31 May 2010

special post

goes out to one and only..
(babe. seriously, im having teary eye while im typing this because i cant believe it, its going to be our last 2 months together from now on. :'( anyhu, lets pull the focus away from my eyes, but to this glorious day that is your birthday.) so..


i pray that you will go through your exams will confidence and colours flying all around.
i hope you will have an ubersome time with.. ehem. and awesome people.. like me. :P
and glorious year ahead of you.. being 88 and all :P

and i am definitely.. DEFINITELY, going to miss you loads.
it feels like it was just yesterday when we first met during our first years.. and then departures.. then we became housemates.. and then the 'medic fellows' left us alone at home.. the revision sessions.. chatting all night sessions..~ sigh

but i guess, i should leave the farewell speech to the very end.
and for now, have an awesome year being 88..
eh silap. 22. hehe.
thanks so much for always being there for me..
n i love you so much babe.


yours truly,
Nadya Summer

29 May 2010

after all that

all i have to do now is wait for the result.

28 May 2010

check this hands..

..cause i am MARVELOUS!

an awesome cover by the glees!

in just less than 12 hours,
its going to be over.
(not GLEE, obviously)

25 May 2010


when a small thing change, they said it would really change many future events.
like dominos effect. u push just 1 tiny domino. then everything just collapse.
so can i cause such effect too?
probably, if you're looking in a wider, universal sense..
but to those that matter.. probably not so much.
so.. why bother?


satu sahaja lagi..
S A T U saja..
then, boleh bakar semua benda.
ok. bukan semua. at least nota-nota catitan.
to those yang habis lagi lambat, i just have one thing to say to you..
"sorry lah korang. i habis dulu."

23 May 2010



22 May 2010

a simple man

simple message from a great song.

"be a simple kind of man,
and dont forget that there's someone up above

which then lead my thoughts back to my old days (when i was just 6 years old)..

a great man once said to me,

"kalau hidup ni, kita mesti ikut resmi padi.
semakin berisi semakin tunduk."

-Cikgu Abet

and i try to keep to it.. up until now.

21 May 2010

i wish..

.. you'll dream a little dream of me

20 May 2010

blackhole in random

today, just had my ship design exam, and alhamdulillah, all praises and gratitudes are just for Him - all the questions asked are the ones that i attempted the night before.

and now (when i am supposed to be finish my readings for FMP), i was thinking to myself, there are few thoughts that i always wanted to put up here, but just couldn't find the time to do so. so, i think im going to do it now (i bet mummy yu would come down and yell at me to start revising, if she knows im doing this :P)

first, is racism. EVERYONE is a racist. yes, and you too. despite whatever you say, or whatever you believe in, you are racist. if not entirely, maybe just a little bit. if u still think that you are not, then you're living in denial. i know i can be too sometimes. but few things that has been happening around me made me feel uncomfortable and disgusted to those who are. seriously. and then there's this thing with al-jazeera, and the malaysian politician who commented on this racism issue, and cursed while at it. hurm. i shall not comment further. but i do stand by my belief. we are ALL racist, so stop living in denial. but dont let that provoke you. but maybe let it inspire you.

second, letting the blind leading you, a person with healthy sight, crossing the road. one of the thing that strike me lately, how foolishly one can act, when given power, money and freedom of speech. im not talking about anyone in particular, nor does this apply to everyone. but generally, if you open your eyes a little wider, and take an 'eagle eye view' to this matter, you will see what i mean. and then, one of the small sign of qiamah comes to mind: "when the fools are chosen to be the leader". hurm. points to ponder. time to reflect.

third, i love my country. i was born with this instinct. but somehow lately, ive been reading and watching those who claim that the sparks is no longer there, and attractions now became annoyance. there are many things are yet to be improved in our country, because obviously no country is perfect. im sure this does not occur to me only. but fortunately, i am coming back to the country and willing to do anything in my power, to right the wrong - bring improvement anywhere possible - out spite of my love for the country. but for those who just lost interest? hurm.. its like this. when you are in a relationship with someone, it started off with you being in love with them. and then, obviously, you would want to always try to keep that love alive right? i mean, keep the relationship exciting, maintain yourself attractive to the other person. right? that also applies in the case of our love to our country. but dont you dare just put this responsibility to those who are in the rankings, because you too need to do something about this. they say, it needs 2 to tango. "hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negara sendiri. lebih baik negara sendiri".

hurm. ive been rambling enough. its time to go back to my revision. ya Allah, i really need to score the rest of the papers. R&P had sucked my energy and enthusiasm like a blackhole.

which then reminds me. i love this quote from Glee this week:

"You know what happen when a star dies, Bryan? It doesnt just disappear. It turns into this black hole, this giant energy sucking mass that doesn't just collapse in on itself - it takes away any lights that comes close down with it."

-Will Schuster

dont let them take away your dreams. cause baby, you are a star in your own dream.

ps: i guess this is a random post. :P i hope i wont get into any trouble by posting this.

19 May 2010

no no. he's mine!

ive always adored and salute girls with attitude.

and these girls.. damn. mercedes and santana have always been my favourite character in GLEE. and this song, well, it has been ages since the last time i heard it, but it was one of my favourites back then.

and having these girls they it pull off, god damn its hawt! salut ladies!

inspirational (and fiesty!), full stop.

16 May 2010

bring me to life. seriously.

updates on what have been dominating my life lately:
Resistance and Propulsion - 17th May 2010
at 9.30 am, Bedson Teaching Centre G34

Ship Design - 19th May 2010
at 9.30 am, Bedson Teaching Centre G37

Future Marine Project - 21st May 2010
at 9.30 am, Bedson Teaching Centre LG38

Marine and Offshore Mechanics - 24th May 2010
at 9.30 am, Bedson Teaching Centre G35

and last but i hope the least,
Numerical Methods - 28th May 2010
at 2.00 pm, Kings Hall
(ok. finally they put us someplace else!)

ok seriously, these things, made me live no life.

but no worries. in just approximately 2 weeks from now..
weeeeeho! :D

baju tradisional

aku maok banyak gik baju kebaya.
sik lalek lah.
kebaya nyonya ka.
kebaya cheongsam ka.
kebarung kali sik mok juak.
tp, aku sik duli.
aku tauk aku sik maok baju kurung dah.
mun mok polah baju kurung, aku mok kurung pesen.
aku dah makin gemok.
so baju nok boleh berik aku shape, that is preferable.
sapa2 boleh tolong panjangkan perkara tok ngn me mama, sila berbuat demikian.

sekian terima kasih.

9 May 2010

specially for my mama

(not your mama. LOL!)

dear mama,

when i was still in the womb,
you endured so much pain giving birth to me..
i gave u so much trouble,
so much till papa decided you shouldn't have anymore baby..
and you then decided to stay home and take care of me.

when i was a kid,

you were there to wash me up and comfort me when i fell into the drain.
when i fell on the stairs, you were there to rush me to the hospital, waited for the doctor to stitch me up, but then fainted because you are actually hematophobia.
you were there, putting pressure on my lips and waited with me in the hospital, after i had an accident with my bike, when i went out despite your warning :P

as i get older,

you were there when i needed money.
you were there to motivate me when i think all else has failed.
you were there to knock some sense into my head with your way of practical thinking..
i may be a bit mad over it at first, but your words have its way in going into my head, and made me agree with you..

but when i was a teenager.
i showed tantrums over silly things;
when you told me to go sleep when im still watching gilmore girls.
when you told me not to go sleepover at jc's.
when you told me that i can't go out with my friends.
boy, was i mad at you..

and then,
when im away from home,
my eyes started to open.
i started to realise these things are stupid and petty.
petty little things, if compared to what youve done to me.. and FOR me..
nothing i can do can repay that.
and i mean NOTHING.
but i do promise you mama
i will always try to make you proud.

i love you so much mama, these words arent enough to show that
and on this day,
i take this opportunity to convey my appreciation to you
and express my love for you

you're the awesomest person in my life
and forever you will be
and second will be ME.

the morning of raya sketch :)



the one thing i have been rambling about
the one thing that i.. well, almost always work on
the one thing that made my head spins
the one thing that made me cry
the one thing that drives me crazy


and suddenly, the end felt so near.
the end of uni days

but not so fast
because there are still my exams.
5 papers..
and only then i'll be done.

home feels so near now..

6 May 2010

oh FYP, oh FYP

kamu mahu dengar satu cerita tidak?

di satu ketika, suasananya amat genting. kesejukan mula menyelimuti kulit, tubuh mula menggigil. mungkin disebabkan kerana terlalu banyak minum minuman yang berkafeina, atau, kesejukan itu tadi. jam di dinding menunjukkan pukul 4.15 pagi. tapi, jam tersebut sudah tentulah sukar untuk dipercayai, kerana pemilik bilik sudah menetapkan jam tersebut menjadi 10 minit lagi laju dari masa sebenar. pada saat itu, masa tutup untuk menghantar FYP yang telah menjadi topik utama hidup si pemilik bilik, tinggal 36 jam sahaja lagi.

tiba-tiba.. (jeng jeng jeng) si pemilik bilik mula menyedari seperkara. nilai yang telah beliau gunakan untuk menghasilkan data untuk dianalisa selama ini adalah salah! darah-darah panik mula mengalir dari jemari yang sedang menaip di papan kekunci komputer riba. degupan jantung semakin kencang... mata mula berpinar.

dan si pemilik bilik pun mula berfikir,

hang tuah

saya memerlukan segala tuah yang ada di dunia ini untuk menghabiskan kertas kerja akhir tahun ini.


hang tuah


tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah orang siapa tahu.

dr HM Tuah Iskandar

Monorail Hang Tuah

eTuah.com - saluran motivasi anda

dan rakan sekerja kak nomie, yang juga bernama Abang Tuah

semua ini adalah hasil daripada meng'google' perkataan tuah.
oh tuah. kembalilah kepada ku. selamilah jiwa ini nan terluka..

Firman Allah:
"La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'a ha.."
- Al-Baqarah, 257

Allah tidak membebani seseorang selain daripada kesanggupannya..

help me get through tomorrow and the day after with ease, and all faith and patience intact, ya Rabb.

5 May 2010

a reminder to those who forget

..including myself.

Dan firman Allah.

"Artinya : Dan apabila manusia ditimpa bahaya dia berdoa kepada Kami dalam keadaan berbaring, duduk atau berdiri, tetapi setelah Kami hilangkan bahaya itu daripadanya, dia (kembali) melalui(jalannya yang sesat) seolah-olah dia tidak pernah berdoa kepada Kami untuk (menghilangkan) bahaya yang telah menimpanya".
(Yunus : 12)

4 May 2010

love knows no... creation

... even for a cat

2 May 2010


5 days till my personal dateline for my dissertation report

6 days till submission date

15 days till first paper

27 days till last paper

42 days till Greece trip

48 days till Mama arrive in the UK

64 days till my graduation day

79 days till i leave Newcastle and the people.. for good
(at least for now)

82 days till i leave the UK for good
(this too, at least for now)


1 May 2010

a historical day

today marked as one of the important day to note among all the days i've lived in newcastle



i finished my results and data analysis for my final year project

i went to the bruneian girls study circle

and i ate embuyat (linut) with sambal mangga, ikan goreng, terung sambal ikan tahai, ketam masak kari, and sambal pusuk


ps: mama would be really proud of me! :P