN, IZYAN HANI.....aku..... cukup tujuh dah nak?? nyalah ya... huhu...

actually, mood aku skarang tak menentu... so, tak tau gi aper nak cakap... TATA KORANG...


~YeAh bAbEh!!~~

p/s: MISS SYIMENG SO MUCH!!!!!!!MmmmmMUaahZ!

7 May 2005

This is an inspirational song...

I love the song and the lyrics... so inspiring...

Right to be Wrong - JOSS STONE

I've got a right to be wrong
My mistakes will make me strong
I'm stepping out into the great unknown
I'm feeling wings though I've never flown
Got a mind of my own
I'm flesh and blood to the bone
I'm not made of stone
Got a right to be wrong
So just leave me alone

I've got a right to be wrong
I've been held down too long
I've got to break free
So I can finally breathe
Got THE right to be wrong
Got to sing my own song
I might be singing out of key
But it sure feels good to me
Got a right to be wrong
So just leave me alone

You're entitled to your opinion
But it's really my decision
I can't turn back I'm on a mission
If you care don't you dare blur my vision
Let me be all that I can be
Don't smother me with negativity
Whatever's out there waiting for me
I'm going to face it willingly

I've got a right to be wrong
My mistakes will make me strong
I'm stepping out into the great unknown
I'm feeling wings though I've never flown
I've got a mind of my own
Flesh and blood to the bone
See, I'm not made of stone
I've got a right to be wrong
So just leave me alone

I've got a right to be wrong
I've been held down to long
I've got to break free
So I can finally breathe
I've got a right to be wrong
Got to sing my own song
I might be singing out of key
But it sure feels good to me
I've got a right to be wrong
So just leave me alone

24 Apr 2005

Hampeh nyer!!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tak bez nyer!!!!!! Aku nak gi AGM!!! tsk-tsk-tsk... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKU NAK GI AGM TUH!!!! Hampehnyer... maner tak, terkene plak interbiu MARA tuh dekat-dekat dengan tarikh AGM tu nanti.... peh! hampeh toll!!! tak bley la aku nak jumper balik pktrians nih... weh.. aku rindu korang la!!!!! waaaaaa!!!!! hampeh nyer....... tapi tak pe... mase depan itu lebey penting.. so for all pktrians.. have fun ya!! take care..

~`pEAcE TO tHE wORld`~

~yEaH BabEh~

22 Apr 2005


Well..i'm in deep shit now..i am BLUR bout my FUTURE!! Can u belif it?!?!? aduss.. i donno wat to pick and i donno wat to choose.. my parents la yang menimbulkan kontroversi nih!! bingoeng gik aku mpun.. haihhh... wat shud i do?? waaaa!!!!! nasib bait la hal ngan 'chowok ku yang ganteng' ya dah settle.. mun ndak.. menambahkan serabut di KEPALA HOTAK aku jak.. biarlah.. i think i'll do LOTS OF RESEARCH on which course am i going to REALLY take.. kalo amek cors yang aku pun tak reti mende..wat per kan?? haihh... YA ALLAH.. tunjukkanlah padaku jalan mana yang harusku pilih.. waduhh.. waduhh.. seriously.. i'm playing wif fire.. haihh..

15 Apr 2005

Educamp Gossips

Haha.. Dasar perempuan.. Suker sangat bergosip.. haha.. Educamp ri tu was quite fun.. eventhough, i hav to say, activities dier, memang tak setaraf langsung ngan PKTR!! hahaha.. jahat tol aku! (p/s: I MISSED PKTR SO MUCH!!! WAAAA!!!!) tapi kan, kat situ, aku skali lagi dengo phrase ni: "CREAM OF THE CREAM".. terus teringat kat PKTR.. haha!! nyway, the bez thing bout it is that i met LOTZ of new frenz, such as IFAH, HAFIZ, FAHMI, SYAZWI, ELISSIA... and skali lagi aku jumper NAJIB-BAJIN.. haha.. well, over all EDUCAMP wasnt that boring tho.. as for li-v yang skarang ni tengah menyibukka diri kat UTP, PERAK for her EDUCAMP.. BEZ OF LUCK gal!! ahax! and as for my new frenz.. REALLY NICE TO NOE U GUYS.. hope to see u guyz again..


~yEaH bAbeh~

14 Apr 2005

Must Watch Movie

Hello again! Well, basically, i juz want to share with u the current movie that i watched.. SAMARA:The Ring Two.. GOSH!! SUPER THRILLER HORROR movie la... memang scary giler!! i couldnt control myself from screaming in the cinema.. GOSH!! scared to death la tengok citer tu... i would love to promote this story to u guys.. gi la tengok.. tak rugi nyer.. juz make sure korang ader nengok 'The Ring' la.. tak la korang blur sangat.. ahax! okess!! happy watching!!

8 Apr 2005

Latest update..

well, i get to go to PETRONAS EDUCAMP this sunday..meaning tomoro..wif darling cuzen JESSICA and we will come back on thursday..tho that camp ended on wednesday (and it'll start on monday)..haha..want to fool around in kuching for one day..ahax!nyway, for the others yang dapat EDUCAMP tu gak, congratulation and bez of luck!!and as for others..not getting this one doesnt mean the end of the world..there will be other offers coming your way..i'm sure of that..

~word of the week~

"you lose one thing, but REMEMBER, you will always gain another"

take care y'all!!

~yEaH BAbeH!!~

7 Apr 2005


Hello frenz!!~YeAh BaBeh~!! Welcome to my blog.. It is still a work in progress.. but i hope u guys will love it!! Have fun!!