16 Jan 2008

i dunno.

1) Single , taken , Naked , or
Flirty ?
*taken. =P

2) Are you happy with that ? -
*yeap yeap. very very. =)

4 ) Have you ever had your heart broken?
*not to pieces. but some impact was done.

3) Have you ever talked about marriage with the opposite sex?
*not directly. but the topic was brought up. hehe :P

4 ) Do you want children ?
*du-uh! who doesnt?

5) How Many?
*4 is purrfect~

6) Would you consider adoption?
*nope. unless im desperate.

7 ) If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
*ehehe. cheri, cepat bagitahu saye! ahah :P

8) Do you want someone you can't have?
*ive already have him. =)

9) Have you ever fallen in love?
*i am. madly.

10) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
*owh yes. it meant so much.

11) Do you believe that you can change for someone ?
*sometimes, no matter how u say u wont, eventually, u'll just will, if u really have the heart for it.

12) Is it a good day?
*i guess so.. had my math exam today. it was alryte.

13 ) Have you ever broken a heart before ?
*yikes. i think i did. sorry..

14) Does your ex still have feelings for you ?
*dunno. dun think so. i was a bitch. ok. maybe i was. ok. dunno.

15 ) Do you still have feelings for your ex?
*not really. he was a jack ass for all i know.

14 Jan 2008

.cheri saya.

saya sangat sayang cheri saya.
kenapa saya sayang cheri saya?
sebab dia sangat best.
dia selalu buat saya ketawa.
dia selalu beri semangat kat saya.
dia selalu nasihat saya.
kalau saya weng, dia tak jemu melayan saya.
kalau saya cakap benda pelik-pelik, dia mesti layan sahaja.

kalau saya terlalu dreamy, dia akan knock some sense balik dalam kepala saya.
kalau saya tak stadi, cheri saya mesti marah saya.
cheri saya merupakan the other half yang melengkapkan saya.
saya sangat sayang cheri saya.
sebab dia pun sayang saya (walaupun saya tak tahu mengapa)
kan cheri kan?
(kalo ia tak betul, tell me, so that i can delete this post right away. hehe.)

and cheri.. saya akan sambung stadi right away. don wori. =)

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