25 Jul 2011

a partner

"at the end of the day, you just want someone who understands you,
the one you don't have to pretend with,
and a person you know that you can walk together with in this journey we called
'life to the Hereafter'..

and when that someone feels the same way about you too,
then you know that it is right.."

-N. Asiah Abd Rahman, 2011

22 Jul 2011

Dear Nino,

Hye sayang.. CuYa here. first of all, CuYa would like to apologize sebab CuYa lambat welcome Nino sitok.. i wanted to do it earlier, but my internet was always such a problem, kak ya lamak2 CuYa terus lupak mok blog even..

so here goes,

a.k.a Niño
D.O.B: 28th June 2011
T.O.B: 9.30pm
P.O.B: Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL)

Secondly, CuYa harap Niño cepat2 sihat k. sian mama papa bingong hal nino. CuYa selalu doa Nino cepat2 sihat. CuYa beraie mok jmpa Niño. so u be a strong boy k, sweetheart. Kelak boleh chelen Didier Drogba. :D

Know that, eventhough CuYa jauh, CuYa loves you so much, and really wants to come back and see you.

사랑해... 진짜 보고싶어...

1 Jul 2011


if you start to doubt, its never a good sign.

but when u are in doubt, return back to The One who Knows All. only He can help you sort your head out.

"La tahzan.. Innallaha ma'ana.."