22 Mar 2006

you take me away..

when i saw u for the first time..
never thought i could feel this way..
a feeling that i had lost for so long..
the feeling that no one should have known..
the feeling that i shud have kept it to myself..

but now..
as i put my hopes too high..
i tend to shred my heart apart..
i tend to break my one and only heart..
longing for something that's so out-of-reach..

eventhough hopes still there..
but there's no light from it..
no light to guide my way..
and don't think i can make it..
for i know i will always lose..
in this battle..
that no one noes who had created it..

but one thing i want you to know..
no matter what will happen next..
u really did take me away..
since the very day i noe u..

this one's for you...

pieces of broken heart~