11 Sep 2008

one of the things future husband should do (or have.. or know?)

ok. this is so random. salam peeps. ramadhan's here. been ages since the last time i wrote ANYTHING. i wont write anything, if i dont feel like sharing with anyone. but this, i just have to share. just in case later i might forget.. so, anyone who read this should remind me rite? lol.

ok. so soon to think about future husband? true. i agree. im not getting married anytime soon. dont worry bout that. *dont be scared to read this cheri. lol* anyways, just in case najib is reading this,

to NAJIB: CONGRATS dude! aku nak message kau, tapi aku serious sik tauk siney nk ncarik nombo kau. aku nak contact nazrin pn sik dpt. ngueh. anyway, semoga bahagia sehingga ke anak cucu! =)

ok. back to the main thing: SOME of the things that future husband should do, (or have or know) before they jump into marriage (at least for me, or in my opinion)

1. steady job/income. (duh. i want to be supported, not supporting. this does not exclude wealthy heir who have BILLIONS in their trust funds *wink wink*)

2. understand the weird behavior of your future wife (or at least try to adapt to it once you know it. lol.)

3. (ok seriously, i dont really have that long list. but this is the most important thing) READ SURAH AN-NISA from start to finish, and understand the whole content of the surah. seriously. once u get full grasp of this one particular chapter, you can conduct your marriage institution AS WELL AS ANY MUSLIM could. want to know why? check it out yourself. whats the point of me telling the whole thing kan? lol.

ok. this post was actually triggered by that surah. ah well. just thought i should share. so, thanx for reading darlings. to all that's fasting, SELAMAT BERPUASA.



ps: newcastle.. am i excited, or am i not?

23 May 2008

i am who i am

Spontaneous Idealist (SI)

(Just visiting? Take the free test and determine your personality type!)

spontaneous idealist is a creative, lively and open-minded person. He
is humorous and disposes of a contagious zest for life. His enthusiasm
and sparkling energy inspires others and sweeps them along. He enjoys
being together with other people and often has an uncanny intuition for
their motivations and potential. The spontaneous idealist is a master
of communication and a very amusing and gifted entertainer. Fun and
variety are guaranteed when he is around. However, he is sometimes
somewhat too impulsive in dealing with others and can hurt people
without really meaning to do so, due to his direct and sometimes
critical nature.

This personality type is a keen and alert
observer; he misses nothing which is going on around him. In extreme
cases, he tends to be oversensitive and exaggeratedly alert and is
inwardly always ready to jump. Life for him is an exciting drama full
of emotionality. However, he quickly becomes bored when things repeat
themselves and too much detailed work and care is required. His
creativity, his imaginativeness and his originality become most
noticeable when developing new projects and ideas - he then leaves the
meticulous implementation of the whole to others. On the whole, the
spontaneous idealist attaches great value to his inner and outward
independence and does not like accepting a subordinate role. He
therefore has problems with hierarchies and authorities.

If you
have a spontaneous idealist as your friend, you will never be bored;
with him, you can enjoy life to the full and celebrate the best
parties. At the same time, he is warm, sensitive, attentive and always
willing to help. If the spontaneous idealist has just fallen in love,
the sky is full of violins and his new partner is showered with
attention and affection. This type then bubbles over with charm,
tenderness and imagination. But, unfortunately, it soon becomes boring
for him once the novelty has worn off. Boring everyday life in a
partnership is not for him so that many spontaneous idealists slip from
one affair into another.
However, should the partner manage to keep his
curiosity alive and not let routine and familiarity gain the upper
hand, the spontaneous idealist can be an inspiring and loving partner.
hurm. what's this suppose to mean.. *grin*

*took this time to kill boredom, and here's what i got for my personality analysis. kinda true for all aspects though. freaky.


22 May 2008


f***ed up!

total bullshit!

seriously. how bad can my day be or become??



16 May 2008

The Truth

The Truth

by David Cook

Two steps removed from every thing I thought I knew
There's no remedy
I see your face in every single thing I do
You change me
Your laugh intoxicating
One touch and I'm negating everything around
Take me and I'm yours
I only want you anymore
I kiss the ground

If you want to know the truth,
You make or break my day
If you want to know the truth
I wouldn't have it any other way

I rest my head from running circles 'round my mind
On why you let go
No answers to be found, romances don't rewind
I guess I'll never know
Why your absence is devastating
No touch to calm my hating everyone around
You leave me when I'm yours
'cause you don't want me anymore
I hit the ground, yeah

If you want to know the truth,
You make or break my day
If you want to know the truth
I wouldn't have it any other way, yeah

If you want to know the truth,
You make or break my day
If you want to know the truth
I wouldn't have it any other way

If you want to know the truth,
You make or break my day
If you want to know the truth
I wouldn't have it any other way
Any other way
If you want to know the truth,
You make or break my day
Any other way
If you want to know the truth,
You make or break my day
Any other way

*an awesome song by the awesomest singer EVER! vote for COOKey for your AMERICAN IDOL 2008


10 May 2008

what does my birthday means?

tried some application on facebook "WHAT DOES YOUR BIRTHDAY MEANS" (which is on the 2nd of January for those who doesnt know) and this is what i get:

You have great common sense but usually fail to follow through. This
might happens because you are too busy with your mission and shut
yourself from the outside world. You are clever and profound so there's
a slight chance for self-control problem

Your Love.
Your love progress
slowly, and quietly. You seem to be contented with your unrequited
love. You are a romantic and loyal lover.

:: summer_breeze ::

6 May 2008


seriously, i have no idea why i feel like blogging now.
but after reading kakak's blog, i feel like writing something.
you know how i have been wasting most of my time here?
ahah. i bet you dont.
exam's coming in.. less than 2 weeks time, and now, im just done with MATH.
and i still have 7 more subjects to go. given, 2 subjects was carried forward from last semester. nice huh?

do u know how sometimes, u wish u could tell that someone something that they really should know, but somehow, u just cant say it, coz u just dont know how to? that sucks doesnt it?

btw, departures wont be making a debut in malaysia, but soundtracks are available for sale now, if anyone's interested. just contact me personally to make an order. 5 pounds for those who are stayin in EU or UK. for those in malaysia, we'll negotiate the pricing later yea. *wink*

im addicted to david cook.

thats all.


17 Apr 2008

you'll always be my baby

"you'll always be a part of me

i'm a part of you indefinitely

boy don't you know you can't escape me

ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby

and we'll linger on

time can't erase a feeling this strong

no way you're never gonna shake me

ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby"

forever you will, cheri, always you do.
i miss you.

p/s: david cook's version of this song is SUPER AWESOME!! i hope he'll win this year~

:: nadya_summer ::

18 Mar 2008

post departures syndrom

as what the title says, yes. i do have post-departures syndrom.
hye everyone. some might wonder, post-departure syndrom? what the hell is she talking about. well, 'departure' is/was the musical that we had been working our ass off for the past 2 months. and was a success a week ago today. and now, im missing every moment of it, and everyone in it.
easter holiday's already here, so everyone's gone.. literally. went off for their own holidays and stuff. im leaving for mine .. thursday. and saturday, paris here i come!! :D
anyway, post departure syndrom is not getting any better. meet ups and hanging out with the rest of the crews are sumkind like a must everyday. if all cant make it, some will do. ngeh. and now, keep on listening to the songs and musics produced for the musical. 'menyemai cinta selamanya' always brings tears to the eye. yeap, thats everyone's favourite.. huhu. mine too, i must say.
anyway, i have no idea why i wrote this post, but since im already writing, so i wanna thank EVERYONE who had been involved in the production; be it characters, dancers, back up people, esp mr & ms Director, mr Producer aka mr Prez and ms Composer. you guys had rocked my 1st year here in newcastle.. and now, life no longer suck! hehe :D so thank u. very much.
ok. i seriously dont know what im typing, so i better stop. plus my laundry's almost done, so catcha ..... when i feel like it. haha.
*tho i dont celebrate. but since its the holiday, so, what the heck.


29 Feb 2008

the hate survey. ngaih.

1.What is the worst time of year?
~ this year? none so far. im loving every bit of it.. owh owh. the time when the boyfriend is almost unreachable. scary moments.

2. Who is your most hated actor/actress?
~ hurm. cant think of any for now.

3.Most hated band or solo artist?
- NEW BOYZ or however they spelled it. sigh. frustrating.

4.Name of your most hated high school teacher?
~ ahaha. none of them i hate..... i think. :P

5.Most hated time of day?
~ ntah. i love my days. jolly and polly. haha.

6.Most unattractive quality in the opposite sex?
~ bad breath can be. too.. straight forward. too.. over the top, maybe. anything that can reveal ur uncoolness.. ahah. :P

7.Most hated food?
~ sayur peria. haha.

8.What is you most hated song?
~ justin timberlake's sexy back. gosh! annoying.

9.Least favorite thing that you have to do everyday?
~ wake up and go to uni. hahaa.

10.Most hated animal?
~ semut. i just cant help it but kill them. adoy. kesian.

~ everything thats fishy and tak sedap. haha.

~ i hate fenwick n john lewis, coz its too expensive. haha.

~hate = none so far.
~love= juice. diet coke. plain water.

~hate = shriek.

15.Most hated holiday?
~ the one that sucks. haha. so far i had none. :)

16.Most hated memory?
~ the one i choose to forget.

17.Most hated ex-friend or enemy?
~ ex-fren? are there such thing? enemy.. wouldnt know if i have one.

18.Least favorite color?
~ eeky colours. ok im not really answering questions now. haha.

19.Most hated movie?
~ date movie. and almost all parody movies, except scary movies. they're all just so stupid.

20.Most hated job?
~ havent really had a job. so cant complain much.

21.Most hated car?
~ ntah la.

p/s: this survey seriously have loads of negative vibe. gosh.

:: summer_breeze ::

21 Feb 2008

i miss my boyfriend, and this is what i end up doing

What do you miss the most?

: raiz. seriously.

What do you do if you meet the person you hate?

: at least be nice, no matter how much she/he/i hate me/her/him.

One item you really want?

: the cameron diaz jeans. agh!!

What do you do if you’re talking to a stupid person?

: err.. depends on what kind of stupidity that he/she's pulling off. if nonsensical stupidity, i'll just ask them to shut up. haha.

Last book you read?

: errrr..... the dan brown book i bought.... 3 months back. haha!

The person you’re thinking of?

: my raiz. :(

Last gossip you heard?

: he has new girlfren! haha. not raiz la of coz.

Last testimonial from?

: mr moja!

Last person to call u?

: errr.. cant remember.

Last person u talked to, about what?

: helmi. about me buying the cameron diaz jeans. aghh! thats very depressing okei.

Last 5 places you’ve visited today.

: helmi's flat 

: robinson library (yea. i was at the library DOING WORK. haha)


: MERZ COURT, L3.03 


Last text message you received from..

: helmi.

Last cousins you’ve met?

: wohho. kak zura n rauf n kak baby. and that was...... 5 months ago. haha.

What did you do last weekend?

: err. went shopping. rehearse the musical songs. and CNY dinner with hommies.

Last person who kissed you?

: ...... cant recall. haha.

Last person who hugged you?

: rima n nippa n sid.

Last person who pinched you?

: helmi. haha.

Last item you bought?

: chocolate. haha.

What is the reason you last cried?

: asia'h washington or sumthing. american idol. haha.

What is your mood now?

: .. moodless.

Who did you meet 3 days ago?

: helmi, faiz, khairul, pei bei, housemates, the dancers

3 items that are near you?

: keys, manicure set, longgokan kertas-kertas

Who is your hero?

: forever it will be....... not sure.

What are your plans for next weekend?

: rehearsal musical lagi definitely. n bajet bajet mahu stadi gegila.

Why are you filling this survey?

: im damn freakin bored.


ps: i miss my boyfriend. make him cum back soon. very very soon. :(

:: summer_breeze ::

14 Feb 2008

im bad news baby

(Josiah Leming)

My lady, she's nothing more than a melody
Whistlin underneath my skin
And pourin through my blood veins
Absorbing all the brain waves
Overtaking all my dreams.

And i could never be unfaithful
My everything is far too much to risk
And girl you're so extraordinary
But she's the only reason i exist

I'm bad news baby, i'm gonna break your heart
I burn my bridges daily before any others cross
I'm bad news baby, i'm not the man you want
The only girl i'll ever love is trapped inside a song

They tell me i'm nothing more than a tragedy
I'm headed for a breakdown
But they don't know my lady
They can't see how much she loves me
She'll never let me hit the ground

And i could never be unfaithful
My everything is far too much to risk
And girl you're so extraordinary
But she's the only reason i exist

I'm bad news baby, i'm gonna break your heart
I burn my bridges daily before any others cross
I'm bad news baby, i'm not the man you want
The only girl i'll ever love is trapped inside a song
A song

It's a song s-s-song, s-song, s-song
A song is all i have it's all i own
Oh, i'd sell my soul
I'd sell my soul for a song
Just a song

I'm bad news baby, i'm gonna break your heart
I burn my bridges daily before any others cross
I'm bad news baby, i'm not the man you want
The only girl i'll ever love is trapped inside a song

**somehow.. i can relate myself to this song. cheers to the great talent for JOSIAH LEMING. i wish he made it thru to the next round tho..**


16 Jan 2008

i dunno.

1) Single , taken , Naked , or
Flirty ?
*taken. =P

2) Are you happy with that ? -
*yeap yeap. very very. =)

4 ) Have you ever had your heart broken?
*not to pieces. but some impact was done.

3) Have you ever talked about marriage with the opposite sex?
*not directly. but the topic was brought up. hehe :P

4 ) Do you want children ?
*du-uh! who doesnt?

5) How Many?
*4 is purrfect~

6) Would you consider adoption?
*nope. unless im desperate.

7 ) If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
*ehehe. cheri, cepat bagitahu saye! ahah :P

8) Do you want someone you can't have?
*ive already have him. =)

9) Have you ever fallen in love?
*i am. madly.

10) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
*owh yes. it meant so much.

11) Do you believe that you can change for someone ?
*sometimes, no matter how u say u wont, eventually, u'll just will, if u really have the heart for it.

12) Is it a good day?
*i guess so.. had my math exam today. it was alryte.

13 ) Have you ever broken a heart before ?
*yikes. i think i did. sorry..

14) Does your ex still have feelings for you ?
*dunno. dun think so. i was a bitch. ok. maybe i was. ok. dunno.

15 ) Do you still have feelings for your ex?
*not really. he was a jack ass for all i know.

14 Jan 2008

.cheri saya.

saya sangat sayang cheri saya.
kenapa saya sayang cheri saya?
sebab dia sangat best.
dia selalu buat saya ketawa.
dia selalu beri semangat kat saya.
dia selalu nasihat saya.
kalau saya weng, dia tak jemu melayan saya.
kalau saya cakap benda pelik-pelik, dia mesti layan sahaja.

kalau saya terlalu dreamy, dia akan knock some sense balik dalam kepala saya.
kalau saya tak stadi, cheri saya mesti marah saya.
cheri saya merupakan the other half yang melengkapkan saya.
saya sangat sayang cheri saya.
sebab dia pun sayang saya (walaupun saya tak tahu mengapa)
kan cheri kan?
(kalo ia tak betul, tell me, so that i can delete this post right away. hehe.)

and cheri.. saya akan sambung stadi right away. don wori. =)

:: summer_breeze ::