30 Jul 2005

Continuation from 'Song For Playaz'

"I will forgive but i wont forget.."
This express everything that i am feeling now..i'm not trying to say that i'm experiencing what happens in the song but it's just that i can feel what the girl felt once lied and cheated by the only person that she cares so much..that she loves so much..
man.. if this happens to me, I WILL NEVER TRUST GUYS or maybe.. I'LL NEVER fall in love again.. goodness..

This hurt that i feel inside

Seems like a never ending pain

To those who hurt me

to those who deceived

To those who thinks that I am just a STUPID JOKE

Think again..

coz once u mess with me..



so don't do things you might regret!

~~aNGeL wiTTH brOKen DReAMs~~


Uwaaaa!!! Rindu bangat PKTR.. esok.. which means today, they are all goin to meet up at KLCC to watch UNGU VIOLET!! besh giler!! aku nak jugak!! uwaaa!!! but, i have a 'date' wif my brother, as we are goin to PERAK for kak SHREK's wedding... (dont blame me for calling her kak SHREK.. blame my bro.. ahax!!) nyway, hpe u guys enjoy urself tomoro.. wat really sux is that, I CANT JOIN THE TRIP TO PENANG!! how DOPE is that?!?!?!?!?! all because of... u noe who and what.. haihh... wuTeVa!!

by the way, at least rindu aku ngan MUS, SOFIA and especially -->LI-V dah terlepas ari tuh when we all meet up at MIDVALLEY wif bg sumi.. and guess wat, LI-V brought along her darling so-called "boyfriend-to-be"..it was SO, EXTREMELY COOL.. gosh.. juz realise how much i MISS PKTR!! uwaaaa!!!!

nyway, the trip to PENANG will be organised by MUS-MUKHLIS where they will be leaving on the 5th of August at nite and come back on sunday the 7th..they are goin to visit the lil kids that they had handled during the PDDS program.. so for those who is interested to join the trip, call MUS a.s.a.p.. the 012 number please.. hehe..

ok lah.. i donno wat to say nymore.. nyway, aku dah damai ngan din.. haha..

~~CrAzY ShIn ChAn~~

25 Jul 2005

song for playaz

Akon_bodo this song goes out to all playaz out there..who never get tired of breaking other people's heart..serve u rite to lose the only girl that REALLY loves u back..


Im Mr. Lonely,

I have nobody,

For my owwnnn

Im so Lonely, im Mr. Lonely

I have nobody,

for my owwnnn

Im so Lonely

Yo, this one here goes out to all my playas out there man.

ya kno that got that one good girl dog thats always been there man

like took all the bullshit then one day she cant take it no more

and decides to leave yeah,

I woke up in the middle of the night,

And I noticed my girl wasn't by my side,

Coulda sworn I was dreamin,

For her I was feinin,

So I had ta take a little ride,

Back tracking on these few years,

Tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad,

Cuz ever since my girl left me,

My whole life came crashin and I'm so....

(Repeat chorus)

Cant belive I had a girl like you,

and I just let you walk right outta my life,

after all ILana_nangis put u thru u still stuck around and stayed by my side (by my side)

what really hurt me is I broke ur heart,

baby you a good girl and I had no right,

I really wanna make things right,

cuz without u in my life girl im so..

(Repeat chorus)

Been all about the world ain't,

neva met a girl that can take the things that you been through.

Never thought the day would come,

where you would get up and run, and I would be out chasing u

Cuz aint nowhere in the globe id rather be,

aint no one in the globe id rather see

then the girl of my dreams that made me Be

so happy but now so lonely

(Repeat chorus)

Never thought that id be alone (be alone)

I didnt hope you'd be gone this long (gone this long)

I jus want u to call my phone,

Sad_haleyso stop playing girl and Come on home (come on home),

baby girl I didn't mean to shout, (no)

I want me and you to work it out, (work it out baby)

I never wished that Id ever Hurt my baby,

and its drivin me crazy cuz I'm so...

(Repeat chorus)

6 Jul 2005

BoRInG SiOt!!!

Uwaaaa!!!!! giler boring skang... aku tengah tunggu kelas stat kek tok.. kol 12 lak stat.. lah dalam lab.. sejok gila lab ya... fuihh... saba jak la.. sik tauk aku mok madah apa sebenarnya.. kedong ada masa... tok tek sebenarnya mok bukak blackboard.. tapi sik reti... saba jak la.. huahuahua... err.. apa gik k padah... pada kawan2 yang aku kenali dan rindui... GUE RINDU PADA LO SEMUA!!!!! mmuaxx!!!

k lah.. apa jak kah dirapu ku tok... see y'all!! tata!!

4 Jul 2005


Uwaaa.... Lamer siot tak tulis kat sini.. begitu banyak perkara yang berlaku sepanjang2 aku tak tulih kat sini.. 1stly.. application aku SUmer dapat weyh! mara, pnb.. laz2 dapat MISC wat naval... dah lah time tuh tengah study kat KML.. uwaa... sedey tol nak tinggal kan labuan... sedey sangat.. my roomates:Mei Ling, Ka Li, Winniee... wawawawa!!! rindu diorang... FIT8 sumer.. KAMEK RINDU TAK ORANG SUMA....i got new frenz la kat KML.. bez clicks: SYI-kENT, uMee keTaM, lyN BunTAL... ARUL-nyet... elfy.... dino.... uwa... rindu sumer!!!!tauk sik aku stat rapat ngan atiq sinun... sekali nangga aku terpaksa pergi dari sia... SEDEY GILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... PAUSE JAP.. TENGAH NANGIS..

well, now, i'm pursuing my studies at TAYLOR'S COLLEGE Subang Jaya... jauhkan?? haihh.. demi naval... chey... nyway, the BIGGEST suprise was...........

FARISA ZAFFA jadik HOUSEMATE aku balik!!!!! hahaha... mengejutkan dan kejutan!! wawawawa..... at least a familiar face la kat sini... sitok sek da gilak miak sarawak.. ada2 pun sorang jak, termasuk aku 2 la... miak kuching.. dari kolej... sapa2 mok tauk sapa nya, message aku, k!!

apa gik owh.. kinek tok tinggal di Ridzuan Condo.. saper2 nak address aku pun, message jak!! huhu...nyways, my housemates are: FARAH YASMIN, MARYAM "SYUHADA NABILA", NIK SARAH HEIDAR, FARISA ZAFFA, AINIL IZZYAN, IZYAN HANI.....aku..... cukup tujuh dah nak?? nyalah ya... huhu...

actually, mood aku skarang tak menentu... so, tak tau gi aper nak cakap... TATA KORANG...


~YeAh bAbEh!!~~

p/s: MISS SYIMENG SO MUCH!!!!!!!MmmmmMUaahZ!