31 Jan 2010

valentines day

"Sometimes conservatism has a higher value rather liberalism, especially when it protects your values and ensures your reputation is unscathed"
- Juliana Phang, Kuala Lumpur

this is a statement quoted from and open letter from a Juliana Phang regarding the "Bright and Breezier" issue.

all i have to say now is, what is going on with my beloved country? what happened to all the teenagers? are there still even any decent one left? what were yous thinking????

and to see that a chinese think that way, not the malays/muslims.. this shows how the world is rotating at not the right axis anymore.

30 Jan 2010



it was fun while it last.
snow fort building.
snow ball fight.
holidays in the winter wonderland.
you know, fun.

but paintballing.
being outdoor half a day.
and roll around shooting and aiming at people's head
(yea. im thinking of head-shooting)
NOT fun.

well, we'll see what'll happen after this.
all i know now, i need coffee. long day it was yesterday.
thank god for extension for ship design, and ice skating :)


backstreet boys used to say,
"i dont care who you are,
where you from,
what you did;
as long as u love me.."

but my daddy said, he DOES.

27 Jan 2010

easter break

here i come!

will be leaving on 30/3/2010 and return 1/4/2010

strike out another 1 in my must go list.

and now left the BAHAMAS.

soon.. :)

26 Jan 2010

you are always on my mind

exams is finally over. and there are still plenty of stuff on my plate. though i must say, my food supply are getting scarce. i guess it is time for grocery shopping. but, thats not the stuff on my mind right now. well, not occupying most of my time, that is.

malaysian night syndrome is back. and as usual, i am incharge of dikir barat and malay dance. thinking that this is my final year, i am trying to give it my best effort (eventhough i swore not to get involve in the performance itself :P) and make them know: this is my work yo! lol! anyhu, i am uber-excited about this. any doze off moments is occupied by thinking about this.. cant wait for the practice sessions! *i may sound like a nerd, but hell yea peeps, that is the fun part! :D*

next, is ship design project. as of now, i am waiting for helmi to come back with food. hurm. though i doubt it he'll bring some for me.. but heck, i am waiting for him. though i think i should have started with my work first.. hurm. ah well, the point is, we are rushing for the dateline, which is this FRIDAY. and i tell you, i havent even see an outline of our report. though work IS going, but.. yeap. lets just pray that we'll get to finish it in time.

then, final year project. sigh. dateline's 7th may. and i am no where INTO the load of work. damn. i should pull my act together... after ship design, i guess.

so, heres the updates. later will come some. and life sure will be awesome. lol.

24 Jan 2010


1) Namakan 5 kerjaya yang anda gemari mengikut urutan.
• stage manager of a rock concert. hell yeah. ive always wanted to be one!
• or maybe a rock star. i want to be in a band.
• i want to be an event planner. and have a company based on it.
• hotel maid. mcm maid in manhattan.
• a waitress at a fancy restaurant.
*kenape aku rase macam aku takde cita-cita yang tinggi pun. lol!*

2) Namakan 5 orang kawan yang anda terasa anda teringin menjadi dirinya. (include my family as well la yer)

• Khairul Abdullah. sbb die pandai, boleh nyanyi, and ade 'tabung besar'. hahaha
• Hanis. sbb die lemah lembut and cantik and tinggi
• Khairul "K-oi" Mr Gerardo. sbb his general, political and economic knowledge is astounding! besides being really random at most times!
• Azli. sbb terer main bola, and pandai and rajin.
• ikmal. sbb die balance. hoho! :D

*but i am still thankful for however i am built and manufactured. lol!*

3) Namakan 5 orang kawan perempuan anda yang anda rasa dia cantik pada pandangan anda.

• Hanis
• Iylia
• Mimie
• Nadya
• Kak Nomie

*ahhaa. totally biased statement. lol!*

4) Namakan 5 orang kawan lelaki anda yang anda rasakan dia kacak pada pandangan anda.
*i might kill myself after reading this. LOL!*
• Aris Vasiliadis
• giannis emmanouil
• Zarf Zulkifli
• Bennij Ly
• and im going to leave this blank. lol!

5) Namakan 5 benda yang akan anda bawa kemana saja.
• handphone
• Kunci rumah
• ipod
• student card
• debit card

6) Namakan 5 perkara yang orang belum tahu pasal anda.

• saya suka makan buah oren.
• kalau pintu bilik saya terbukak, meaning saye takde kt rumah. and vice versa
• saya selalu bias kalo org tanya pasal baju -- i will always say the one in red looks nicer. hoho.
• saya sebenarnya suka mendengar nsync dan britney spears despite my inclination towards rock music :P
• saya akan begitu mudah di-distract drpd membuat kerja, contoh terbaik: sekarang.

7) Namakan 5 perkara yang anda suka dan tak suka pada perempuan.
• taksuka: the ones yang suka kumpul sama2 perempuan and wat bende plastic gile
• taksuke: perempuan bajet cool and stylo, padahal budak lagi.
• suke: the one yang cool je. and jarang jd judgemental :P
• suke: the ones yang relax and boleh diharap kalo nk wat keje. and boleh jadi gile2 at any given time.
• suke: perempuan macam aku. hahaha!

8) Namakan 5 blog kegemaran anda dan anda nak tiru je blog dia. (xde ah nk tiru sgt, cume suka baca)
• silent-honcho
• hunterhunted
• idaman
• atiqahaekman - rojak asam payaks

*yang lain cam.. tak terfikir lg sekarang.

9) 5 orang kawan untuk di-tag
• atiqah aekman
• paqin
• iraa aira
• michelle oggy
• jessica issabelle

Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas

too much memories engraved in a song, no one thought possible.

Dating Deal Breakers: When It's Time to Get Out

*article taken from Shine from Yahoo!, written by StyleCaster with the same title. i really think it is interesting*

As an eligible single woman, it's only natural to be looking for that significant other who will sweep you off your perfectly pedicured, Louboutin-clad feet. You go out with the girls in hopes of catching the eye of your future Prince Charming and securing that fairytale ending, but sometimes dating trials run amuck, leaving you with an experience that you wish you could have skipped out on.

Dating can be fun, but oftentimes we have to weed out the freaks before we find the ones worth our time. Some guys have idiosyncrasies that are just too much to handle, but what are the real red flags that should send you running in the completely opposite direction? Here are some deal breakers that we think warrant an instant end to the relationship. These guys mean trouble:

This guy plans dates with multiple girls at a time even when you've been seeing each other for a couple of weeks at minimum. He claims he's keeping his options open, but what that really means is that he has commitment issues and that he's somewhat of a player. This guy definitely is not ready to be in a monogamous relationship, so get out before you get hurt. Keep your eyes peeled for his constant checking of text messages and any smirks that may cross his face while he responds.

The Liar
Like the cheater, this guy won't be straight up with you. He'll ignore certain topics you bring up and will try to immediately change the subject. If he can't look you in the eyes when you ask him what he did that day, then there's a problem. This should send you running in the opposite direction before he ends up lying about something much more serious than his daily routine. Obviously this guy has major skeletons in his closet, and you won't want to stick around long enough to find out what they might be.

The Guy that Needs Anger Management
This guy will seem perfect and charming at first, but the more time you spend with him, the more you'll notice all the little things that make him tick... He'll talk to you about how upset he got over something a normal person would shrug off without a second thought. Once he gets comfortable with you, beware. The snapping will most likely get directed at you. Warning: this guy will probably need to punch something (like a wall) to relieve his anger. So get out, because he's bound to turn into an angry, manipulative, control freak in time.

Inappropriate Commentary
This guy's mom never taught him how to properly respect a woman. He probably views you as an object and worships music artists who make a living out of lyrics that oftentimes degrade women. He's the guy that will talk about your rear end beyond the point of sexiness, or he'll comment about other women's assets in front of you. Not okay. Don't get caught up with this type of guy -- he'll only make you feel bad about yourself in the end, and that's a definite deal-breaker.

The Cheapskate
A cheapskate is cheap. He'll take you to dive bars and pinch pennies even if he's not on a budget. Eventually he'll be asking you to foot the bill or join forces when the check comes. Offering to help out with costly dating expenses is only fair when you're in a serious relationship, but if he requests that you foot the bill on the first date, then politely move on.

Poor Hygiene
Chronic bad breath, disgusting body odor, and poor sartorial choices all fall under the category of poor hygiene, which is just plain gross -- and definitely a deal-breaker. Pass on these guys, unless you have a strange fetish for uber-grungy types. You may think you can persuade him to clean up his act, but we never recommend entering a relationship in which you're already scheming to change your man's ways.

The Tease
This guy is just full of empty promises. He'll have a slew of great ideas that just don't come to pass, leaving you high and dry. Don't let him pull you into his negative ways with zero follow-through. It will only turn you into a pessimist, and who wants to be around one of those?

The Mama's Boy
The definition of a mama's boy is a guy with no shame who still lives at home. He'll probably introduce you to his parents right off the bat and tell you that he's still dependent because he's saving up for his so-called "bright future." In our poor economy, we'll give younger twentysomething dudes a break in this case, but let's face it -- if this guy is almost 30, and still shacking up with mom and dad -- DEAL-BREAKER.

The Guy with Weird Friends
This guy takes a while to introduce you to his friends, but once he does, you automatically know why: they're freaks. This should make you wonder about his true character and whether or not you'd be willing to spend a large chunk of your time with these dudes. We think this is your exit cue.

The Napoleon Syndrome
This is the short man with the big mouth who feels the need to be outspoken in order to make up for his vertical challenge. He'll most likely end up embarrassing himself (and you) when you're out in public because of his need for attention. Plus, we'd never want to date a guy who has serious underlying issues with insecurity. Confidence is the ultimate form of sexiness.

ok, now, reverse everything, and turn it back to a girl. it is applicable to guys, too.

23 Jan 2010



20 Jan 2010

music updates

one thing i love about iTunes is that you get to 'invade' other people who are connected with the same network that you're in.

and last night, i get to invade Fieha's. and needless to say, save my effort to go and download the albums myself.

so here's my new playlist for this week:
  • Daughtry - Leave This Town (the whole album)
  • House MD Soundtracks
  • Mariah Carey Greatest Hits (disc 1 and 2)
  • James Morrison - Songs for You, Truths for Me (the whole album)
ps: reminiscing had been fun with all 'N Sync's song. REALLY remind me of those days. :)

17 Jan 2010





15 Jan 2010


".. you have to find some humility in order to do this. you gotta have to pull back, and stop trying to absorb yourself.."
-mary j. blige on judging in American Idol 9

*american idol 9 have started, and yes.. new addiction! and owh, i really have to start revising. wasted 3 days of this week doing nothing (apart from 4 chapters of drilling and 2 seasons of the big bang theory. lol!)*

12 Jan 2010


i thought i worked better under pressure.
work gets done, and concentration is almost 100%

but now, im not so sure.
because, seriously, i am not working at all.

pasrah kah?

10 Jan 2010

malaysia: a big sigh

i would like to address the matter thats going on in Malaysia, and stressed, again:

"you people who started this whole debacle crap, without any RESPECT for each other religion, SHOULDN'T call yourself a mujaheed, or warrior of religion. YOU DONT DESERVE IT! if you think you are fighting for YOUR religion, YOU ARE PLAIN STUPID. your act has be-little your own little country, and your fellowmen, who DOESN'T think like you. your SELFISH, IGNORANT, NARROW MINDED, DUMB and FOOLISH act is just unacceptable. and this is not only meant for the person who torched the churches, but also the person who started to use "Allah's" name in your newsletter as a method of selling your religion. and if it is true that this is just a conspiracy to pull down a race, or political organisation, then i have only have 1 thing to say: F*** YOU"
so one piece of advice to all of you:
to succeed in life, to achieve the balance, to obtain the harmony and peace that we all looked for:
RESPECT yourself
RESPECT the elders
RESPECT people around you
RESPECT the leaders
and most importantly, RESPECT religions -- not only yours

like what ARETHA FRANKLIN said,
"Yes, respect, all i need is respect"

caffeine rush

it is now 1.33 am, on the 10.01.10.

*i am going to study in a bit, so shut up. let me update this crap first.*

exam will commence on the 11th of January 2010





wish me luck! and hope there is no such thing as caffeine overdose. lol!

7 Jan 2010

taxpayers' money

*this was taken from the star online

Thursday January 7, 2010

What a waste of our money, IRB

I HAVE been a taxpayer for the last 25 years. About three years ago, I started using the e-Filing system to pay tax. All went well and I knew from then that the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) would not be sending tax forms to us.

This year, the IRB sent out forms to the three million taxpayers informing them that no forms will be sent to them. If each letter costs 30 sen, the IRB would have spent an estimated RM900,000 just on postage. Take in the costs of paper, envelope and manpower, it would easily be about RM1mil.

This is a waste of taxpayers’ money. It would have been cheaper to advertise or inform taxpayers through the employers or national television. This could have saved quite a bit of the cost incurred in this process. Only Pos Malaysia, a government-linked company, would have benefited from this exercise. Can the powers-that-be in IRB explain this decision?

Kuala Lumpur.

*seriously.. even this is an issue? why??

man of MY dreams

i never thought i would fall in love with scrubs [med school] considering JD is no longer in it. but long and behold, here came Drew Suffin (played by Michael Mosley).

Drew Suffin

he's smart -- smartest in the class
he's not weird -- unlike the rest of the bunch
he's HOT
he's sweet, despite the weird bluntness he has

he's like the younger version of Dr Cox, but a bit more gentle.

damn. he is to dream for.

*watch Scrubs season 9: Srubs [med school], released every Thursday (uk time) on eztv.it

5 Jan 2010

they're just not that into you

i once read somewhere,

MEN ARE NOT COMPLICATED, although they'd like you to think that they are. And there are NO mixed messages.

the truth is, he may just NOT that into you.

how do you know this?

  • when he's not asking you out
  • when he's too busy to pick up the phone
  • doesn't like the words 'relationships' or 'boyfriend'
-from the book, he's just not that into you

but who's to say, this actually doesn't apply to girls as well? and maybe, SHE's just not that into you.

it is pretty interesting, how girls can be so similar to guys, despite we always hear them say what a jerk guys can be. face it girls, we can be JERKS, too. it is just that we are more sensitive to this kind of thing, and have more compassion, compared to the male race.

so no more pointing fingers, as to who wreck a relationship more. 'cause, people, we are all assholes - that is, if we haven't found that right person yet. cause if we do, we wont even dare to hurt them, let alone treat them like piece of trash.



i am now 22.

i should act 22.

i should think like a 22 years old.

but why do i feel like, im still 12?


1 Jan 2010



and to 2010,

lets see what you have laid out for me this year.

bring it on!