21 Sep 2005

i"m AddIcTed!!

o my gawd! right now.. i'm TOTALLY addictED to THE OC.. i know.. it might seem VERY lame.. and mesti ader yang akan cakap.. "leh.. baru skarang nak addict.." watevs.. criter tu MEMANG BeZ GIler BABAS! tanyer kat housemate aku.. memang practically tiap kali balik dr kolej, or nak tido malam, mesti gi tengok.. well, thanx to my brother.. i'm now OFFICIALLY addicted to THE OC.. haha..

so, for all u people yang tak pernah tahu menahu pasal OC.. gi la tengok.. starting this saturday, 10.30pm only on 8TV.... ngah..ngah..ngah..

here's some pictures of the cast..

Cast_of_oc these are the cast of THE OC..

(from left to right): Adam Brody/Seth Cohen, Kelly Rowan/Kirsten Cohen, Peter Gallagher/Sandy Cohen, Tate Donovan/Jimmy Cooper, Ben McKenzie/Ryan Atwood, Mischa Barton/Marissa Cooper


this is RACHEL BILSON as SUMMER in THE OC.. ni girlfriend SETH.. hehe.. comey kan?

Ryan_coop and this is my FAVOURITE couple.. eventhough, sometimes i think SETH and SUMMER is A LOT MORE cute than them.. but watevs.. they're so BEAUTIFUL together.. haha..

5 Sep 2005

I'm HoMe!!!!!

Fuih!!! It FeEL SooOoOOOOoooOOooOOO GooD to be HOMe SWeet HomE... simply where i BELonG!! waahh..... terlepas rindu aku ngan katil ku yang besar gedabak.. that occupies 1/2 of my room.... terlepas rindu aku kat radio aku yang boleh wat satu rumah gempaq... and most of all to my beloved TV.. where i can flicking thru channels (again....) and watch clear 8TV instead of double-image.. hahha...
but sure.. i miss the web... since the cc here SUX! haha.. no offence to all CC owners in sibu..
what the hack.. now doin research for the islamic studies thing.. and this computer cant even read my thumbdrive!! see!! how SUX are the CCs in sibu?haihhh.... guess i have to pursuade mama to buy mew a computer VERY SOON!!
wat ever.. i donno wat to rite nymore... i miss PE9.. hehe...
ok la... i'm signing off... chow!

..::i'M tHe MeaN gAL::..

2 Sep 2005

HomE...HeRe i ComE!!

WoWee!!! Ari ni Aku BALik!!!! SyOk GiLer!!!! yesterday was so TIRING... doing laundry... attending bg razak's farewell dinner...came home so late at nite.. PENAT DOH!

making things worse, physics test that we had the other day... GOSH!! i nearly flunk it man!! damn..... really have to start new revolution... have to be more hardworking.. been too lazy lately... for the sake of my OWN future....

wargh!!!!! cant wait to get on the plane and fly back to my home sweet home SIBU!!! waaaa!!!!!!! cant wait to be HOME!! it has been 3 months i havent been home.. so, this is AMAZING! but i have to get to living cabin first.. to get souvenirs for my dearest frens in siBU... miss them man.....

haihh.. i better stop writing now.. before i start babbling nonsense... I'M GOING HOME~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love and affection.....

(how is that suppose to related with everything??haha..)