24 Jul 2006

the genting trip~

last saturday, on the 22nd of july 2006, around 80+ taylors students who's staying under accomodation wnet for a super-duper-one-day trip to genting highlands.  we went there by bus.  sad to say, we didnt get the chance to get on the cable car, but, the experience in genting theme park itself is the most juicy part.. hehe..
wokies, when we get there, we gather at the ticket counter and took some group photos.. as the 'resident-evil' as what khashafiq called it, i have to make sure everyone's there and get their passes in. then suddenly, realize, din's not there. so have to go find him and wey. then, me and faiz got separated from everyone else.. then have to enjoy the rides by ourselves. first we went to the cyclone thingy.. it was ok.. then to the spinning chair, tobagan.. after tobagan, we met up with e-dush, loo-loo, and his fren.. and join them for the next ride.. but, they decided that they want to get on the cylone, so faiz n i decided to get on the spcae shot thingy..
after that, went to meet them again at the cockscrew.. gosh.. that ride.. brrr..~ scaryy.. but funn!! hehe..
then pegi makan.. bumper car.. joined ita's group.. then... went to all the rides.. sg rejang (i was darn wet!!), bumper boat, movie action, the swinging chair..again..haha. we actually tried to get the flying dragon, but the two @#$^&*()(*&^%$#@ abang that sat at the entrance told us that THAT entrance was closed, and we have to go to the entrance near the arena of stars.. so, we have to walk ALL THE WAY THERE.. and guess what! people there told us that the entrance is actually closed and the entrance is actually the one that we went to before that !!!!! @#*()(&^%$#@#$%^&*()_(*&^%$%^&*()!!!!!!!! gosh.. i was so pissed!! i think, when i see those two guys again, i REALLY AM GOING TO KILL THEM BOTH!! and that is the only rail-rides that i didnt went on.. *sigh*
oh ya.. space shot.. it was...... gosh! i felt as if i left my heart and everything that's inside me up there!! when it went up, it's like i cant stop saying "please stop.. dont get any higher" but, when it had almost reached the top and i was about to enjoy the view, then suddenly... DUSH!! it dragged me down like hell!! gosh!!! super darn freaky man!! there was no more normal reaction between me and the seat!! omygawd~!! super darn scary.. and i thought at that time, i was about to fall off the seats and fall splat on the ground.. but thank god.. i came back alive.. wahahaha..
owkay, after enjoying all the rides.. it's time for dinner!! thanx to THM, we were provided such a wonderful buffet-dinner at the 1st world cafe..i ate so much!! sushi, rice, durian, buah mata kucing..chesse puddings, ABC.. everything.. my goodness.. i felt as if my stomach was about to burst.. hahaha.. owkay, i'm totally exaggerating... haha..
and besides enjoying all the rides and the foods and the cold.. we also enjoyed some 'drama' which.. i must say.. is quite interesting.. people are so unpredictable..but sometimes i just wonder, why is it so hard for someone to get the hint to change or to realize somthing is not supposed to be that way.. owkay.. i'm just talking crapz.. nothing concerning anyone.. hehe..
well, trip to genting was super duper fun.. except for the part where we have to wait for 2hours for the bus.. but, the two hours lead us to great bond-making session with all the students that joined the trip.. so, at least, there was a blessing in disguise.. hehe..
and we arrived ridzuan at around 12.40 sumthing.. we were all so tired.. but we had our fun.. hehe..
i also had include some photos from the trip in my photo album.. so, feel free to browse through..
thanx y'all for reading..

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12 Jul 2006

poor zinadine yazeed zidane

Zinedine Zidane's agent says the France captain
headbutted Marco Materazzi in Sunday's World
Cup final because the Italian made a "very serious"
Zidane appeared to react to something that was
said and was dismissed for his violent charge into
his opponent.

-BBC Sports | Football

He's voted the MVP for World Cup 2006.That might
not happen because of what he did to
Materazzi.You see,things happen for a
reason.Everything in this world reacts equally and
oppositely to each other.That's what happened to
Zidane.He was called a 'terrorist' by Materazzi,from
Italy.Besides that,there are rumours saying
Materazzi insulted Zidane's mother/sister.Maybe
juz because zizou was a Muslim?Pity
him..Eventhough there are denials in the claims of
Materazzi calling Zidane with mocks and
everything,headbutting Materazzi was NOT a good
idea.But what do you expect to see when
someone is oppressed?

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*copied from idzani's bulletin

7 Jul 2006

my TV mom...

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lorelai is the best mom ever~ hehe =)

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wanna know what i think?

i had just finish watching "The Break-up" starring Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn (and also, special appearance of Ivan Sergei).  this movie, is basically about Brooke (Jen Anniston) and Gary (VInce Vaughn) are breaking up due to some typical problems that couples would have.  i'm saying typical, because this usually happens in almost every relationship that exist in this world -- which is, GUYS do no know how to APPRECIATE their girl.  i'm not saying every guy, but most of them don't know how to do so.
let's just take me for example, i failed in my previous love life (which i hope i won't be facing anymore after this.. i'm just SICK of it!!), well, basically because 'he' do not know how to show his appreciation towards me.  i'm not accusing him of not appreciating everything that i did to him, and i'm not saying that what he did was not enough.  it's just that, he did not know how to express himself, to show that he care or he appreciated me.  (it's so hard to keep everything in past tense..)
well, i'm not going to talk about MY love life.  i want to talk about people in general.  in order to have good relationship with other people; not only being a couple, it can be being best buddies, sisters, brothers, even relatonships between you and your parents, classmates, lecturers or even the social workers who work along the street, you  need to have good communication or what they say as "a link" between the two of you, or in your group.  because, if you failed to communicate or disable to deliver the message that the other person needs to know, then they could either misinterpret what you're trying to tell them or worse, they will not understand what you're point.  my point is that, let say, there's a problem occured between you and your best friend for example, you may want to settle.  but, you delivered the message wrongly, in such a way that he/she thought you are not intersted to be friends again with him/her, (just like what Brooke did to Gary in the movie), then, this could only make things worse between the both of you.  even if you eventually manage to deliver the right message, it could have been too late, and things would turn out the way that it wasn't suppose to be.
owkay, i know i'm simply beating around the bush here.  but my point is, if you haven't show your appreciation to someone who had done something nice to you, or had been sacrificing all-out for you, please let them know that what they did meant something to you, if it really does. let them know that they're appreciated. don't let your life screw-up because of this minor details that you had over-looked along the way of having a good relationship with another human being. (owkay, i'm being SOOO general) please.. based on my experience, it really means a lot to them.
owkay, before i keep on babbling nonsense, with such vague points, i think i better stop, since it's already so late, and i need to have sufficient sleep to get through a very long day tommorow.

by the way, JPA scholars who will be joining ICPU programme are coming tommorow. so, there are major check-ins, which also means that MAJOR WORK for the RLs who's on duty tommorow.  thank god, i'm working half day.  if not, i may have suffered a lot worse than what i've suffered today. ahax!
alryte peeps. gotta go. need to sleep. thanx a lot for reading. really appreciate it. good night.

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~aNgeL oF bRokEn dReaMz~

6 Jul 2006

belangsungkawa ABDULLAH SALLEH

From mSTAR Online (mstar.com.my)

Belasungkawa ABDULLAH SALLEH (1926-2006)

23-06-2006 11:09:24 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Bekas Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) Tun Abdullah Salleh yang meninggal dunia hari ini merupakan pegawai kerajaan yang paling terkemuka yang telah berkhidmat bawah empat Perdana Menteri dan pernah menjadi ketua kepada Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, bekas kakitangan kerajaan yang kini ialah Perdana Menteri. Setelah dimasukkan ke hospital sejak tiga bulan lepas, Abdullah meninggal dunia akibat limpoma, sejenis kanser pada sel darah di Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) di sini pada kira- kira pukul 3.30 petang semalam. Abdullah yang datang dari keluarga bukan senang menjawat jawatan awam kerajaan yang paling tinggi pada 1976 dan dua tahun kemudian sebagai Pengerusi dan Ketua Eksekutif perbadanan minyak nasional Petronas yang baru ditubuhkan. Dilahirkan pada 24 Jun, 1936 di Kampung Padang Sebang, Alor Gajah, Melaka, semasa negara dalam pemerintahan penjajahan dan apabila kemiskinan masih lagi berlaku, Abdullah dapat mengharungi segala cabaran itu dalam hidupnya. Tujuh daripada adik-beradiknya meninggal dunia akibat difteria, ibu beliau meninggal dunia semasa wabak demam kepialu yang pada ketika itu beliau berada di darjah lima, tetapi tidak ada apa yang boleh menghalang beliau daripada mencapai cita- citanya untuk melanjutkan pelajaran bagi mendapatkan ijazah universiti, perang dunia meletus pada 1941-1945. Beliau dimasukkan di sebuah sekolah yang dikendalikan oleh rakyat Britain di bandar Melaka -- beliau satu-satunya pelajar Melayu di sekolah itu dengan berulang-alik menaiki keretapi dari Gadek dan kemudian berjalan kaki. Abdullah membayar yuran sekolah $2.50 sebulan dengan bapanya hanya bergaji $26 sebulan tetapi oleh kerana beliau cemerlang dalam pelajarannya pada tahun pertama, beliau diberikan persekolahan percuma. Dalam tahun kedua, beliau menjadi pelajar paling cemerlang dan diberikan biasiswa sebanyak $9 sebulan. Beliau meneruskan persekolahannya di Melaka High School, yang beliau sifatkan sebagai "salah sebuah sekolah terbaik di negara ini" dan berada dalam Darjah Tujuh sementara menungu ke Darjah Lapan apabila Perang Dunia Kedua apabila tercetus. Abdullah dapat melihat kedatangan tentera Jepun dan kejatuhan Singapura. Pada Ogos 1945 apabila tamatnya perang itu dengan Jepun menyerah diri, beliau menyambung semula persekolahanya yang tergendala. Setelah mencapai umur lebih 18 tahun, beliau melangkahi darjah lapan untuk terus ke darjah Sembilan bagi menduduki peperiksaan Sijil Persekolahan pada 1946. Tetapi pada tahun itu, bencana alam berlaku. "Saya dapati saya menghidapi batuk kering," beliau pernah memberitahu majalah perkhidmatan awam Malaysia yang dikeluarkan setiap tiga bulan. Beliau dimasukkan ke hospital selama tiga bulan dan sungguhpun ujian sputum membuktikan negatif, kesan sampingan wujud beberapa bulan kemudian apabila air mula meliputi paru-parunya. "Saya ingatkan saya akan mati, ia sangat teruk. Air terpaksa dipam keluar dua kali seminggu," beliau mengingatinya. Abdullah dimasukkan ke hospital selama dua tahun setengah dan setelah keluar hospital, beliau kembali ke sekolah setelah tidak mengambil peperiksaan pada 1946. Tetapi beliau memberitahu majalah itu bahawa pengetua sekolah tersebut enggan menerimanya kerana beliau melebihi usia dan hanya berlembut setelah dipujuk oleh seorang guru yang pernah mengajar beliau. Beliau menyertai Darjah Sembilan pada umur 22 tahun dalam kelas di kalangan pelajar berusia 17 dan 18 tahun. Sekali lagi, beliau cemerlang dengan memperoleh enam kepujian dalam Peperiksaan Sijil Persekolahan. Beliau memasuki Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), kolej yang terulung di negara ini untuk Tingkatan 6 dan kemudian Universiti Malaya ketika masih lagi dalam keadaan kesihatan yang belum pulih sepenuhnya, dan sebenarnya penyakit itu berulang lagi semasa di universiti.

Sungguhpun Abdullah dimasukkan ke hospital selama dua setengah bulan dan kemudian diletakkan di tempat pelajar sakit dan terpaksa meninggalkan pengajian untuk lima bulan, beliau masih mampu menerima ijazah daripada universiti
itu dengan Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) dalam Geografi.

Abdullah memulakan kariernya dalam perkhidmatan awam Johor kerana beliau terpaksa Berkhidmat di negeri itu disebabkan terikat dengan biasiswa Johor, jawatan pertama beliau ialah setiausaha jawatankuasa penganjur ulang tahun ke-
50 tahun pemerintahan Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim.

Ini diikuti dengan beberapa pelantikan perkhidmatan awam dan kemudian dari 1959 hingga 1961, beliau ialah setiausaha sulit kepada Perdana Menteri, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

"Sesalan saya yang paling besar ialah apabila Tunku meninggal dunia (1989), saya tidak ada untuk melihat wajahnya buat kali terakhir. Pada masa itu saya berada London. Saya menyesal sangat," beliau memberitahu majalah itu.

Kemudian beliau menjawat jawatan di Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) dengan arahan memastikan pelantikan biasiswa dan divisyen satu adil kepada calon Melayu.

Ini diikuti oleh pelantikan beliau sebagai Penolong Setiusaha kepada Kabinet. Abdullah, bersama dengan hakim Hashim Yeop Sani merangka Akta Bahasa Kebangsaan 1967, yang memperuntukkan Bahasa Malaysia ialah bahasa perantaraan di sekolah.

Beliau kemudian ditugaskan menubuhkan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) yang menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa perantaraan dan dilantik sebagai pendaftar pertamanya oleh Perdana Menteri Tun Abdul Razak, satu pelantikan jawatan rendah walaupun memegang jawatan tinggi tetapi beliau tidak
menolaknya. Ini kerana beliau telah menolak tawaran Razak dalam dua perkara sebelum ini, pertama dalam 1963 ke Sabah sebagai Penasihat Ekonomi kepada ketika itu Ketua Menteri Tun Datu Mustapha dan kedua, untuk memujuk beliau
bertanding sebagai calon pada pilihan raya umum 1969 dan akan dilantik sebagai Ketua Menterinya.

"Sudah tentu, Tun Razak tidak akan menerima 'tidak' untuk jawapan buat kali ketiga ini," katanya memberitahu Khidmat. 

Penubuhan UKM menggunakan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa perantaraan membuktikan satu tanggungjawab yang berat pada ketika hanya segelintir sahaja bangsa Melayu memiliki ijazah doktor falsafah dan sarjana untuk berkhidmat sebagai pensyarah tetapi masalah itu dapat diatasi dengan pengambilan pensyarah dari Indonesia.

Selepas pilihan raya umum 1974, Abdullah dijadikan ketua pengarah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) dan pada Mei 1976 setelah Tun Razak meninggal dunia, beliau menggantikan Tan Sri Kadir Shamsuddin sebagai Ketua Setiusaha Negara. Kadir ke Petronas sebagai pengerusinya yang pertama.

Pada akhir 1978 setelah bersara daripada perkhidmatan awam, Perdana Menteri ketika itu Tun Hussein Onn melantik beliau sebagai pengerusi dan ketua eksekutif Petronas berikutan kematian Kadir.

Abdullah sebelum itu mengemukakan beberapa nama kepada Perdana Menteri sebagai pengganti Kadir. Tetapi Hussein mahukan beliau untuk jawatan itu yang dipegangnya semasa berumur 53 tahun.

Banyak perkembangan di Petronas, dengan kakitangan antara 600 dan 700 orang, masih lagi dalam peringkat perancangan dan tugas pertama Abdullah ialah menubuhkan kilang Gas Cecair Asli (LNG) di Bintulu dan mendapatkan syarikat tenaga dan utiliti untuk mengeluarkan LNG. Abdullah juga menubuhkan kilang penapisan Petronas di Kertih, Terengganu dan berikutan itu satu lagi kilang penapisan di Melaka yang memberikan keutamaan untuk melatih rakyat Malaysia yang kemudian akan mengambil alih pengurusan kilang itu daripada pasukan pengurusan asing.

Hari ini, Petronas mempunyai kepentingan di lebih 30 negara dan salah satu syarikat minyak yang paling menguntungkan di dunia dan satu-satunya syarikat Malaysia yang disenaraikan dalam the Fortune 500.

Usia dan kesihatan menyebabkan Abdullah jauh daripada perhatian umum tetapi dari 1989 sehingga tahun lepas, beliau ialah pengerusi Yayasan Tun Razak, sempena nama Perdana Menteri kedua.

Pada 2003, Abdullah dianugerahkan dengan Seri Setia Mahkota (SSM) yang membawa gelaran Tun, anugerah tertinggi persekutuan, dan menjadi bekas
Ketua Setiausaha Negara yang pertama dan satu-satunya yang pernah menerima gelaran itu.


(this is actually an email wrote by abang ayaz, as a tribute to the late TUN ABDULLAH SALLEH, our ex-chairman of YTR trustees.)

Subject: The Late Tun Abdullah
From: "Mohamed Ayaz Ismail"
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 14:39:33 +0800

Dear all,

On Thursday 22 June 2006, the nation mourned the
loss of Tun Abdullah Salleh. Tun Abdullah was well
known to AYTR members by virtue of him being the
former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of
Yayasan Tun Razak, and also Advisor to AYTR.
Many of you may already be aware of his passing
on, whilst others may be hearing this for the first

Tun Abdullah was the former Chief Secretary to the
Government and founder of Universiti Kebangsaan
Malaysia (UKM). He died two days shy of his 80th
birthday. Tun Abdullah was appointed Chief
Secretary to the Government in October 1976 and
retired from the civil service three years later. After
his retirement from government service, Tun
Abdullah was appointed chairman and chief
executive of Petronas in 1979 and later served as
president and chief executive of the national oil
corporation between February 1984 and Feb 9,

Tun Abdullah was Yayasan Tun Razak chairman
for 16 years from May 1989 until he relinquished
the post in May last year.

We in AYTR were privileged to have been able to
have him in our space. I was not in Malaysia when
Tun Abdullah passed away, and did not have the
opportunity to read the tributes to this gentleman.

I would like to pen a few words on Tun Abdullah.
Many of us first met Tun during our PKTR, and I
had the privilege of having met him on numerous
other occasions through my office as the Chairman
of AYTR. In fact, the founding of the AYTR was his
brainchild. Tun looked at us as young people who
had much to offer to society, and he was our
number one supporter, if you like. He had a soft
spot for us, and had this believe that we in the
AYTR will one day be leaders of the type Malaysia

I've been told how Tun would not hesitate to agree
to support AYTR programmes in the few times it
has come up for discussion at the YTR trustees'
meeting. In the PKTR's he attended, he always
took some time to share his experience and
thoughts - and I'm sure many of you still
remember the setting - Tun on a sofa or chair and
the rest of us seated in front of him, all ears, and
sometimes he would share what he felt AYTR
could and should do. Tun also attended a number
of events we organised, like the majlis berbuka
puasa and the gathering we had in Bukit Tinggi a
few years back. This again was testimony to the
high regard to which he held us, and the respect
that he had for us. His humbleness is amazing,
and a trait that more of our leaders could

After he passed away, I talked to some people who
had known him since his days as the Chief
Secretary to the Government and the president of
Petronas - and I can conclude that he leaves a
legacy that has left an indelible impression on the
lifes of many.

The article that follows tells us a little about his
childhood and his contribution to the country.

We at AYTR have the opportunity to continue his
legacy, and so we shall.

Tun Abdullah - sorely missed, fondly remembered.
May Allah bless his soul always.

Mohamed Ayaz,

3 Jul 2006

What Catches My Eye?

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1 Jul 2006

i don't care what my friends say

I don't care what my friends say
won't listen to the words that they say
there's no way that they could know

and I don't want to talk about it
or waste my time worrying bout it
cause there's no way that they could know

so if you want me let me know
and if you feel it let it show
and if you need me tell me so

I don't care what your friends say
I won't play the games that they play
or waste my time to tell you so

and I don't want think about it
you know I'd rather do without it
cause there's no way that they could know

so if you want me let me know
and if you feel it let it show
and if you need me tell me so

and I don't care what our friends say
you know they'll never see things our way
and there's no way that they could know

and I don't every doubt it
or waste my days worrying about it
cause there's no way that they could know

so when you want me let me know
and when you feel it let it show
and when you need me tell me so

:: summer_breeze ::