17 Sep 2012

bucket list #1

Lets get things re-started.

its true what i have always been saying: the best time to write is when you have TONNNEESS of things to do. as of now, i have my project work that needs to be done by Tuesday. a charity program - PROJECT MATA HATI (link here) thats going on on the 22nd September. and obviously, preparation for that has taken up 70% of my mind. though my capability has not reached that 70% yet. YIKES! but nontheless, it has also happened to be the time when i am super inspired to do new things. thanks to a certain someone for triggering that thought back into my head.

here's the list:

1. learn how to play guitar
2. try rock climbing. as a frequent basis. not just once.
3. learn how to make exquisite desserts. (im a sweet tooth)
4. learn how to swim (though i think i need to get the water-confident first. fear of drowning everytime you just managed to float cant really help you to swim i think)
5. learn how to ride a motorbike. perhaps a superbike type. that is... if God (and also mama. and also my leg length) permits me to ride one.

ok. i may need to work on that list again. thats what i have as of now. perhaps it might get longer. but i am trying to achieve Numero Uno by my birthday next year. wish me luck!

and my ultimate dream on my wishlist is.. to own an Event/Party Planning Agency. and people actually would LOVE to pay me professionally for that service. and that also includes concert planning. ESPECIALLY concert planning. first step.. get to know the right kind of people. hehe.

ps: cant wait to have MUSE back into my life. excited for the release of their new album. and tour. (!!!) <-- trying to suppress the excitement by acting all macho and cool.

ok. peace out. back to work.