26 Nov 2006

G-G ku yg gedik!


okay.. ni G-G ku yg menggedik nak chatting n tengok tv.. well, actually, die ikut tabiat dan perangai aku.. so, tak leyh blame die sangat. ni mesti waktu aku tak de kat rumah ari tu.. sangat tak leyh blah la bende ni.. adehhh...

budak-budak zaman sekarang, semuanya pelik...

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20 Nov 2006

PANGKOR .. a place like no other

for once, i will not complain and brag on how boring my holiday had been, coz it's not! haha.. anyways, last saturday, some of the aytrs and i, namely: bg tengku, bg rizal, bg azrol, bg wan fariz, bg haji, yogz , bg saiffil, lukman, mulan, alia, d-jah, fariha and ummu, went on a programme "CEKAL ADIKKU" and become the facilitators for this thing. well, the participants are the form 2 students of SMK Sg Besar, who are kinda poor but they actly have the potential to success.. so, that's where they might need our help to guide them and to show an example.. bla.. bla.. bla..

so, at the beginning, the kids they're kinda.... how should i put it.... frustrating. they didnt really give their all out for the activities.. when we asked them to come forward, they will hesitate and have a hard time to deliver what we told them to deliver.. so, it's kinda really frustrating. lepas tu, kitorang start buat public speaking session and try to bond with the students. we actly must try our very best to get connected with these kids, coz if we are still the strangers that they dont trust, so, we will never know what goes on in their head and what make them what they are now.. so, yeah, we tried and we tried, thank god, towards the end they had started to talk more rather than just listen. as for my mentee, all are ok.. except for this one girl, name: samsiah. on day 1 it was really hard to make her talk and tell stories. then she started making faces as if hating everything that we told them to do.. so, we tried like so many ways of approach, and finally, that girl starts to talk.. how happy was i!! haha.. my group in all, except for the boys, they dont really open up towards me.. so, kalo nk tye wat really bother them, i cant really tell.. but, i still have one month before score-a programme starts, so i think i'm gonna take this chance..

as for my side of story,this trip was SUPER AWESOME!! i snorkel for the first time, i floated for the 1st time... hahhaha! finally.. okay, 1st day, nothing outdoor, sumer nyer indoor. tu pun sampai pangkor around evening. malam, lepas dinner ade talk for those kids on the score-A programme.. dah le hujan lebat giler.. thank god ade bawak sweater.. huhu..
2nd day, morning starts with indoor activities for those kids. the public speaking session..waktu tu, the girl, samsiah, still tak leyh talk and open up.. sgt frust dah waktu tu... and then bla..bla..bla..
lepas lunch, around 2 sumthing kot, pegi beach, nak g kayak.. but then pak said, the outdoor commander, bg briefing yg bapak lamer giler,... kitorang yg dok kat tepi pon dah naik bosan duduk tak wat paper.. tetibe, pastu ade mamat keling mane tah pegi ambik buah kelape and kitorang pon membeli... okay, seriously speaking, i never like to drink coconut drinks.. my dad had even forced me to eat it, but somehow, i'll end up not finishing it.. but hari tu, i dunno y, suddenly i can drink air tu practically half of the whole thing! maybe sbb die fresh, i dunno, but yeah, i DID!! papa will be very proud.. huhu.. anyways, lepas makan the isi and minum the air, d-jah and i g masuk dalam air n berusahe untuk blaja camner nak berenang.. and terapung.. somehow, we end sinking into the water.. tambah lagi ade je abg2 yg jahat g splash air laa ape laa.. ish~ lepas main2 dalam air sumer, dak2 tu start laa berkayak towards the other pulau.. and i, at first, naik boat je waktu tu. but then, tetibe ade this one kayak tersadai kat tgh2 and the girls on it, sorang plak mabuk laut. so bg saiffil and i have to replace them and berkayak laa sampai ke pulau tu.. dah sampai, pergi masuk air lagi and mengapungkan diri gune life jacket.. hahaha.. (p/s: i do not know how to swim.. so, yeah~) lepas tu, pegi snorkeling.. it was fun, able to see stuff under water, but sadly, there were not many fishes to be seen.. haha.. anyways, lepas tu, derang beli burger from tengah pulau tu, cost: rm2.50. agak ok laa kan? standard price.. lepas tu g makan dalam air.. i mean not me and the burger being under water, juz half of my body in the water, but my head and my hand and my burger is above the water.. (get what im saying?) so, lepas makan, sambung balik lesson mengapungkan diri. finally, i can do it! hahha.. tp tu terapung with my face down, so.. yeah. an accomplishment!! hahaha...
lepas sumer tu, time to balik.. but the students have to kayak around the pulau first, then berkayak balik ke teluk nipah beach. and then ade plak kayak terlebih.. so, bg rizal and i pun berkayak laa balik.. 1st tu, agak cuak sebab ade wave, and we were like parallel to the wave front.. so, tkt sgt the kayak will capsize.. dah le tak reti nak swim! haha..so, bg rizal pun dgn berjaye nyer, dpt buat our kayak normal to the wave front... hehehe.... dah tu kayak balik... and then buat human sculpture gune sand.. hehehe.. sronot! pastu volleyball and the evening ends.. mlm plak buat LDK and bg azrol buat slot.. that's when the girl start to talk more than i had expected.. so, sgt berpuas hati laa.. ehhehe.. =D

3rd day, our last day here.. pagi start with pocho dance witht he kids.. then main sifir siput.. then buat BANDAR MADANI..the facis pun buat jugakk.. tapi sayang.. we were disqualified.. hahaha.. after that, tetibe sape tah came up with the idea, naik the banana boat. 1st tu tanak g sbb mls nak tuka baju n bwk balik baju basah n all.. but then, pujuk punyer pujuk.. so pegi jer.. and nasib baik pegi! becoz it was the ultimate fun! (cheh.. giler hyperbola~!)so, byr rm10 each for that, then naik laa... pusing2 2round, then dier g swing the boatm terus capsize... huhu.. and fyi, waktu tu was like an hour before kitorang berangkat untuk balik.. giloz tak? hahha.. but, wat the heck.. as long as we had a great time, then nothing else matters...

pastu around 2pm, lepas lunch and photo session with the kids, kitorang gerak g jetty. shopping sket, pastu balik naik ferry ke lumut.. from lumut naik bus and head back to KL.. arrive at memorial around 8.15pm. g anta alia ngn bg wan, then mkn kat umah alia (dgn uninvited nyer) then me come back home.......

the end of my pangkor trip..... and wat sucks now, i havent finished my personal statement and the date due is on this 29th!!!! and i havent study my chemistry for the test that miss careen had promised before the 'holiday'. and wats worst, my dirty clothes from pangkor, yg 1 bag penuh tu, tak cuci lagi....... waaaa~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok..ok.. nak buat laundry jap. laytaa guys~!

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5 Nov 2006

disintegration . jimmy eat world

i was suppose to study right now, but hack, i'm going to take juz a few minutes to write this thing. what a shame if i dont share this INCREDIBLE SONG by JIMMY EAT WORLD - DISINTEGRATION. well, thanx to one tree hill, i know this song and FALL IN LOVE with it..

this song is maybe THE BEST SONG that i had EVER heard. the lyrics are
so deep. it tells u about a guy who had been betrayed in a relationship
and the girl has only been using him. the phrase i love most in this
song is:
       "hanging on a cigarette,
        u need me,
        u burn me

well, not a
wierd thing in a relationship, huh? where u need someone, but u end up
hurting them.

the music to this song is SUPERB! when it started, the
slow guitar strum.. and the haunting wordings and voice. then when it comes to
chorus, the drum beats.. then there comes JIM ADKINS with lead vocal..
it's like he's totally angry and pissed and disappointed.. it really
gets to u, u know. the song is so real and it feels like u are the one
who's suffering and been cheated on.. it makes u wanna cry and be alone and mourn.. but at the same time, u wanna punch someone in the face and make them feel watever it is u're feeling..

so, listen to this song u guys..
it's just SUPER AWESOME!!

and u wanna know something guys, if u r thinking of looking for songs that is GREAT and nobody have ever heard before, check out music featured on one tree hill.. and also their episodes title.. coz know it  or not, their episodes title, each and every one of them are actually a title to a song by both unknown and known super cool bands or singers with SUPER GREAT musics.. so, giv it a try k!

alright.. i shud continue my studying.. so, later guys!

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p/s: am soooo in LOVE with jimmy eat world now~~~~~ (^_^)

3 Nov 2006


waktu nak exam macam nie la cerite2 best start nak kuar kan? sigh~ tensi sungguh..anyways, as u can see at the bulletin board, the oc season 4 first episode is now out.. and ryan's back with his fist of fury.. i havent watch it, but reading the recaps.. it's touching~ so... i REALLY cant wait to watch it... (p/s: helmi... boleh download cepat2 tak? hehe.. thanks~)

owkay.. death note.. tonight was the premiere of that movie in malaysia.. so, im kinda one of the first to watch it.. hehe.. kinda proud! anyways, it is S.U.P.E.R.B!! ryuk light, L.. all those peeps, are juz cool! wats worse they make it like 'tergantung' so, im kinda anticipate for the nest episode.. sorry for my language.. too sleepy and excited, i just dont mind my grammar and stuff.. sorry~

anyways, for those who are having their exams next week or days after this, BEST OF LUCK to u guys..

owkay, have fun! tata~

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p/s: tensi.. tensi...