26 Jun 2011


".. there are only 2 endings for us to choose from.."

25 Jun 2011

Geram Gerinaaa aku!!!!

hahahhaa. thanks to my sis, ive found this 'lady' who has a segment on Sarawak local radio, and "she's" hilarious! to those that doesnt understand the language, im sorry.... all i can say, only Sarawakian can understand her, too bad for y'all.

and to all those who do,
"haaa... bah. menginggar gik kita ngn kak lehott juh!"

ps: my Swakian vocabulary got super enhanced, thanks to 'her'. LOL!!

17 Jun 2011

friday morning yang macam cili

"Perasaan aku macam, kau tgh lapa giler 2 hari tak makan. n then kau dh jmpe makanan... banana split lak tuh, pastu dh nak jamah dah, pastu tuan punya banana split tu dtg ckp, "eh, tak boleh makan laa,, sorry" dgn muka mengada dan gedik.

mau kau nak lempang muka org tu sampai kepala dia berpusing?"

-Nadya MSS, 17 July 2011

16 Jun 2011

Saffiya Athirah Saperee

i really hope its not too late to welcome the new little missy to the Suyong's family line:

D.O.B: 3rd June 2011
T.O.B: 10.33pm
P.O.B: General Hospital Miri

your cute little face is the one thing that i cant wait to go back to..
wait for CuYa k, syimeng!

and to Nino, cant wait for you arrival too, kiddo! ;)

my girls

never think i could miss you guys (girls?) more....

the days we spent were too hard to replace kan? wish im with you guys, or guys are here with me..

and to Miss whos now a Mrs,
축하 합니다!

11 Jun 2011

another bimbo post

sigh.. to drool and dream over and over again....
*dreamy eyes*

10 Jun 2011


i found this on a friend's page..

and it got me thinking.
i have never really SHOPPED and DRANK COFFEE
in Paris.

unless buying tonnes of souvenirs and eating a McFlurry ice cream can replace the 2,
then probably i can say i've done it all.


5 Jun 2011

i have been asking myself..

what is it that i really want in my life?

seems like i'm blessed with pretty much everything that i want and need..

but why does it feels like, something is wrong..