27 Dec 2009


for this past few weeks, there are 2 things that i have been obsessed about:

1. BOYCE AVENUE's rendition of ICE BOX (originally by Omarion)

2. and GLEE

and now im starting to wonder, am i even on the right path.. career wise. lol.

ps: past is starting to haunt me back. this is definitely not the best time of the year. sigh~

13 Dec 2009

summer 2010

summer 2010 is still 6 months away, but i am done planning mine!

just today, ive bought my tickets for:

from 13/6/10 till 18/6/10

from 22/6/10 till 02/07/10


but am not so excited to check my account balance. damn it.

9 Dec 2009


warning: this is going to be another bimbo post

ive been pushed and encouraged.
should i go for it??
well, he IS super cute!

do i have the guts??
should i just do it?

this is, yet, another final-year-crisis

6 Dec 2009

tonight's gonna be a good night

a fun night tonight was.

fun people to hang out with.

i get to singstar. and damn it people! i scored 9000+ for everything
(well, almost everything. damn u helmi! haha)

and i didnt get the part.
but what the heck, at least i tried and got a call back!


so, a fun night tonight was.

1 week for holiday.
5 days till pu's and lit review submission
im SUPER screwed.

5 Dec 2009

sakit rumah

saya sangat sakit rumah.

rumah sangat dirindui.
orang2 di dalam nya pun begitu dirindui.
mengapa pada hari2 begini
perasaan ini membelengu diri?


4 Dec 2009

Final-year-life crisis

you know how people in their middle ages, starts to have their mid-life crisis. well, it is basically, they are trying to do what they havent done before. the main reason mostly is, before they regret NOT doing it. yea. i am in that stage now. well, i am not saying that i am in my MID LIFE, but we can say, it is a final-year-life crisis. lol.

so i went for an audition yesterday. well, it is just an audition for a musical -- Rent, if you ever heard of it. the songs are not that bad though.. but its nothing really big. but heck, i was nervous out of my shoe!

sang "cry baby" by Janis Joplin. and heck. my note was here and there! and to top that, i forgot my lyrics. sweet. for sure i am not going to be called back. not that i am hoping for it.

so, i thought wrong. and the call back is today, at 11.50. damn. this is nerve-wrecking.. again!

ps: life after uni is w.o.r.k. and doubt it i will ever have a chance for this kind of thing again. lol. so why not right??