29 Jul 2010


aku bosan giler!

and its 3.10am in the morning.
n orang kt sana taknak layan aku. :(

should i just eat?
smart people will suggest qiyam.

28 Jul 2010

to whom it may concern

to whoever that ordered some stuff, or ask me to buy some stuff for yous, without sending any money; expect me not coming back with them, because obviously, i was skint and cant buy them for you. i cant even buy my own stuff. so deal with it.


26 Jul 2010


and thats where i am now. well, not sibu yet, but very close. and i am back.. for good.

leaving newcastle wasnt that easy. 3 years of memories. 3 years of friendships. some i saw built, some i saw strengthen.. even some i saw broken. worse part is leaving the love one(s) behind.

like what i told mr H, i left my heart in NCL, and indeed it is true. now and again tears keep strolling down my cheeks, everytime a memory pop into my mind.. :'(

but for those who are here, i now am here for you. especially for the 2 who are going to build a merry merry life after this.. im going to work my ass off to make those days, the happiest day in your life - ever. me love you two so much!

to those in newcastle, what we had is super special. yous have been a great family to me, and all our memories - ups and downs, sickness and health, sorrows and laughters - will be cherished trough out my life. and i hope the same from yous.

to those who are here, lets start this new chapter - of working life, of familyhood, born-again long-lost friendships - and make it better for our future.


*damn u 'h' key.

17 Jul 2010

specially to and from mr H

leaving is not really that easy. only 3 more days left.. :'(

12 Jul 2010

world cup winner 2010 is..

...and for the first time ever!

congrats boys on your glorious victory! though i must admit, SPAIN wasnt my favourite team from the beginning.. but it has been since argentina's lost to germany. (tho for a bit, i did support germany :P) but, anyhu, CONGRATS BOYS! U DID IT!

though its a very rough game - and i meant very brutal. 9 yellow card, and 1 red card for the dutch themselves. and another 5 yellow cards for the spaniards.. one tough - or should i say stupid - referee. this reminds me of warwick games all over again. just by 1 goal, in extra time. phewh. wont be too happy if im on the dutch's side.

but all over, i still love villa though he didnt scored. casillas is the nation hero. and iniesta, i dont care u scored the goal, uve been such a baby. but again, congrats espana! a deserved winner.

i love u boy! :P