29 Nov 2011

who to trust?

the blurry line between the actual truth with propaganda.

what has the world turn into? a friggin' stage show for everyone to enjoy every bit of drama that they can milk out of a situation? blerkh!

is the world too bored with their own mundane life that they have to create such an issue out of a small matter? or the matter really is deserving of the highlights and propaganda and exposure? if it so, then fine. but who's to control bout what one think of the matter. and their actions to it. then that lead to another whole plot of drama. which then lead to another propaganda. and voila. we have another hot, number 1 'broadway' for the whole world to enjoy.



i can be a bit paranoid and skeptical when it comes to trusting all these sources for news. hence why i used to become ignorant and couldnt care less about the news. (note: used to. because now ive started reading them believe it or not) even now, i still get very emotional reading whats going on around the globe.

so i prefer reading informational material rather than live updates on worldly matter. (note: PREFER. but doesnt mean i dont read them at all, dont it?)

heh. ignorant u say? then let me be. i would like to live in my own peace of mind thankyouverymuch.


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