12 Feb 2009

it just couldnt get any worse

the departed of nek saibon.

extra load of coursework -- make it 5 this week.

tooth ache. terrrrible!

NISE practice . . .

malaysian night practice. and lack of support i must add.

and then.. the biggest one among all - -RESULT.

this week just suck.



8 Feb 2009

david cook. american idol 8. life.

right. i know. ive been obsessed with david cook for AGES now. and i still havent got over him, so yea. bare with me.

he is UBER AWESOME. downloaded his latest album. love all em songs!! especially LIFE ON THE MOON. sigh. just awesome.

american idol 8 had started. sangat suke! love danny gokey and his friend, jamar. uber nice voice! uber fantastico. i know. uber is my word now. cant wait for their next performances. :)

life. had been a pretty fantastic and life changing roller coaster. some were left behind, and some just move along just fine. and for those who stick around, thanx. it means so much. and for those who got left behind, its not the end of time. i will still be here :)

and as for life in general, been really busy. gosh. its unimaginable! 4 courseworks are piling. and im not done with any of it. im screwed!

anyway, i miss ita, along and nor. and even mimie. i miss my gals.

i wanna go home.