30 Oct 2009

time me

right. i am on a nobel quest to: "start doing work that's suppose to due tomorrow", but i still hope woody would extend the dateline. so, i am going to start working on it, after writing this, and hope to see that i will be able to finish it tonight. *fingers crossed* just for the sake of the language.

and owh, heres a random thought that striked me today: why didnt i keep a journal these 2 years im in here?? such a waste. ive forgotten some of the parts already. yes. i do have very terrible memory. i realised, i have very small storage capacity (like my 120gb external hd. its never enough!). so everytime new info comes in, the old ones goes out. even the ones that are worth remembering.. sigh. so yes. i need a journal to commemorate the memories, while im still here. while there are still some that's worth cherishing. lol

right. i better stop now, before i rant more on nonsensical topics.

so yes, time me. hope i can get it done before 8am tomorrow.

nadya summer. OUT!

26 Oct 2009

a good start with a good song

this definitely put me back to the years of Audrey Hepburn.. oh dear, i have never felt this good listening to a song :)

ps: i am so madly in love with Michael Buble now.

25 Oct 2009

Rat Pack @ Big Band week

i never knew that i liked this kind of genre or music, until i met hanis and obviously american idol 8 for the Rat Pack Week. and since Matt Giraud sang My Funny Valentine, it has been my favourite when it comes to a song from that era.

and last night, Lucie Jones had managed to top my list with her rendition, and she aced her performance excellently! this really make me wish i have such vocal and soul to sing this kind of song. *wishful thinking*

and Danyl Johnson sang Feeling Good, which brought me back to Adam Lambert. well, im not saying Danyl was not good. he's good, but the bar is set by Adam, and he was AWESOME!

23 Oct 2009


im getting so very restless. this b*tt has been sliding from one side to the other side of this couch since 9pm. and now, its already 10.34pm. nice. i have TONNES of work to do, but i have no idea why i cant pull myself to do it. seriously. i have a tutorial tomorrow, and obviously, he expect us to ask questions. so, if i havent done it, will i ask any questions?? obviously, not.

right. so i went through the man-made-madness called FACEBOOK. yes. i have been addicted to it, well, since i start living in the newcastle. and yes, i have been wasting time on it, more than i spend any of my time revising. so yes, i was facebook-ing (apparently its a verb nowadays), and has been randomly clicking on some people's profile, and replying prolonged wall post.... yadi yadi yada. so conclusion, i have been wasting time.

that is when i come to this final resort -- blogging. i seriously have nothing to share, except the fact that ive made up my mind that im going to proceed with the programming the old codes from Dr Wright for my final year project, and... im going to nottingham next saturday for the Nottingham Games (obviously as the official supporter for Ben-Ben)

and owh, before i sign off without sharing anything worth sharing at all, here's a quote i stumbled upon from THE TIMES, an interesting one i must say:
"The celebrity culture is a black hole sucking up light. it is not only a manifestation of the cretinisation or tabloidisation of our culture but further cretinises it."
- Raymond Tallis, "Stop the sick degrading culture of celebrity"

no matter how true this is, but we just cant help it, cant we?

goodnight everyone.

21 Oct 2009

melinda/miranda gordon?

recent studies says that most stalkers think that they are in the relationship with the person that they are stalking.

this is me quoting Ghost Whisperer, season what not sure, which episode not sure.

so, this true? its pretty scary no? lol.

20 Oct 2009

catching up

today is tuesday -- the most annoying day among all day in a week. why u may ask. mostly because i have an hour gap between all classes today, and now, i am skipping one -- i woke up 10.30, and class at 11. and it took me 20 minutes to get there, so u do the math.

last night was fun. catching up with iylia. which actually lead me to today -- woke up late. yes. pillow talk from 1 till 3. it has been a while since i last do that with her, so it is kinda nice to have it again.

today, i feel like talking about stereotyping.

why do people stereotype? like, u study in the uk, therefore u're gonna come back with all those hedonistic behaviour, and blonde hair. sweet. or like, u're from sarawak, therefore u live on trees. THAT has always been my favourite. and many other examples which i cant think of any right now, because its too painful for me even to pen it down.

so, why stereotype? why dont u just do it the traditional way -- get to know them, before you could jump to any conclusion or derivation or .. assumptions.

so yes. dont stereotype kids. its bad for your health.

majulah sukan untuk negara.

19 Oct 2009

sunday blues

today is the 18th of October 2009.


he is now 28, and getting married.. in less than a year time from now! and i am happy!

and today too.. was the last day of a very very dear friend of mine in newcastle.. he has been nice, kind, caring and supportive in everything i do.. and not to mention a very good cook as well. i wish him good life and bestest of luck in everything he does after this.. and am sure definitely going to miss him. bye fared. :(

15 Oct 2009


on tuesday, it was just warm body temp, and a little bit dizziness, with a little bit of coughing, and sniffles.
on wednesday, it was 38.6 deg C, coughing, sneezing, back pain, headache, and hot and cold at the same time.
and today, it was 38.9 deg C, coughing, sniffles, back pain, headache, and again.. hot and cold at the same time.

what's worse, i've managed to transmit the virus to fariza, and apparently, helmi is having a little bit of a cold as well.

i should go see a doctor right? but... i'm afraid that i might transmit the virus even further. hurm.

13 Oct 2009


and yes im super mad and angry and frustrated.
it took me 9 friggin months to get neutralised from this mess, and then it came back haunting me.
stupid sh*t!
seriously.. why?!?!?! i've done NOTHING to you, ok!
why can't you leave me alone. seriously.. let my mind be in peace, thank you.

i have enough problem to worry about now, and adding salt to the wound is soo NOT helping, ryte!

9 Oct 2009


i don't know what's wrong with me. but i know there is something wrong.

i'm getting mental block regarding my final year project. i don't know how to jump start considering Bruce had given me green light to proceed.

i'm skipping class intentionally. and not because i woke up late. plainly because i don't feel like it. and mind you, this is not like me. and yes, i know what you're thinking. so i admit. i AM a nerd. lol.

i'm feeling down all the time -- and to make things worse, i'm missing home terribly. and this is nonsensical, considering i just came back 2 weeks ago!

i'm not feeling like myself.. and i mean, all the time.

am i suffering a period of depression?? or is it just overbearing stress, and i don't know how to handle it?

people said, you need to identify your problems before you can solve it, so how am i suppose to solve mine?

stupid sh*t.

well, at least i realised i have a problem. sigh.

8 Oct 2009

i told you so..

"now i found somebody new and you will never break my heart in two again"

4 Oct 2009

check list

all checked. well, almost all.

but it just seem so far out of reach. its impossible.

3 Oct 2009

first week of school

as a summary for this first week, i can conclude that, this year is going to be EXTREMELY busy.

how do i know that?

mostly because, in this first week only, we have been given 2 task, to be completed over this semester. and my head had been buzzing non-stop, because of the continuous reading and researching the shipbuilding problems for a topic for my final year project. and let me remind you again, this is just my first week of school. so, can you imagine what the rest of the weeks will be like? i know.

so wish me luck for this research, for i dont know how long can i keep my focus and attention for this one. lol.

1 Oct 2009

first week

it has been only 3 days since i got back, and shopping has already been done. and i am not talking about grocery shopping, because - believe it or not - i havent done it. thanks to fariza, i have food at home. lol.
i am talking about the retail therapy kinda shopping. i bought a leather jacket. super awesome -- like what fariza said, its somekind like tailor-made for my body! awesome!