30 Apr 2011

mood to write

in the mood to write.

but idea drains out at a rate so fast, it made your head spins.

5 Apr 2011

love. or just the direction to it?

wishing you are near..

hugs from far.

3 Apr 2011


anyongha-seyo! panggapsa-mida~

who would have expected my year this year would be such a roller-coaster ride.

began the new year with a ship-board trip to himeji, and back. and now, im in geoji-si, south korea! and what else, will be here for the next 6 months, insyaAllah! what do we do here? (we - a bunch of MISC scholars and some seniors) we are attached for some knowledge transfer and experience exposure with DSME, one of the biggest - if not the biggest; shipbuilding and marine engineering company in the world.

arrived here about 5 days ago, and LOVING the atmosphere. the mountains (meaning loads of climbing to and fro from work). the view. the temperature mostly.. aih. reminding me so much of newcastle. loving the quiet and relaxing atmosphere. though okpo-dong is a bit crowded, but still. tolerable ;)

im pretty excited for the next 6 months here. the team im attached to is pretty awesome, too. my supervisor, mr Kim, and my team mates, are very nice and friendly. and i must say, im starting to like the language (well, i dont really have much choice there, dont i? ;) )

anyhu, right now i'm waiting for the boys to get ready to go to gohyeon-dong -- basically on the other side of the island, somewhere near SHI area. probably going to do some shopping, ey? ;)

so, till then folks.

i told you so (part II)

i dont know what it means, but it definitely bring back memories.. not so much of good ones.