12 Jun 2010


i will be away from the 13th of june till the 2nd of July.

mama will be here on 19th of june.



so, till then fellas!

11 Jun 2010

to all newcastle folks

.. with love

7 Jun 2010

tak best

rasa sangat tak best bila dah sedar everything is going to be over soon.
rasa sangat tak best bila timing selalu tak betul.
rasa sangat tak best bila nak buat benda tu, tak boleh nak dibuat. bukan sebab dilarang atau tak nak. tapi tak mengizinkan.
rasa sangat tak best bila tahu dah lepas ni mesti tak sama-sama dah.
rasa sangat tak best bila say goodbye kat orang.
seriously, rasa tak best tu sangat tak best.
rasa macam perut berkocak-kocak.
rasa macam ada lump kt tekak.
rasa macam nak nangis je.
serious do.. tak best.

3 Jun 2010

my holiday

... finally starts.

and it definitely starts with a bang.

bbq party tomorrow.. one last shot for farewells and exams celebration.

i know i have been saying i was done like a week ago. but i have not been doing anything since, until yesterday. and tomorrow.. the big bang. ;)

called home today, and papa actually gave me this advice:
" don't be a naughty girl ok! "
how cute is that?? :P