18 Mar 2008

post departures syndrom

as what the title says, yes. i do have post-departures syndrom.
hye everyone. some might wonder, post-departure syndrom? what the hell is she talking about. well, 'departure' is/was the musical that we had been working our ass off for the past 2 months. and was a success a week ago today. and now, im missing every moment of it, and everyone in it.
easter holiday's already here, so everyone's gone.. literally. went off for their own holidays and stuff. im leaving for mine .. thursday. and saturday, paris here i come!! :D
anyway, post departure syndrom is not getting any better. meet ups and hanging out with the rest of the crews are sumkind like a must everyday. if all cant make it, some will do. ngeh. and now, keep on listening to the songs and musics produced for the musical. 'menyemai cinta selamanya' always brings tears to the eye. yeap, thats everyone's favourite.. huhu. mine too, i must say.
anyway, i have no idea why i wrote this post, but since im already writing, so i wanna thank EVERYONE who had been involved in the production; be it characters, dancers, back up people, esp mr & ms Director, mr Producer aka mr Prez and ms Composer. you guys had rocked my 1st year here in newcastle.. and now, life no longer suck! hehe :D so thank u. very much.
ok. i seriously dont know what im typing, so i better stop. plus my laundry's almost done, so catcha ..... when i feel like it. haha.
*tho i dont celebrate. but since its the holiday, so, what the heck.