15 Dec 2005

ProGraM LaWaTan BerSAMA anAK yAtim RumAh PenYaYaNG


it's been a while since the last time i wrote anything here..

life has been TOTALLY HECTIC lately.. so, no time to update anything in here..heehee..well, before i start talking crapz, wanna share my first experience jadik faci...

laz three days (monday 12/12 until wednesday 14/12), abg tengku, abg rizal, abg azrul, kak riana n i had been the fixed faci for the programme. there are 61 kids.. i don remember how many boys n how many gals.. but there are more gals than boys. huhu..

okay, first day, they came late.. around 7 sumthing, therefore, dinner malam tu pun lambat..

the next day, we all pegi tour ke GALERIA SERI PERDANA, MEMORIAL TUN RAZAK, n PUTRAJAYA... it was a GREAT FUN! at galeria, i couldnt get my eyes of DAIHATSU FTO, owned by our very own TUN DR MAHATHIR... lawa giler beb!! saper tak giler ngan sport car.. huhu...

at memorial, sempat gi borak2 ngan atok.. heehee.. and there, met kak aidora.. one of the seniors.. heehee.. sempat gax naik dier nyer merce.. huhu..

at putrajaya, our first stop was KEMENTERIAN PENGAJIAN TINGGI MALAYSIA.. there we had lunch n the MoHL gave a few words about politechnics and bla..bla..bla.. there, kak sya gi join kitorang... heheh.. missd her n she looks so sweet that day...heehee..

after that, we went sight seeing at putrajaya.. we went cruising down the lake... viewing all the magnificent buildings that had been built and still under progress there... FUIH~! lawa giler d0wh!! hahaha...my favourite building is the PALACE of JUSTICE! giler lawa... we took LOTs ANd LOts of pHoTos... haha.. it WUz gReAt FuN DoWh!!

malam... wat activity wif the kids.. bg azrul is REALLY great wif the kids.. haha.. once again, denga lagi lagu tema PKTR~ WARISAN.. miss PKTR SO MUCH!!!!! waaa......

the 3rd day, we went to KLCC mozly.. first to skybridge (skybridge??).. then to petrosains... then to zoo negara... it was a disasterous day actually.. everything messed up quite bad... haih... kalo nak type sini, macam tak elok jer.. bia lah.. watever it is, the kids was having LOTz OF FUN, and they went back to PEKAN safely.... watever happened to us behind the scene.... biarlah... it was a very worthy experience.. heehee..


p/s: bg sumi, if u're reading this, kalo balik sini, dont forget to bring ole2 for me k! i want a present from austri for my burfday!! hahaha.. belated pon tak kesah... huhu..