12 Dec 2011

i will survive!

these girls defo R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T! way to go to boost my mood on a Monday. brrrrring it on!

at first i was afraid, i was petrified,
kept thinkin’ i could never live without you by my side,
but then i spent so many nights thinkin’ how you did me wrong,
and i grew strong, and i learned how to get along

and so you’re back, from outer space,
i just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face,
i should’ve changed that stupid lock, i should’ve made you leave your key,
if i had known for just one second you’d be back to bother me

oh now go, walk out the door,
just turn around now, cause you’re not welcome anymore,
weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye, you think i’d crumble, you think i’d lay down and die

the troubletones:
i’m a survivor (what), i’m not gonna give up (what)
i’m not gon’ stop (what),i’m gonna work harder (what)
i’m a survivor (what), i’m gonna make it (what)
i will survive (what), keep on survivin’ (what)

thought i couldn’t breath without ya,
i’m inhalin’
you thought i couldn’t see without ya,
perfect vision
you thought i couldn’t last without ya,
but i’m lastin’
you thought that i would die without ya,
but i’m livin’


thought that i would fail without ya,
but i’m on top
thought that it would be over by now,
but it won’t stop
thought that i would self destruct,
but i’m still here
even in my years to come,
i’m still gonna be here

santana and mercedes with the troubletones:
i’m a survivor (what), i’m not gonna give up (what)
i’m not gon’ stop (what), i’m gonna work harder (what)
i’m a survivor (what), i’m gonna make it (what)
i will survive (what), keep on survivin’

mercedes with the troubletones:
oh no not i, i will survive
oh no, not i
i will survive
as long as i know how to love
i know i’ll stay alive (i’m a survivor)
i’ve got all my life to live (survivor)
i’ve got all my love to give (i’m a survivor)
and i’ll survive (i’m a survivor)
i will survive (i’m a survivor)

the troubletones:
i’m a survivor (what?)
i’m not goin’ give up (what?)
i’m not goin’ stop (what?)
i’m goin’ work harder (what?)
i’m a survivor (what?)
i’m gonna make it (what?)
i will survive (what?)
keep on survivin’
i will survive!

7 Dec 2011

End Of Year Report

Goodmorning everyone.

the year is coming to an end. in less than a month's time, we are going to say bye-bye to 2011. and hello to 2012. about this time, if not earlier last year, i made a wishlist, on what i want. click here.

happy to say, ive achieved 3 out of 4 items on my wish list! yeayy!!

1, i havent got my iMac yet. geographically inconvenient for me to own one of such yet. perhaps postpone it to 2012? we'll see.. :D

2, for blackberry, refer to the post after that. i switched torchy to curve. just that i didnt get the red one. hehs.

well, i also said that i want to be a billionaire.. but no. thats not happening yet. or anytime soon, i think.

so, note to all: set a wishlist that is actually do-able. dont go on and set a target that's waaaaay out of ur capacity. well, people say, thats the whole point of dreaming and wishing. fair enuff if you ARE putting an effort into it. my advice, make a certain timeline for u achieve the major ones, cause that will inspire u more. but, simply by dreaming and wishing? it'll definitely lead you nowhere near WANTING TO ACCOMPLISH IT, cause you know you already have this mindset that its impossible. so end up, you didnt achieve anything. then u get frustrated. and u gave up. and made another impossible dream... and the cycle continues.

now, wont that just be silly? and a waste of time?

nigel green of Radio 4 (now known as Traxx FM) used to say,
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you missed, you'll land among the stars.."
you know what i say? i say, calculate then shoot. if you missed, calculate again. but if u did ur calculation correctly the first time, you'll get it straight and u won't miss it. wont that be nicer, confidence booster, and provides u more momentum to keep on dreaming and pursuing.. and actually ACHIEVE?

a malay saying goes: Ukur Baju di Badan Sendiri. so do that. im not asking u not to dream. but the joy of accomplishing something is way better than dreaming something that u are sure u wont be getting. worse, if ure not even going to work for it.

so 2012 is coming. make the list of things that you want to achieve/own/disown/remove/change. and by end of year, evaluate yourself. lets see if you did better than this year.

as for me, alhamdulillah. ive achieved almost all that ive targeted. now is time to set for new ones.

im a cynic. i know. but all im trying to say is, keep dreaming - pursue - and achieve!

6 Dec 2011

puasa sunat

pada suatu tengah hari di hari asyura...

KSW: "nadya, there's no sun!"

aku still blur2. oh. i guess dia tgh cakap pasal opis yg super gelap (sbb lights out during lunch time) and its really gloomy out. so, ok...

me: "yea. its really dark. its soo gloomy~~"

SWK:"yea! so u can eat now!"


aku mampu ketawa sahaja. hahahaha!

Selamat Berpuasa Sunat Hari Asyura semua!

1 Dec 2011

in another life...

its kinda hard to erase you, ya kna.

its annoying.

29 Nov 2011

who to trust?

the blurry line between the actual truth with propaganda.

what has the world turn into? a friggin' stage show for everyone to enjoy every bit of drama that they can milk out of a situation? blerkh!

is the world too bored with their own mundane life that they have to create such an issue out of a small matter? or the matter really is deserving of the highlights and propaganda and exposure? if it so, then fine. but who's to control bout what one think of the matter. and their actions to it. then that lead to another whole plot of drama. which then lead to another propaganda. and voila. we have another hot, number 1 'broadway' for the whole world to enjoy.



i can be a bit paranoid and skeptical when it comes to trusting all these sources for news. hence why i used to become ignorant and couldnt care less about the news. (note: used to. because now ive started reading them believe it or not) even now, i still get very emotional reading whats going on around the globe.

so i prefer reading informational material rather than live updates on worldly matter. (note: PREFER. but doesnt mean i dont read them at all, dont it?)

heh. ignorant u say? then let me be. i would like to live in my own peace of mind thankyouverymuch.



if you feel offended someone doing this to you,
dont even start to think about doing it to someone else.
as simple as that.

for further story, refer here

22 Nov 2011


ok. blogosphere mesti crowded with posts on Harimau Muda's victory last night. and i am one of those who are overwhelm-ly proud and happy with your success lads, and here's for yous:

for that GOLDEN GOLD.
(FT: 1-1, ET: 1-1, Penalty: 4-3)

u deserve all the salutations that were given to u,
and everything else that remain unsaid.

(nak upload gambar, but the office's server does not allow. hehs.
a sign for me to get back to work?)

nonetheless, it was a very good game between RimauMuda and the WhiteGaruda. eventhough with some complication to watch the live stream because malaysian server was over-crowded (kot) - RTM, asyik.tv, TV3 - and al-mighty payah pulak nk carik alternative links- ended up watching a channel from vietnam for the 1st half. only after that asyik.tv was accessible again, so it was calming sket to listen to suara hasbullah awang. lol.

anyway, up to the very end - especially during the penalty - the match was EXHILARATING! *phewh!* way to go to make my heart almost stop beating!! berbungkus dalam duvet macam cocoon (sbb malam tadi sejuk gila tak hengat) sambil tgk the penalty shooters tried out, and menahan nafas sbb cuak with the final results -- damn. its one of the best sports moment in my life. and definitely one of the best game/match that ive ever seen malaysia play, yet. i salut the defenders. k-fahmi. you've made ME proud. at least.

true what they say. when pride is at stake, good name to uplift - anything can happen.

as for the opponents, "pulang paku buah keras" mama used to say. and that definitely what the YoungTigers did to the Garudas.

but lets put that aside and focus on another matter related. the players did awesome, didnt they? yes!! they fought for the country's pride, FGS.. for the golden gold~! eventhough this win didnt really shoot malaysia to the top of the SEA Games chart, but considering what they've went through prior to that victory (recall fanatic fans?) .... i think they deserve to gloat a little.

but that's them. its their battle. so yea, let them gloat. a little. but you, on the other hand, dear fans... who died and made u the person who's suppose to take revenge on the 'fanatic fans' that rip the soul out of the Tigers?? (ok. exaggerating much, nadya? LOL) haih. aku dah malas nk panas2 hal ni. macam tak bermoral saja. haha. you. yes, kamu. not me. well, aku yang nak marah2 kau pun aku rasa im on the verge of nk hilang moral jugak dah.

ok fine. ko nak bangga. ko nak happy. silakan. be proud. be happy. but DONT trash the other team('s fan). i think they've learnt their lesson well (enough?). didnt u see how fast they cleared the stadium once the match was over?? cukup lah tu. sure diorg tido with air mata last night. cukup lah tu. tak perlu dah kot ko ckp: "aku nak pukul diorg. sape suro cakap lebey sangat. " tak perlu nak bakar2 lagi diorg. kau cakap kau org bertamadun. act that way. sila marah secara berhikmah bah. haih. rasa macam astro Max plak. dok ulang repeat the same thing.

bottom line. think before u speak. ada akai, pakai. ada lutut, guna untuk melutut. bukan utk berpikir. Tuhan bg ko otak utk judge benda ko buat. bukan sekadar hiasan. atau aksesori.

Food for thought:
"Dan tidaklah sama (kesannya dan hukumnya) perbuatan yang baik dan perbuatan yang jahat. Tolaklah (kejahatan yang ditujukan kepadamu) dengan cara yang lebih baik; apabila engkau berlaku demikian maka orang yang menaruh rasa permusuhan terhadapmu, dengan serta merta akan menjadi seolah-olah seorang sahabat karib"
[Fussilat 41: 34]

on a different note:

to Olympic 2012 we head.

16 Nov 2011

kenapa kamu suka mengutuk dan menganjing?

unless it is your own effort that you are bragging about, u better dont do it.

kesian org yang kena make the effort. kerana kamu, mereka merana. pressure bertan-tan Pascal. bila kamu mula, org pasti balas balik. and it goes on. mcm a snowball rolling down the hill. makin besar kumpalan dia when it keeps on rolling.

tak boleh ke marah secara berhikmah. biar org berusaha tu tunjuk sikit dia boleh. lepas menang, bagi smirk je. "nah. didnt we tell u? bangga sangat tadi." tapi kalu org tu dah kalah, ko tayah la pangkah dia kaw-kaw pulak sebab dia kalah. moderately, tape ah. tp if u feel like you're antagonizing them, back off. takpasal2 kau kena hayun satu penumbuk kang.

but, if bila kamu dah kutuk, anjing, pangkah, etc the opponent tadi; and then org yg berusaha dan kamu sokong itu tadi kalah, apa kamu mahu kata? terlajak perahu boleh diundur semula, bai. terlajak kata buruk padah nya.

and this also applies to those who are trying to 'right the wrong'. dude, u right no wrong when u keep on kutuk orang buat salah tu. kalo orang lain kutuk, ko tayah la ikut. "RISE ABOVE" bak kata nenek aku dulu. ni tak, org kutuk, ko nak join skali. whats the point? 'kutuk dia berkoyan2, kesian dia kena sumpah seranah'. ko sendiri accumulate dosa, ko tak kesian? dah la yang ko kutuk bukannye sedap untuk didengar/dibaca. mmg tahap mokhsya punya vocabulary, semua keluar. ok fine. aku pun pernah emo. tp at a rationalized rate la. tayah la ko kutuk mak ayah dia, kutuk sedara mara, sahabat handai, sampai satu koloni ko nk balun kutuk sekali. please lah. we are bangsa yang dibesarkan dengan adat, 'bahasa jiwa bangsa', budaya timur, bersopan santun... takkan satu pun tak lekat?

ok. for Muslims, Rasulullah SAW ada ajar macam mana cara nak berdakwah, menasihat. even Rasulullah SAW sendiri, nak nasihat org berzina, boleh nangis2 ok, sebab punya lah dia berlemah lembut. (baca ini untuk bacaan lanjut: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/ensiklopedia-islam/hikmah/10/05/01/113860-tiga-cara-berdakwah )

and for other religions, you know well enough what your religion preached. and we are all matured and rational human being (at most times). so please act that way. tak perlu nak melatah lebih2. takda makna pun ko berlumba2 nak kutuk org itu, org ini. kalo nk bercerita, make it as a teladan. not for u to gossip (note kepada diri sendiri. hehs :P)

ok. aku ni tadelah perfect mana. kot2 aku pn pernah TERjoin org yg mengutuk secara kaw2. but i think i do try to moderate myself, rationalize my action, think before saying.. so, bottom line, all i want to say is, kalau nak nasihat, buat lah elok2. ko buat camtu, orang yang dinasihat pun boleh terbukak hati nak dengar. nak bakar semangat, takyah la ko kutuk org tu kaw-kaw. tayah lah keluar ko nye concise dictionary of mencaruts tu. org tak kagum pun. it just shows how shallow you are as a human being. kalo org tu start dulu, just RISE ABOVE. bila dia yg kalah, ko smirk sket je. bg one simple menganjing line, dh ckp. ko jelir lidah comel sikit lepas tu pun, aku might join.

here's a little food for heart:
in his last khutbah, Rasulullah SAW said this:
"Wahai manusia, sepertimana kamu menganggap bulan ini dan kota ini sebagai suci, anggaplah jiwa dan harta setiap orang Muslim sebagai amanah suci.
Kembalikan harta yang diamanahkan kepada kamu kepada pemiliknya yang berhak.
Janganlah kamu sakiti sesiapapun agar orang lain tidak menyakiti kamu lagi.
Ingatlah bahawa sesungguhya kamu akan menemui Tuhan kamu dan Dia pasti membuat perhitungan di atas segala amalan kamu."

For those who are willing to listen and think.
Happy Wednesday!

8 Nov 2011

Hey Ladies!

Al khawarizmi,seorang ahli matematik islam ditanya tentang wanita terbaik..

dia menjawab:

jika wanita solehah dan beragama = 1
jika dia cantik,tambah 0 kepada 1 = 10
jka dia kaya,tambah lagi 0 =100
dan jika dia dari keluarga baik-baik, tambah lagi 0 =1000

tetapi jika yang '1' tiada..
Maka,tiada apa yg tersisa pada wanita tersebut kecuali sekelompok '0'

indahnya Islam, bagi kaum yg berfikir..

"Selamat Hari Selasa"

31 Aug 2011


she gives me shivers. astounding talent and amazing voice. :)

26 Aug 2011

parents and appreciation

Jangan lah kamu riak. Jangan lupa diri. Dah kerja, jangan lupak mak bapak, kata kawan aku kepada aku. Jika kamu rasa terbeban untuk memberi sedikit wang saku kepada keluarga setiap bulan dan rasa cam "aku sik penah gik rasa tok rasa ya aku sik penah k henpon kacak k laptop hensem lalala", ingat lah dolok mak bapak kita camya juak.
Ingat sidak orang sik penah ada impian mok g London nangga burung-burung yang banyak berterbangan di pavement ya nok kedak dove ya? (sori la i sik penah ke luar negara koh)
Ingat sidak orang sik penah asa mok beli kereta kacak gik selain kereta buatan Malaysia?
Ingat sidak orang sik penah asa diri kedirik lebih prioriti daripada benda lain?

- Michelle Muroh, 2011

for full post, go here.

oh. sekda link.

so go here.

25 Jul 2011

a partner

"at the end of the day, you just want someone who understands you,
the one you don't have to pretend with,
and a person you know that you can walk together with in this journey we called
'life to the Hereafter'..

and when that someone feels the same way about you too,
then you know that it is right.."

-N. Asiah Abd Rahman, 2011

22 Jul 2011

Dear Nino,

Hye sayang.. CuYa here. first of all, CuYa would like to apologize sebab CuYa lambat welcome Nino sitok.. i wanted to do it earlier, but my internet was always such a problem, kak ya lamak2 CuYa terus lupak mok blog even..

so here goes,

a.k.a Niño
D.O.B: 28th June 2011
T.O.B: 9.30pm
P.O.B: Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL)

Secondly, CuYa harap Niño cepat2 sihat k. sian mama papa bingong hal nino. CuYa selalu doa Nino cepat2 sihat. CuYa beraie mok jmpa Niño. so u be a strong boy k, sweetheart. Kelak boleh chelen Didier Drogba. :D

Know that, eventhough CuYa jauh, CuYa loves you so much, and really wants to come back and see you.

사랑해... 진짜 보고싶어...

1 Jul 2011


if you start to doubt, its never a good sign.

but when u are in doubt, return back to The One who Knows All. only He can help you sort your head out.

"La tahzan.. Innallaha ma'ana.."

26 Jun 2011


".. there are only 2 endings for us to choose from.."

25 Jun 2011

Geram Gerinaaa aku!!!!

hahahhaa. thanks to my sis, ive found this 'lady' who has a segment on Sarawak local radio, and "she's" hilarious! to those that doesnt understand the language, im sorry.... all i can say, only Sarawakian can understand her, too bad for y'all.

and to all those who do,
"haaa... bah. menginggar gik kita ngn kak lehott juh!"

ps: my Swakian vocabulary got super enhanced, thanks to 'her'. LOL!!

17 Jun 2011

friday morning yang macam cili

"Perasaan aku macam, kau tgh lapa giler 2 hari tak makan. n then kau dh jmpe makanan... banana split lak tuh, pastu dh nak jamah dah, pastu tuan punya banana split tu dtg ckp, "eh, tak boleh makan laa,, sorry" dgn muka mengada dan gedik.

mau kau nak lempang muka org tu sampai kepala dia berpusing?"

-Nadya MSS, 17 July 2011

16 Jun 2011

Saffiya Athirah Saperee

i really hope its not too late to welcome the new little missy to the Suyong's family line:

D.O.B: 3rd June 2011
T.O.B: 10.33pm
P.O.B: General Hospital Miri

your cute little face is the one thing that i cant wait to go back to..
wait for CuYa k, syimeng!

and to Nino, cant wait for you arrival too, kiddo! ;)

my girls

never think i could miss you guys (girls?) more....

the days we spent were too hard to replace kan? wish im with you guys, or guys are here with me..

and to Miss whos now a Mrs,
축하 합니다!

11 Jun 2011

another bimbo post

sigh.. to drool and dream over and over again....
*dreamy eyes*

10 Jun 2011


i found this on a friend's page..

and it got me thinking.
i have never really SHOPPED and DRANK COFFEE
in Paris.

unless buying tonnes of souvenirs and eating a McFlurry ice cream can replace the 2,
then probably i can say i've done it all.


5 Jun 2011

i have been asking myself..

what is it that i really want in my life?

seems like i'm blessed with pretty much everything that i want and need..

but why does it feels like, something is wrong..

28 May 2011

marion cotillard

i think she has a beauty that.. is very mesmerizing. another audrey hepburn's style of beauty :)

25 May 2011

future planning

ZodiacFacts says, "As a Capricorn, being too analytical doesnt protect you as much as you think"

Lately future has been playing like a movie in my head.. but with many MANY different endings..

"Que Sera Sera"

When I was just a little girl
I ask my mother what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here's what she said to me

Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera sera,
what will be, will be...

I used to love to sing and hum to this song ever since i was a kid.

but whatever it is, in my plan book, there will still be a list of plans, till Plan Z.

23 May 2011

the story only i didnt know

if i am given a chance to relive my past...

i don't think i would want to change a thing.

you made me who i am and how i am today.

*wording has no direct relation to song's meaning. but this song triggered a memory and a feeling towards the whole post. and to that person.. thank you for all the scar. im glad you're happy now*

14 May 2011

life goes on..

.. no matter how hard it is.

ever since highschool, i have been holding on to this. but nowadays, the thought of going back to the simpler days, has constantly occupying my mind. not saying im having a horrible life. im actually living the dream. working at a huge company. doing things ive ALWAYS wanted to do, even though just on a training-employee basis. but awesome work none-the-less. im surrounded with good friends. they actually do exist. i have a family that loves me, and very proud of me. i have people i can turn to when heart's in chaos, mind in turmoil.

but.. a simpler life. that is always a better option, right? your worry is less. your problems are just petty problems. future is not that much of a concern. and huge matter, it is not. i want to go back to the days, where i am still staying with mama papa in that house of ours. listening to them jabber and nag on the way sending me to school, and on the way return.. during lunch and dinner together. or mama sometimes came into the room, and talk about stuff. i want the days, when i was rebellious.. and actually mad at mama for not letting me watch TV. those days, i was taken care of. not a single moment my heart was in chaos. and mind in turmoil -- except for exams.

exams. that was the easier obstacle, came to think of it. now, there are bosses to be pleased. colleagues to be entertained. a name to uphold. a salary to maintain. a roof on the head to be kept. another heart to be treasured as your own....

sigh. i guess this is a sign i am getting older. and hopefully more matured. although, despite all.. i am grateful for what is given, laid out or thrown to my face -- that what made me who i am today.

5 May 2011


.. someone will stop making tears fall down my face.

30 Apr 2011

mood to write

in the mood to write.

but idea drains out at a rate so fast, it made your head spins.

5 Apr 2011

love. or just the direction to it?

wishing you are near..

hugs from far.

3 Apr 2011


anyongha-seyo! panggapsa-mida~

who would have expected my year this year would be such a roller-coaster ride.

began the new year with a ship-board trip to himeji, and back. and now, im in geoji-si, south korea! and what else, will be here for the next 6 months, insyaAllah! what do we do here? (we - a bunch of MISC scholars and some seniors) we are attached for some knowledge transfer and experience exposure with DSME, one of the biggest - if not the biggest; shipbuilding and marine engineering company in the world.

arrived here about 5 days ago, and LOVING the atmosphere. the mountains (meaning loads of climbing to and fro from work). the view. the temperature mostly.. aih. reminding me so much of newcastle. loving the quiet and relaxing atmosphere. though okpo-dong is a bit crowded, but still. tolerable ;)

im pretty excited for the next 6 months here. the team im attached to is pretty awesome, too. my supervisor, mr Kim, and my team mates, are very nice and friendly. and i must say, im starting to like the language (well, i dont really have much choice there, dont i? ;) )

anyhu, right now i'm waiting for the boys to get ready to go to gohyeon-dong -- basically on the other side of the island, somewhere near SHI area. probably going to do some shopping, ey? ;)

so, till then folks.

i told you so (part II)

i dont know what it means, but it definitely bring back memories.. not so much of good ones.

5 Feb 2011

happy new year!

ok. this is a all-in-one post. catching up with whatever had happened in life since I last update anything.

first and foremost,

(including me!)

wow. its already february, and life has been like a roller coaster..

lets see, life in MISC starts on 16th november (which i have mentioned before), then.. all office work .. bla bla bla. then, 31st December, signed-on SS Puteri Firus Satu, and had an awesome chance to be onboard an LNG vessel, and be fascinated by the operation -- especially the cargo ops. honestly, im so amazed and blown over by the life onboard, and the amount of work done to maintain the vessel, until i am inspired to be one of the crew me-self!
SS Puteri Firus Satu

anyhu, onboard Firus Satu, is defo not just an awesome learning experience, but definitely occupied a chapter in my life! celebrated my 23rd birthday onboard, and i tell ya -- my birthdays never went by without a party. ;)

happy birthday to me and happy new year!

and a chance to step on the land of the rising sun -- well, it was just Himeji, but still.. was one liberating experience. though it lasted for only 5 hours of shore-leave, but it defo was a total bonus!

with Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge at the background

with kind and friendly master and chiefs, also the engineers, officers and crews - life onboard Firus Satu was definitely one for us to cherish, and deeply miss.

with the engineers onboard and a chief officer

moving on, now back to office. and just had a looooong 1 week holiday - long enough to make me feel inspired and excited to get back to work! tonnnnnes of work are piling, waiting for me to come back, defo. but you know what, BRING IT ON!

wow. many MANY plans are lying in front of us, and i am excited as to what those plans will lead me to. honestly, with too many uncertainties, i feel like a buoy - bounce and move however the wave hit you.

above all, i'm excited. and will try keep on track, no matter what.

so here goes,


and 2011 ..

atiqahaekmanw.: Seluruh Malaysia Termasuk Sabah & Sarawak

atiqahaekmanw.: Seluruh Malaysia Termasuk Sabah & Sarawak: "PENULISAN MENYAKITKAN HATI 1: '... Berkuasa Kerajaan Tempatan (Agensi Kerajaan) di Seluruh Malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak bagi tempoh t..."

saya obses dengan atiqahaekman. kenyataan beliau mengagumkan.

atiqahaekmanw.: Perempuan Rimas

atiqahaekmanw.: Perempuan Rimas: "'Kamu ni buat saya rimas lah.' 'Ah, malas lah saya layan kamu macam ni.' 'Sudah lah, tidak payah cakap lagi. Makin banyak kamu cakap, makin ..."

sahabat ku ini gila. tapi disebalik kegilaan, dia sungguh bijaksana.

*allow me to reblog tiq!*