29 Jul 2009

its so hard..

.. when ure keeping a secret, that u know no one should know.

.. when u like an old friend, and know u cant do anything bout it.

.. when money become the issue.

.. when u missed ur family more than u know u could.

.. when ure down, and no one's gonna pick u back up.

ok. im starting to make things up. lol.

but, its hard, nonetheless :P

14 Jul 2009

you know what..


and i do love u kakak.


13 Jul 2009

thats when i realise..

i do miss home so much..

that i am willing to work and collect money up until 400 quid just to go back home

i do want to witness the 1st one in our family to get engage this raya..

i want to celebrate raya at home this year

last but not least,

i can no longer sleep earlier than 3pm.

i am so messed up.

i really need to find a job to get that 400 quid before the price shoot up even more.

i miss home.


6 Jul 2009


i did just that, and it sucks.

yes, i wasnt in the popular loop.

yes, i wasnt the prettiest.

yes, i wasnt the brightest.

yes, the guy that i really like and piled on, never liked me back.

yes, i have that very low self esteem.

have i regretted any of those, maybe not.

because im pretty happy with where i am right now, and how far ive come.

but i cant help to think back on the days, and how much have i missed out.