27 Feb 2010

rugby.. for real?

yes yes! i am watching and following rugby now. many many thanks to fieha!

and i must say and admit, i am supporting FRANCE!! Allez les Bleus! though i am not too sure whether this only applies for the footie team, but i am chanting em anyways.

and my star, Francois Trinh-Duc. my my. he is GOOD. *dreamy eyes*

and fieha, we'll see who'll win this year. the Irish, or the French. :P

did i got stabbed?

fieha once said:

"when someone stab you, that is not the worse part, because it is more like a poke (a sharp poke though, i might add). but when that person twist the knife and pulls it out, that's when it hurts like hell."

and somehow, i think it is a metaphor.. a dark one i must add, to being in love.

when you fall for someone, and that someone falls for you, too, it feels like being stab. but the worse part is when that person is already inside your life, and what ever he/she did while he's/she's in it, is going to hurt you. and when they try to pull out, damn. unbearable.

18 Feb 2010

of pirates in the seven seas

this is related to the new Facebook language: the Pirate English, which i must say, is really interesting.

but i do wonder why they do so. is it because pirates, too, get on facebook, and have fellow pirates friends.. or, is it specially dedicated to pirates freaks out there, who thanks to MLIA, i never knew they actually exist. lol!

but what ever it is, it is really cool to get notifications saying:

"K shouted an ahoy back"
"B commented on your recent tales"
"The pirate S scribbled 'pon yer photos"
"The pirate R scribbled upon yer plank and be sayin' "

and it is way cooler to have it say:
State o' Affairs: Sailin' Solo

rather than plain 'ol:
Relationship status: single

right. im plain jobless on a day-in. lol.

ps: this is all MLIA's fault. if no one posted it, i wouldnt have known 'bout this - nor will i be using it, and lamely, thinks its cool. LOL.

*note: MLIA is MyLifeIsAverage.com. Try check it out! :)

16 Feb 2010

sakit rumah (part II)

spending too much time on my laptop (not doing work) is not doing me any good.

home sick-ness is back! and this time, it made me dig up old photos:

most of these were from 2006.
ive always liked abang with spiky hair. i wonder why he doesnt want to go back to that look.

this is my utmost favourite of kakak's photo. seriously. if she finds out i uploaded this, she is going to kill me. lol!!

and these collections...


and another one..

ok. ive always denied that im daddy's little girl, but i guess i am. lol.
not that it's a bad thing.. :)

and kakak, congratulation on the proposal! i am so happy for you!

cant wait to be home and celebrate.. :)
though im not too excited on 'losing' my siblings.
i know im not, but.. youngest-sibling-complex - im no longer priority - does not help me feel any better. :P

and owh, special one goes out to my bestfriend, my gossip partner, my news update-er, my advisor (shes one flexible advisor!), i present u - my mama:

ok. it took 15 minutes to actually come up with this one. i guess, my poser trait is NOT taken from my mum. lol


i just realised today,
my watch has gone missing.
the last time i wore it was for malay dance practice.
the dark wednesday.

a bad week it was last week.

oh money money money

where art thou?

ok. fariza and i have been going through many MANY travel websites to look for the cheapest deals for UK - BERLIN.

why berlin, u may ask.

most of the scenes are shot in BERLIN.
and i am on a mission to collect a picture with all the GRANDE ARCHE in the world.
and they have 1 there.
lets hope, one day, i will make it to New York of the 'great' US of A, because i know there's one there.

well, ive been to the one in Paris - they have 2. Arc de Triomphe...

.. and Grande Arch.

and one in Barcelona.
not too sure of the name. should be something that sounds like Grande Arch.

and not forgetting the Arc of Putrajaya (of the Perbadanan Putrajaya government complex),
our country's pride and joy.

*but somehow i do not have a copy of my photo here. interesting.

but. no money. so probably not going to berlin.
because its going to cost us minimum: 150quid - only for the AIR FARE.
though now, im not really sure whether or not the arc IS in berlin.
i really need to rewatch the movie again.

14 Feb 2010

the lunar new year

happy chinese new year everyone!

gong xi fa cai, angpau na lai! :)

welcome the year of the tiger
may it bring happiness and laughter
good luck and prosperity

it has been 5 years since the last time i celebrated chinese new year at home. and i am missing the atmosphere, the tradition, the visits.. especially the angpau bit. i guess kak nomie and abang are no longer eligible for that this year on. yeay me! :D

13 Feb 2010


home is really attractive this time of year. its either im drawn to it too much, or im thinking bout it too much. so that makes me sick. and i mean it literally. i actually came down with a fever.

and things going on here is not so hot as well. having had a horrible week, is not helping my home-sick-ness.

it is a sacrifice when ive made my decision to come here. so many little things, and also big things, ive missed. last year was my brother's tekul (majlis merisik). and now my sister's. and i don't have any other siblings' tekul for me to attend anymore. and next, im going to miss my sister's engagement. abg pijan's engagement. but thank god they love me more than their other half, so they postpone the akad nikah and reception date till im back home. but still, missing huge family events is always the last thing i would do.

but kak madihah once said,
"being here (in the uk for studying) is a sacrifice for us. but have you done something that's worthy of your sacrifice?"

12 Feb 2010


it is indeed a horrible, horrible day, as i have predicted this morning.

i am now down with a fever.
i've lost the dearest thing i've ever own; which have no sign of recovery.
and i'm tired.

to make things worse, results will be out tomorrow.

a crappy crappy day.

10 Feb 2010

valerie. give me the v's-hivvys!

i dont believe in such occassion. i really dont.

but, you know.. yes. i AM your valentine. :)

women, the multiplier

Whatever u give a woman, she will make it greater.
Give her sperm, she will give u a baby.
Give her a house, she will give u a home.
Give her groceries, she will give u a meal.
Give her a smile n she will give u her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what she is given.
So if u give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit...

a.word.a.day, keeps the dictionary away. heh?



verb intr.: To avoid telling the truth by being ambiguous, evading, or misleading.

From Latin praevaricari (to straddle, to collude), from varicare (to straddle), from varus (knock-kneed, bent outwards). To prevaricate is to straddle the boundary between truth and falsehood.

i guess, i have been prevaricating in all my posts. :)

8 Feb 2010

colour blind, or just blind?

on the way to a colour blind malaysia.

colour blind here, means, the unbiased citizen. who doesnt discriminate, and integrated at a level of harmony.

that was the topic of a talk i attended last night, with hanis, lya and fariza, and kak yana. it is really interesting, and i do have to applaud the speakers: kak ema, nico pang, farhan, and hari. they are all good speakers, and have made the whole thing really interesting.

this kind of topic seldom being addressed publicly the way we did it last night. because in malaysia, this kind of topic, is somekind a taboo - you know its there, but you shall not talk about it. if you do, and eventually you will disagree with whatever the government do, or say, or preach, and then, you'll be banned. full stop.

all in all, i can come to a conclusion that, malaysia is not yet at that level of integration that we think we are, or try telling others that we are. there are still many racists, who doesnt realised that they are racist. eventhough our level of racism is not as bad as it is here in the uk, but we do have them somewhere. living in a multiracial country do need a lot of compromise, but do mind, we need to know to what extend do we need to compromise -- as long as we dont forget the limits set by our religion.

some might be reading this and say, i go along well with the chinese, or the indians, etc, so, good for you. but there are still people out there who doesnt. who are still prejudice to other races, and unwilling to accept them. myself, being a minority in malaysia, i do sometimes feel it, eventhough people are not really showing it.

some might say, its what the government implements that have the largest effect on the level of racism in our country. some might say, its what they teach you at home that has the greater effect. well, it is all true. whichever level that can allow us to contribute to this matter, then, thats where WE should start.

finally, they said they dont mix around, because they are not given the opportunity to do so. but to be honest, we are given the opportunity to integrate, but we are always too scared to make a move, and come out of our bubble, and try.

just something to ponder.

4 Feb 2010

of dikir barat and what not

a busy week it was indeed. malaysian night is now a month plus away. practices are going crazy. dikir barat and malay dance. and apparently, i have to teach them guys the moves. can u believe it. im teaching them how to dance! lol! :P anyhu, we've gone through a verse of moves, now, we're going to proceed to the next one. but im not really sure how to. lets see how tomorrow goes. lol

anyway, now at mimies. waiting for iylia to reach newcastle, and going to go and pick her up. well, she went to london on monday.. so yea. ad we just came back from dikir barat. and so far, the progress is good. :)

anyhu, updates from home.. 2010 is going a year of celebration! i just cant wait to be home. and i wish i could go back for easter~ so sorry kak, i cant be there..

so, thats all for now. later.