11 Sep 2008

one of the things future husband should do (or have.. or know?)

ok. this is so random. salam peeps. ramadhan's here. been ages since the last time i wrote ANYTHING. i wont write anything, if i dont feel like sharing with anyone. but this, i just have to share. just in case later i might forget.. so, anyone who read this should remind me rite? lol.

ok. so soon to think about future husband? true. i agree. im not getting married anytime soon. dont worry bout that. *dont be scared to read this cheri. lol* anyways, just in case najib is reading this,

to NAJIB: CONGRATS dude! aku nak message kau, tapi aku serious sik tauk siney nk ncarik nombo kau. aku nak contact nazrin pn sik dpt. ngueh. anyway, semoga bahagia sehingga ke anak cucu! =)

ok. back to the main thing: SOME of the things that future husband should do, (or have or know) before they jump into marriage (at least for me, or in my opinion)

1. steady job/income. (duh. i want to be supported, not supporting. this does not exclude wealthy heir who have BILLIONS in their trust funds *wink wink*)

2. understand the weird behavior of your future wife (or at least try to adapt to it once you know it. lol.)

3. (ok seriously, i dont really have that long list. but this is the most important thing) READ SURAH AN-NISA from start to finish, and understand the whole content of the surah. seriously. once u get full grasp of this one particular chapter, you can conduct your marriage institution AS WELL AS ANY MUSLIM could. want to know why? check it out yourself. whats the point of me telling the whole thing kan? lol.

ok. this post was actually triggered by that surah. ah well. just thought i should share. so, thanx for reading darlings. to all that's fasting, SELAMAT BERPUASA.



ps: newcastle.. am i excited, or am i not?