26 Oct 2006

it's been a while..

not onlining for two weeks.. hurm, i never thot that's possible.. to mazidah, i miss u too babe.. but anyways, the longer u dont see each pther the more u will miss them and appreciate them, dont u think?

hehe.. raya in sibu was GREAT! yesterdaym, we juz had our reunion, eventho not everyoe shows up. but the number that shows up really keep my hands and legs and MOUTH busy.. ahaha!! i miss everyone.. and thanx u guys for coming yesterday.. the pictures, i will upload it when i go back to rdzuan, i promise..

anyways, being back in sibu really is great. no other words can describe what i actually feel once im here.. everything is basically still the same, except for some like the everly hotel, the bazaar space.. no more lau king howe hospital.. and moz importantly, all my frens, hurm... talking bout GROW UP.. haha..

actually, i have so many things to tell, juz right me and along (well, that's my oldest and bestest fren ever..) are goin off somewhere else juz to hang out and catch up. too bad alia cant come and join. anyways, i'll come back to this blog again soon. catch ya layter dudes and dudettes~!!

p/s: to all that came yesterday, thank u SOO MUCH~~!!! LOVE U GUYS LOTZZ~~~

:: summer_breeze ::

4 Oct 2006

just another day

let me see.. what shall i write for today.. it is 1.21 am now.. i still cant sleep. well, most probably because of the extra sleep that i have this evening. blame me for that. so now, yeah. i cant sleep.

ok.. let me recap what had been happening these few weeks. one week ago, well, more than one week ago, all the muslims had started their fasting, seeing that ramdhan is here.. it is already the 12th day today. ok. no strory to tell there..

rite now i have trouble sleeping. 1stly, because i'm not that sleepy. 2ndly, because of that hazy air.. and i'm practically saffocated! and 3rdly, because i have my tonsil now, and gosh!! my throat is totally irritating!! how i wish i could just put my hand down my throat and scratch the hell out of it~

ok... still cant find anything to tell u guys. except that i had been downloading one tree hill season 1 for like a week and a day now.. still, not yet finish. my laptop is lagging like hell.. my itunes is TOTALLY scrambled, and making things worst, my iPod is running out of battery.. so, tell me, what should i do to make me sleep? (ok.. i see that this question has nothing to do all the things that i said earlier. great.)

alryte. i'm goin to do some tickle test. hopefully, i'll get sleepy then.
goodnyte everyone~

:: summer_breeze ::