13 Sep 2007

family. mon cherie. friends

excited? i am.
now.. only left 4 days for me to be here, and embrace watever i have here.. before i leave.
am i sad? maybe.. now and then.
excited? extremely. seriously. especially today. aihh. told cherie about it. mostly because of him. one step closer. aihh. cant wait to meet him!! =D ngee~

but then again, its so unfair for me to feel so.. kan?
i mean, my parents are having and going through their toughest time now.. which is letting me go.
my brother, being as sweet as he is, even though painful at times.. are doing all he could for me. *thank u abang. i really love you*
and kakak.. she's just the best. you coming over to KL.. and all the effort.. gosh. u put me to tears. *love u so much kakak*

seriously, to leave these 4 people in my life for 3 years, seems.. very hard. and it is.. maybe. i dont know. but dont think this in a weird way. coz i love them. i do. soo very much! but only for today. im not that sad. give me few more days. maybe i'll be depressed n sad.. maybe.

and as for my friends. i'll mention few names here that i will surely, definitely, deeply miss: k-rol. nur carey. along. kak wann. li-v (tp ko dtg scotland next year kn?? hehe :P) and especially, din. aihh. *aku sebak.. seriously*

sigh. gotta sleep. tomorrow nak bangun sahur, surely, i will be the one yang paling susah nak bangun. huhu..

alryte then. later people.

p/s: i love my family. i love mon cherie. and i love my friends.

:: summer_breeze ::

2 Sep 2007

life's full of bull

life is full of
bullsh*t. seriously. when they said, u have to be this way to become this
person, u shud follow. shud u? well, they're the experienced one.. so, watever
it is, what they said is true. like it, or not. bull.

u see.. my flight is
just 2 weeks away.. and right now, every inch of my body says, im NOT ready for
it. wats that? BULL.

while my body says
no, my mind keep on telling me: I CANT WAIT TO LEAVE. how can that be?? BULL.

seriously. life is
full of bullsh*t. if only i can beat the crap out of LIFE, i will.


:: summer_breeze ::