26 Aug 2010

duckface korean style

*definition cilok from here

duckface korean style however, it is where u tried to make ur lips small and squished together, and sometimes, might accompanied by peace hand-sign.

yes. koreans are cute. charming. pretty. gorgeous. why? because they are, naturally.

but to be honest, i dont really like korean actors. because the girls act in a way, i think they are being too fake. and the guys, they are.. well, they are not bad actually.

but what's alarming is that when WE, normal being, mere mortal, simple people - tried to be these awesome, gorgeous people - by doing the duckface-korean-style. and its not enough that u do it in one photo, you just have to do it many MANY photos. its ok if you want to do it, and keep it to yourself, or maybe just hang it in your room. but, if among 100 photos you posted online, and 98 of them are of you doing such poses - and i must add, its all at the same angle (ie camera at 45 degree above your head), with the same style -- seriously babe, get a real face and stick with that. that would be my best advice for you.

thank you for reading my rants.

23 Aug 2010


thanks hadi for this.

22 Aug 2010


i found it on a friend's blog. and i think its nice to share, since the theme of my previous posts are of the same.

Doa yang kupanjatkan ketika aku masih gadis:
“Ya Allah berikanlah aku calon suami yang baik,
yang sholeh, yang beriman.
Berikanlah aku suamiyang dapat
kujadikan imam utk keluargaku. amin."

credit to: http://www.isdaryanto.com/doa-imajiner

goodluck to me, and goodluck to you.

to those who is, or going to, practice this, insyaAllah, with the baraqah that comes with Ramadhan, may your prayers be answered, your eyes be opened. amiin.

16 Aug 2010


the saying always goes,

a teacher is like a candle.
they burn so bright for others, while they suffer, as the wax melt, and they got shorter..
and eventually.. gone.

what a teacher did to you and for you, until you've become who you are, and where you are now (given that you work as hard as they work on you); is just priceless. their selfless act in educating you, guiding you, wanting only for you to become a better person in the future - a treasure for the nation, your society, your family - there's nothing you can do to repay.

but i say,

teachers are like scented candle. they don't just brighten up your life when its dark, but also enhanced it with the sweet scent that can give you tranquility and a serene atmosphere - and make you feel good about yourself.

but in 'summer pudding's case, it gives this sweet candy-like smell, that will make you just want to cuddle up, listen to cute songs, and play dress up. or maybe read a book. lol. but i do have to admit, looking at this photo does make me miss Miss H. im so gonna miss giving you this as a present for your birthday, babe.. :'(

as an ending,
selamat berpuasa everyone~!
(tho its already the 5th day today. LOL!)
marhaban ya ramadhan!

15 Aug 2010


yep. hangen as in furiously mad. or just mad. or anything within that perimeter.

this is just something random that moza shared with me.

Perbuatan lelaki yang membuatkan GF naik angin:

1. Lupa perkara penting

2. Komen tabiat makan

3. Tak pedulikan GF sebab buat hal sendiri

4. Tolak ajakan GF sebab ade agenda sendiri yang tak melibatkan GF.

haha. i hate to admit it, but it is so true. and yes, we love the attention, and we demand it. so deal with it.

12 Aug 2010

to all lovebirds..

.. who are going serious in your relationship, planning to get married, getting married, or even married, here's my gift for yous (and myself ;) )

"Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami,
seandainya telah Kau catatkan dia milikku,
tercipta untukku,
dekatkanlah dia padaku,
satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku,
titipkanlah kemesraan diantara kami agar kebahagiaan itu abadi,
dan ya Tuhanku yang Maha Pengasih,
seiringkanlah kami dalam melayari ketepian yang sejahtera
seperti mana yang Engkau kehendakkan

Amin ya Rabbal Alamin

to those who are getting married, congratulations!
straighten your niat; Lillahi Ta'ala - insyaAllah, His blessing will be with yous.

lots of love,

1 Aug 2010

happy birthday mama!!

you're 5! :P

sibu, sarawak

home never felt so near now.

and i am going back on monday.

and seriously, i cant wait to be home.

almost felt like a prisoner here. not been able to go anywhere. huhu :P

but car keys, ure almost in grasp! :P