25 Nov 2009


suddenly it hits me.

AIDILADHA is coming. its this friday.

and its going to be my last in newcastle.

damn. i am SOO going to miss this place.. especially the people.

23 Nov 2009

apocalypse 2012

speculations and predictions have been made about this particular topic.
a movie is already out, and is dominating the box office charts, based on this scaring-thought-kind of-plot.

before this, i just ignore this fact. well, this kind of thing is not really within our grasp of knowledge and will and we wont know anything definite about the end of days/time, because obviously it is Allah's will. kun fayakun he says, then everything will happen. but the climate change (UK is still within the range of 5-15 degree of temperature), the chaos (all the wars around the world, political craze in my dear homeland), the world disaster (tsunamis, flashflood in the northern uk, seriously??), all pointing towards this little (but not so little) prediction.

watching a documentary about this today (yes, i have started watching discovery channel. lol), really makes me think. what if it really happens. and the predictions and the evidence really is pointing towards the apocalypse in 2012.. am i prepared?

well, i am pretty sure i am not. my ibadah is definitely not enough. my deeds towards my parents is not yet fulfilled. and i havent even achieve the goal of my life yet.

but who am i to say, "i havent achieve this, i havent done that, i am not prepared, so dont let it happen yet, please." He is the Almighty, and He has the power to do whatever he wants to do. and its all up to us wether or not we should prepare ourself for this particular day.

so bottomline, no one knows when THE APOCALYPSE shall come. it could be tomorrow, it can be next week, it can be 21-12-2012. or it can 20 years, or maybe even 100 years from now, but either way prepare yourself. knock some more sense in your head: LIFE IS NOT ONLY ABOUT LIVING, you need to prepare for that judgement day, too.


10 Nov 2009

the resistance 09

finally!! i did it!

since 2003, that is after miss michelle-oggy and dear cousin jessie introduced them to me - yes, i still remember u guys lend me the Hullabaloo CD when we were at Cikgu Kong's tuition. haha - i have been wanting to see them live, and yesterday.. I DID!!!!

MUSE came to glasgow for their The Resistance tour 09, and i bought the tickets literally 3 hours after the tickets start on sale. and the rest of the venues -- ALREADY SOLD OUT! SECC was the only left, and thank god its SECC, if not.. i wont get the first class treatment that i had in glasgow -- thanks to enchek khasha and housemates, especially khai. because of these guys, i get to eat KFC HALAL! hoyeah. jgn jealous nisz and lya and emi and the rest. :P

apart from my stupidity of not bringing my camera - but instead i brought along krol's gigantic camera and end up, not able to bring it into the friggin' venue! - i had an UBER-AWESOME time - no words can really describe how awesome it was! the vocal, the riffs, the drum.. the stage setting. the lightings. the crowd. dear god! it was a satisfaction. it is soo worth my 10 hours journey to and fro, and my 42 quid!

the show open with UPRISING and ends with KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA, and of course, PLUG IN BABY and NEWBORN was played. but the best was TIME IS RUNNING OUT. god! crowd participation, and the music... damn it people, I WANT TO GO AGAIN!

all in all.. i had an awesome monday, filled with awesome music, and acompanied by awesome people. thanks again.. and peace out!

ps: another one is crossed out for must go to concert!!!! hell yeah~! now what's left is jimmy eat world. hurm. im reconsidering this. huhu :P

9 Nov 2009

500 days of summer

i am talking about the movie. it is interesting. different. pelik was the word fariza used when we saw it. *spoiler alert! for those who havent watch it*

there is this girl summer. who is not looking for anything serious. and she met this guy, tom, who believes in fate, destiny, love, soulmate. long story short, she left him, and he was left feeling wounded, hurt, depressed, angry, bitter. but after 500 days since he met her, he got over it. and believe in reality, rather than expectation. and owh, summer got married.

u can say shes a bitch. cruel-heartless bitch. but u know what, i understand that bitch. cause i think, i am that bitch. well, maybe not entirely LIKE that bitch, but u know.. generally.

people asked me where and why nadya SUMMER.
my first reason is because of SUMMER ROBERTS from THE OC. well, i love her. i want to be her.
my second reason is, i love the season -- summer. warm, bright, comfortable, cheerful. everything happy.
and now, ive added a third reason: that Summer from the movie.


ps: i want summer back -- i mean the season. its too cold now.
pss: im going for MUSE concert tomorrow in glasgow. and im equipping myself with their songs. yes. i want to scream my throat off tomorrow. hell yeah!

2 Nov 2009

nottingham games

it was awesome! i had a good time hanging out with my friends, meeting old friends, and making new friends. i get to meet friends from college, and also ulil. it is always nice to meet someone from back home. :)

though ben ben didn't go through to quarter-final, but it was still fun seeing them win 6-1 against the 'x-factor' (i'm not so sure what's the team's name). and it was definitely fun to cheer on them, though my attempt to lose my voice failed tremendously.

despite the previous 2 years of going to nottingham games, it was surprisingly warm there this time around. the weather was nice, and obviously the photos are gorgeous too.

other than that, i don't think i have anything to report on, except, it is definitely going to suck next year. no more nottingham games. no more cheering like a mad person on ben-ben. no more acting like stupid little kids, and just have a good time. i seriously cant imagine how working life's going to be. will i be the same person i am today? will i still fool around and not taking things too seriously?

in less than 10 months, i am going to leave this place, and leave these people behind..

and these 2 girls.

i am going to miss all of them, uber-terribly. seriously.

suddenly i'm being all nostalgic tonight. damn. i AM getting older.