11 Nov 2010


there's an ache in the heart.
it feels like a heart burn, but rather than burning.. it just ache.
like something that you wish you can remove, but it just wont go away.

they said, if you feel that way, that means you are keeping a secret.
one that you know another one should know,
but you just dont know how to tell.
.. or you think it is better off, not known.

it is still an ache none-the-less.

so, is it safe, if you know?

9 Nov 2010

i am a tv-holic

latest one on the list.


it has all elements (that i like) -- action, comedy, sexy

this is actually a remake from a show (of the same name) back in the 60s.
so note the classic soundtrack.

7 Nov 2010

we made it to the finals!

Nottingham Malaysian Games (aka Notts Games) was yesterday (06.11.10)
and the Newcastle Footie Team made it to
the finals!!

and sadly.. i wasnt there.

thanks to our beloved lil' reporter, Miss Mabel, and in conjunction with Twitter-LiveUpdates,
i DID feel like i was there.

the team (hadi and faiz rusli missing)

in the finals, the boys were up against the Southampton team. with a tie 0-0 throughout the game (including extra time), and then, came to a penalty at the end, where unfortunately, they missed one shot; Newcastle Football Team came second!

eventhough its not a 1st place win, but i AM super happy (!!! =D <-- this means im very happy ok!) and proud of them -- especially of dearly beloved.
i am sooo proud of you!

and heres another heartiest congratulations to you boys.
the boys with the medals (minus hadi)

*photos and reports, kudos to Miss Mabel and abg Saiful :)
ps: this has kept me up ALL night, and made my heart raced and adrenaline pumped throughout. with Man U last minute winning goal yesterday, and THIS add up to it at the end.. phewh, i could have gone into a cardiac arrest. hahaha.

6 Nov 2010

i wanna be a billionaire, so f***ing bad.. (part II)

i think, after further consideration and evaluation, i changed my mind. i think i want this:

Blackberry(TM) Curve 3G 9300

.. instead of Torchy.

im not really into this sliding thing anyway. hehe :P
and plus, this is RED. (lets hope Celcom have a red one. :P)

5 Nov 2010

i wanna be a billionaire, so f***ing bad..

this is my WISHLIST for 2nd January 2011
(i know it is still 2 months away, but heck, i know i want these babies!)

iMac (21.5-inch:3.2GHz or 27-inch:3.2GHz)

iPod touch 32Gb

Blackberry Torch (wink!)

Toshiba Satellite T215D (Gemini Red)

Happy Birthday to me!

ps: tak start kerja lagi dah berangan mcm billionaire. sigh~

4 Nov 2010


if you're too stressed at work.
just had a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
got rejected by the girl/boy of your dream.
fired from a 10 years job.
or if you think, your family is disfunctional...

i have a remedy for you.

(now on their season 2)

3 Nov 2010



a compressed feeling is like a pressurised cooker.
once you push the button,
the hot air will be released like zuum!

secret recipe

(not the cake shop, defo.)

"in life, there must ALWAYS a portion left for RESPECT.
if not, you'll definitely die in this 'doggy-dog' world."


people tend to forget this. even i did.

RESPECT. all you need is RESPECT.

respect the authority. respect the law. respect your and other people's religion. respect the elders. respect your family. and also, not forgetting your peers. your colleagues. your friends. especially your best friends -- because they are the ones that you tend to overlook, when it comes to showing them respect. too many hearts have been broken because of this, so its important for us to remind each other of this.

may all the hearts be mend.
and all the troubles be solved.
harmony is not only dreamt,
if respect be restored

ps: those who dont watch modern family wont find the 'doggy-dog' thing that funny. hehe :P

this topic was also mentioned here

1 Nov 2010

mood to write

i find it funny when i am packed with tonnes of work to get done, thats when i have the endless amount of desire and rush to write. and now, when im absolutely free - with nothing to do; i am inspired the least. hurm.

anyway, catching up with life.

10.10.10 went on perfectly. whats 10.10.10 all about, you ask? well, to those who didnt know, it was THE wedding reception for BOTH my bro n sis, and i (yours truly) was the planner. yes yes. my dream to FINALLY plan and organize a huge event, finally, came true.

the brides and grooms

and to hear all the great responses from those who were involved and attended (well, of course there are glitches here and there.. but overall comments were good, none-the-less) is just like the cherry on top of the cake! so here, i would like to thank EVERYONE who was involved in this, especially my assistants -- Michelle, Hadi, Bibi and Jessie; and not forgetting Arangimong Crew, for all the hard work and time invested in this outstanding event.

*a round of applause to all*

next, i am now, as some may already know, back in KL.

had a 3 days course at dayabumi for new shipbuilding by NK Shipbuilding. then, followed by FYP presentation to the bosses/managers from all the related units in MISC. alhamdulillah, my slot went by smoothly -- albeit the fact that i was the only girl, and was arranged to be the last one.. hurm. (well, 5 years of experience, dont think that will affect me anymore. LOL!)

now life gets real. report duty was scheduled for 16th november. pre-employment medical check up is done. and weight has went up almost 2 kilos since i got here (which was just 2 weeks ago.. GASP!)

best of luck to me. and lets hope everything will go according to plan. insyaAllah.

heres to a new chapter!