30 Sep 2010


to make someone feel acknowledge, doesn't take the world.

just a simple HELLO

27 Sep 2010

mr H

26 Sep 2010

pesan jessie

"kak go crazy angai over your boo.. mun sien merajuk, marah, nda jwb mizkol, or nda reply sms.. just stay calm. dont do anything tapak SIEN pinyeng Dya. at that moment, Dya do the same thing. adak sien merasa."
"do not go too crazy over your boo.. if he pull a face, got mad, not answering your calls, or not replying your sms.. just stay calm. do not do anything until he come and find you. at that moment, you do the same thing. let him know how it feels."

i just love this. and holding on to it up until now.

thanks cuz. :)

25 Sep 2010

i have a question

would it be better if;

we are socially retarded


we are mere anti-social


23 Sep 2010

mr. D

have u ever felt that everything around you moved too fast that you just want to remain where you are, or just sit with your arms wrapped around your knee at one dark corner by yourself..
and then, probably..

just cry.

21 Sep 2010


as a continuation of the previous post:

Student C
"One day, Abu was crying when he asked me to visit him. Then he told me the truth. His bullies like to tease and pick on him about his parents. I was angry about this, so I asked Mega Zone from the Power Rangers to beat them up. Since then, his bullies was so scared of Abu, and especially, of me.

I too have a power. My second identity is the Ultraman and I save the world from the damned alien that threatened the safety of this world. Anyway, back to Abu's story, he was weak in the past, because he always think about his parents, and now, not anymore."
*this was already editted for language and grammar

this particular script has injected me the mood to mark all the papers.
and yes, they are all done. =)

19 Sep 2010


thats how i describe my students. here are some reasons why:

Student A:
we need to employ more cleaners to clean the toilets to make the toilets is very clean. before that, we can make a cake at the toilet very comportablt.

(mind you, there are no typo in this sentence)

Student B:
Tourist can also help to puts more plants tree and flowers to add to the landscaping.

(Cikgu M : thank god the students didnt write this: "tourist should plant paddy so that they have rice to eat")

ohh. there are many more. but i just cant be bothered to type them out one by one. LOL.

i try to tell myself

and it goes out to you as well.

13 Sep 2010


she is my sister.
we used to fight a lot -- though i must say we still do
and we laugh a lot too.
she shared with me many stories -- especially of her love life.
her heart is very sturdy. it had been broken, mended, then broken again.
till one day, a guy in a muscular armor came to the rescue..
and mend her heart like no one ever would.

then they found that they are made for each other -- and realize no love as true as theirs.

and today, theyve promised,
in front of us and everyone else
they'll be true to each other
take care of each other
love each other
till death due them apart.

*photo is yet to follow*

congratulations Mrs Salfarina Nomie MSS
and thank you abang Saperee.
may Allah shower your life with happiness, laughter, and all the goodness in the world.

i love you kakak
do not forget your little sister.

lots of love,
Nadya Summer

8 Sep 2010

eid mubarak

eid mubarak everyone!

syawal should fall on Friday.
but rumours has it, its going to fall on Thursday.
hurm. which day it may fall, i still would like to ask for forgiveness from everyone that ive done wrong, those i offended -- realised or not, and those who ive not been in contact for ages, or actually forgotten.


to those in newcastle,
i really wish i was coming back this year, and celebrate raya with yous..
and i am missing yous uber lot.
Eid Mubarak hunnies

the newcastle family
*picture: credit to Khairul and Suriana