20 Nov 2007

gilmore girls and logan huntzberger

omg! it has been.. wat, 6 months since the last aired of GILMORE GIRLS the series.. and i mean THE SERIES. not the season, not the .. watever, but THE series. can u believe a world without GILMORE GIRLS playing on your tv ot TiVO?? that's gonna suck SO MUCH k!

and now, im depressed (well, im not actly), but i am devastated and sad! ive been watching gilmore girls since i was in Form 2.. which was, wat.. 6 years ago! and i still remember i was mad at my mom becoz she doesnt let me watch it (well, mostly bcoz its PMR the next day). and it has been a routine to read the spoiler.. and fall in love (well, a crush actly. dont worry cheri. i love u the most) with whoever rory's dating.. and so happen to be, the last love interest/bf that rory has was THE GUY. LOGAN HUNTZBERGER.. owh gosh. any girl who doesnt like him, there must be something wrong with you..

anyways, i cant rant all day over my obsession on the series and the sadness i felt, where i can no longer watch the love and affection that logan has for rory.. and the coolness that a mom can be.. and the best that a child one could ever have .. or become. just so the producer of Gilmore Girls (and whoever had been working hard on it, especially amy sherman-palladino and her husband and lauren graham n whoever), gilmore girls had inspired me ever since i was 13.. and had been inspiring me since.. the end of gilmore, may have been the extinction of inspiring tv shows/soaps, but forever, the gilmore girls, are going to rock my world.

i love gilmore girls..

and logan huntzberger..

and u too cheri. ;)

love with a broken heart;
:: summer_breeze ::