26 Apr 2010

the last one

.. and it was awesome, sad and sentimental.

i cant express how proud i was and still am of my dancers and dikir barat-ers. allt hose hard work, and yelling for the past 2 months has all paid off. though i did mess up for a few bits of the performance, but overall.. i am so proud guys! we did grrreat! :D

overall, Malaysian Night 2010 was a success. though im not so keen over some of the other performance, but, overall it was an awesome night,and obviously with the awesome food! and here i would like to extend my congratulations and gratitude to those who are involved in the whole thing:

  1. trumendous gratitude to the MALSOC committee for organising the event, who, i know, went through hell to put all this together.

  2. extreme thanks to all my dikir barat-ers and malay dancers, especially Hanis and Iylia (i know yous did this as a favour to me, which i deeply very much appreciate). you guys have been trumendously supportive and awesome throughout the whole thing - the practice, the choreographing, the performance. thanks for your time and commitment, and willingness to adapt to my garang-ness in conducting yous lot. we had an awesome time didnt we? :)

  3. and to surein, qin and jeffri: yous are my man! yous rock dudes! :D

after 3 years being here, ive been involved in all 3 m-nights:

Departures: The Musical (first year, 2008)

10th Anniversary Malaysian Night (second year, 2009)

the last one, Malaysian Night 2010 (third year, 2010)

and after this one, it is a retirement. back to final year project. back to exams. then graduation. dayymmm.

i am so going to miss this place..
and the people too.

dearly beloved

my girls: lya, mimie, nisz

and housemates: fariza, fieha, mabez and moza


21 Apr 2010

unsponsored ad

this is an official post to invite EVERYONE to
Newcastle University Malaysian Night
on the 25th April 2010
(from 6pm to 9.30pm)

we promise you
awesome performances,
awesome food,
and awesome people!

let your friends know about this, and make them come too.
the closest way to experience malaysia.. and enjoy the company of people from malaysia.

ticket price:
GBP 9 for members
GBP 11 for non members (early bird only)
GBP 14 for at the door

18 Apr 2010

bradford and leeds

we went to bradford yesterday for the "Bradford Leeds Football and Badminton Games", and obviously, i am with Ben-Ben. we came with not enough players, therefore importing Ubye from Perskindol, and Syed form Glasgow, we manage to qualify to the quarter finals (winning all group stages match). Then, we met Toon Army (which is a bummer! such early stage.. sigh.) and unfortunately we lost 1-0, where dearly beloved scored the one goal for Toon Army. a pretty intense game it was, which i think was suppose to be 'the final' game.. but, no luck for us.

so Toon Army proceed to Semi Finals, going against Glasgow and won, which then qualifies them to proceed to the Final stage, where they met Cheetham 2 (from manchester) but lost by 3-0.
we do not want to try to understand that match, because its just beyond understanding.
so Toon Army came back with silver, and Ben-Ben empty handed.. but it was overall a good game and a good experience and a good day.
and im proud. :)

16 Apr 2010



more work.

malaysian night.

ben-ben managing stuff.

and then, more work.


who say being a third year is easy.

15 Apr 2010

toon toon, black white army!

we're back in the Premier League!!

and on saturday, 10th of April, my housemates and i, with respective partner (lol!), and faiz and helmi went to watch the match between Newcastle United against Blackpool. ticket cost GBP19, and i tell you, its worth it! though newcastle played a bit shitty, but they won 4-1. despite all, the experience is AWESOME!

we cheered, we laugh, we live!

11 Apr 2010

i love you

i just realised, i know how to say "i love you" in 10 different languages:

1. wo ai ni (mandarin)
2. j'taime (french)
3. aishiteru (japanese)
4. te amor (spanish)
5. ich liebe dich (german)
6. i love you (english)
7. saya cinta kamu (malay)
8. mujhe tumse pyar karti (hindustan)
9. sarangeyo (korean)
10. akeu sayang kaau (melanau)

and yes, i found LOVE.
not just the direction to it

6 Apr 2010

thank you, Mr Mraz

"there's no need to complicate our time is short,
this is our fate,
i'm yours.."

3 Apr 2010

of home and kakak

today's the day.
she became tunangan orang.
but i was not there.
and it all just hit me this morning -- thanks to all the fb posts.
and my day.. well, it starts with tears falling down my cheek.

i love you both so much. :'(
congrats again kakak!

with love from far,
Nadya Summer

rojak asam payaks

*the title has nothing to do with atiq's blog. thank you very much.

first, im panicking. yep! 2 more weeks till easter break is over, and the fun.. i dont see THAT ending anytime soon - which is NOT GOOD. final year project -- i just get to look back at what ive done and what's left to be done.. and dear god, there's a lot! worse part, im not even sure where and how to start! dammit! i really should start putting my head into it.. hurm.

second, im sad. and jealous. and frustrated. and melancholy.
tomorrow.. well, technically today (malaysia time) is kak nomie's engagement. finally that old lady is getting married. lol! (kidding kakak! you know i love you :P) thanks abang sab for wanting to be responsible for her. LOL!!! well, the plan is akad nikah should be on the 3rd day raya (12/09/10) and reception will be on the same day as abang's. whats melancholy, sad, frustrated and to be jealous about this? IM NOT THERE, duh! :'(

third, im cold. i just came back from Nice yesterday, and it was AWESOME! the sun, the beach, the food.. parfait! planned on getting slightly tanned, but attempt obviously failed.

didnt do much shopping, because i underestimate my expenses. but i dont mind, because i get to eat those lush seafoods and ice cream.. magnifique! we went to Monaco as well.. simply spectacular! and have i ever told you, the french language is just way too sexy? bloody hell.. lol! and then, imagine coming back from a sunny city of temperature 17 deg C average, to a cold, dull Newcastle of temperature 4 deg C.. sigh. but still, thanks housemates for being great companions and friends :)

and last, im happy. :)

over looking the Monaco Cote d'Azur